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Christopher Champlin


Lisbon 16th. March, 1778.

HE term of the Partnership which from the beginning of the year 1771,

Texifted under the firm

existed under the firm of Parr, Bulkeley, and Company, (and consisted of Thomas Parr, John Bulkeley, and William Tonkin) being expired, in conformity to the tenour of its first establishment, and the Partnership accordingly diffolved, occafions us to use the freedom to confirm the fame to you, and having separately acquainted you of the first subscribed having retired from business, and that the second underwritten fucceeds in the house, we now take the liberty to mention that during our association proportionate degree of merit is due to our other Partner Mr. William Tonkin, and the House and their conftituents adequately benefited by his Efforts and Affiduities. With these dispositions and in every respect an unexceptionable character, he retires from the house to pursue business separately, wherein we wish him fuccefs. He was in England when the partnership expired and being now returned enables us to mention the manner in which he proposes to follow business, and for your government hereunder is his firm. We are most respectfully,

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Stores untill some favourable opportunity shou'd offer, and with pleasure shall advance you the Returns, besides we shall charge you no more than what we have done to several Houses of your place Boston and Salem, which is only 7 per % on the Sales and Returns, but on provisor that the Vessels be directly consign'd to our House and that it be mention'd in the Captain's written orders to deliver the Cargoes immediately on their arrival into our hands.

We shall be extremely glad that the above mention'd may be agreable to you, and as we have not the pleasure of being acquainted or known by you, you may get some Informations from our friends Messrs. Clark and Nightingale concerning our House. And in expectation of your speedy Commands, we remain, with great Esteem, Your most obedient hl Servant,


P. S. The Bills of Exchange drawn by Mr. Holker fils or Mr. Gérard our Ambassadour on Paris at 2 months sight are generally negotiated here at a Par but must be endors'd by some responsable House here. Notwithstanding we were oblig'd to give this day 5 per % Discount, owing to no Vessels offering at present for old France.

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Warwick, July 11, 1779.

ACCORDING to your request I send you the merandom of my Cargo as neair as I could recolect when I was run on shour on the Island of St. thomases five thousands gallons of Rum and seven thousands weight of shugar. I entered a regular Protest at St. Croix and tuck a Copy of the same but on my Passage had my Chest brook open and lost it. if you wold be at the Expence of entering another it shall be dun. I left my bisiness with Mr. Nicholas Croger1 at St. Croix and likewise the govener he told me he should lay in a Clame for my vessel and Cargo and had sent up to St. Christophers in order for triall the Costom as I was informed theair by Croger if the vesel is recovered I am to have two thirds and goverment the other third. I was run on shour about twelve clock at night by two priverteers belonging to totalor [Tortola] the one name was John Strickling and the other John Graham 2 that is the captain names of the proverteers allso I made my escape from them. when I came away when theay hade me under examination, the[y] offered me if I wold sine a Instrement of theare drawing in order to have my vessel condemed theay wold gave me all my ventur that I had on board when run on shour. Sir your most humbel Servent,


[Memo.] In a letter Gardner wrote me which I returnd, he mentions 2 hhds. Rum on board for me. [Christopher Champlin.]

[Endorsed,] Mr. Christopher Champlain att Littel Rest.

Dear Sir,

David Lopez, JUNIOR, TO AAron Lopez

Providence, July 13th, 1779.

I HAVE now the pleasure of advising you my Arrivall here last evening from Leicester were I left all the famlys in health Sunday noon.

1 Nephew of Henry Cruger.

2 One of this name, of Baltimore or Virginia, was interested in a Maryland letter of marque, in 1780, the Eagle.

Nothing of moment I find has occur'd since my absence, bussiness still continues at a stand, and the prospect of appriciating the Currency I conceive to appear rather doubtfull. West India Goods have fallen very rapidly of late, tho' other articles with country produce keep up, and are withheld by those who have them on hand, from an oppinion that the mode adopted for reducing the prices cannot be attended with that salutary effect which was proposed by the fraimers, but as our policy and marketts are intirely governed by those of Boston, you can be better able to judge of the situation of affairs there, than from what information I can give from this quarter.

I have conformable to your orders, made enquiry respecting Velvetts and Indigo. Messrs. Clark and Nightingale are the only persons who have any Velvetts on hand. I have call'd at their Store severall times and found it shut. the Bearer intending to sett out emediately does not leave me time to apply again before his departure. must therefore advise the result of my enquiry by the next conveyance which you may rely Sir, I shall particularly attend to. Indigo is not to be had here by the Quantity, what little is retailed goes at £5.10 and £6 per lb. at foot have inserted the Sums delivered you in Cash when here last as you was pleased to request, which being the needfull that at present occurs, have only to add my most respectfull Salutations, and to subscribe with the greatest defference and esteem, Dear Sir, Your Obedient Nephew and Servant,

Cash del'd at Providence 16th June.

2900 Dollars


2385 Ditto del❜d same evening

5285 Dollars





We received with a great pleasure your Favour of 22th May by Captain Haydon with inclosed bill of £ st 30 on George Hayley, Esquire, in London which we forwarded directly for acceptance, but as we did not receive yet the tidings of its being accepted before Captain Magee got all his cargo we were at a Loss how to proceed imagining it might be but disagreable to you to have the Goods shiped in case the bill should not be paid. wherefore as we hope to have in short another opportunity we imagine as safe as this we determined to wait for it. but foreseing the Bohea Tea should rise in price we procured yet at 19 sh. st.1 the Chest you wanted and will procure one Canester of soachong if the money left will suffer it addressing the whole to Tho. Russel Esquire in Boston. Bohea Tea is now already at 2012 sh. st. we were further happy to see that it meight come in your way to consign us a Vessel in more peaceable Time in which case as in maney others you may depend on our greatest Care for your interest this being still enlivened by the friendship we bore from the beginning towards the American Case which is so like to ours.

May but a general peace take place in short and leave more Room for an open and flourishent trade we are meanwhile very respectfully, Sir, Your most humble Servants, JOHN DE NEUFVILLE and Son

Dear Sir,


Uxbridge, August 17, 1779.

THIS day have seen Moses Jones and Lynde the Persons for which I became Surety to you for sundry Goods for which you call'd upon me to make up the depreciation of

1 Exchange on London was quoted at so many "schellings" to the pound sterling.

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