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in so glutted a state, and wishing for opportunities to support a reciprocal correspondence remain with great regard, Sir, Your obedient humble Servants,

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I HAVE before me your favours of the 12th and 24th November, for which am greatly obliged. The bills you have drawn on me in favour of H. & H. are accepted and you may depend shall be punctually discharged. I have agreable to your direction made £450 Insurance on Flax Seed in the Brittania, Captain Fair, from Newport to her port or ports of discharge in Ireland, the Account of which you will find enclosed premio etc. being £11.10.6 is to your debit. We have received a Letter from the Captain advising his arrival at Dublin, which I desired Mr. Samuel Fowler to inform you of in a Letter we wrote him by Captain Collins. I have also made £800 Insurance on 11/16 of the Sloop Adventure to Africa and America, the Account of which is likewise enclosed premio etc. being £86.12.3. I sincerely wish she may make you a succesful Voyage. I have also made £450 Insurance agreable to your desire for account of Mr. Geo. Champlin as above on the Sloop Adventure, for premio of which have debited your Account £35.11.9 as per Account herewith.

I am sorry to say American affairs bear every day more and more a gloomy prospect. Our Administration are determined to enforce the oppressive Acts of parliament at every hazard. Under this circumstance the order you send for Goods must remain unexecuted. I hope we shall gett into a happier situation some time or other but at present it seems to be at some distance and the Issue must

I fear be inevitable ruin to the Commerce of both Countries. I am very respectfully, Sir, Your most humble Servant, GEO. HAYLEY

Dr. Mr. Christopher Champlin for the following Insurance on the Brittania, Fare, at and from Rhode Island to her port or ports of discharge in Ireland

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On the Adventure, Champlin, at and from Rhode Island to the Coast of Africa, during her Stay and trade there and from thence to her Ports of Discharge in British America

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THE foregoing is Copy of our last respects. We now enclose your Account Current for the last year, ballance thereof being £22673.-.9 in our favour is carried to your debit in new Account which if upon examination found free from Error please note in conformity of which shall be obliged by your informing us in your next.

We have since our last received your esteemed favours of the 8th and 23d September, 10th October, 16th and 24th November, 2d and 21st December, to which we now propose to answer in the order they lay before us. In that

of the 8th September you wish to have £100 additional Insurance made on the Diana, but your Letters of the 8th, and that of the 23d September in which you advise her misfortune both came to our hands the same day by Captain Jenkins, and of course the additional £100 could not be done. Your care to send this Intelligence is another proof of that Integrity of which we have seen many Instances in the course of our correspondence and does you great honour. We have very lately received the papers relating to that loss via Philadelphia, and have laid them bef[ore] your Underwriters. £400 of this Insurance was done upon the Vessel and they have agreed to pay that Sum as usual in a Month, so that our next will cover the Account of the settlement for that part; but the remaining £100 which is done on Goods they defer settling till we can furnish them with an Invoice of the Cargo which was on board her at the time she was lost. By the bill of Lading which you have sent us the value (exclusive of the Mules which they suppose were landed at Jamaica) does not amount to near £100. We must therefore beg the favour of you to send us an Invoice with all expedition.

We have perused with all possible attention what you write about your Brig Leviathan, with Capt. Lothrop's Letter and your orders to him, which we have also laid before your Underwriters, but they will do nothing in it till we can furnish them with some more authentic proofs than merely the Captain's Letter. This is one of those unhappy cases which generally end in litigation at Law. If that must be the case our utmost attention shall be given to it as soon as we are furnished with legal proofs which we hope you will be able to do ere long. We should think it impossible (if Lothrop's state of the case is true) that they can detain him or his Vessel much longer; If not, when he returns you will easily procure and send us every necessary proof and we will then exert every possible diligence to procure you justice.

The bill you remitt us for £1000 drawn by Benj. Wright on ourselves is accepted and when due shall be placed to

your credit. We have been hoping to receive further remittances from Jamaica, but have not heard from Captain Wright since our last. The remittances from that quarter have fallen greatly short of our expectations.

The £800 Insurance you directed on the Ship Jacob to Newfoundland and back was effected immediately on receipt of your Letter and herewith you have the Account thereof, premio, etc., being £24.5.6 is to your debit in the Account Current now enclosed; as is also the Account of £900 Insurance on the Flora from Newfoundland to the West Indies and America or Europe, premio, etc. being £40.15.6. This was done in consequence of the order in yours of the 10th October. We had no directions from Mr. Sears about it. The premium is to your debit with G. H. alone.

We notice the whole of your remarks on Capt. Storey's Vessel and her future proceedings which shall be attended to; He has drawn upon us for £400 which shall be duly discharged and placed to your debit and the bill you remitt us for the same Sum drawn by Mr. Rotch on ourselves shall be to your credit, as is also £313.17.11 for nett proceeds of the 40 Tierces of Sugar consigned us by Capt. Wright on board the Nancy, the money for which was not received till after the close of the last year and is therefore to your credit in the present years Account. We are glad to see the Goods sent you by Thomlinson turned out agreable to Invoice, except the trifles mentioned in your Letter of the 16th November, for which we debit you as at foot of this and are obliged to you for pointing them out to us. We have carefully attended to and are obliged by the information you give us respecting your 3 Jamaica Ships. We sincerely wish you all the advantage you promise your self from that Engagement, but we think the present situation of the American Trade is against them and we are sorry to say there is a prospect of its becoming worse rather than better. Our Ministry, and under them our parliament, are determined upon violent measures which must surely prove the utter ruin of both countries. We dread the

fatal consequences. We are glad to see the Jacob was safe arrived with you from the Land. The 50 Setts of bills remitted us by Mr. Sears are come to hand. One of them being for £42.13.11 on James Sykes we now return you with protest, for charges on which we have debited you 5/9. The rest are all gone to their proper places of address and we hope will prove good, if not, due care shall be taken to inform you thereof. We are sorry to say the remittances from that quarter fall greatly indeed short of our expectation. For what remains of your commands we beg leave to refer you to the seperate Letter of our G. H. which goes by this Vessell. We are very respectfully, Sir, Your most humble Servants,


Dr. Mr. Aaron Lopez for the following Insurances

On the Jacob, Peters, at and from Newport to Newfoundland and back

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On the Flora, Forrester, at and from Newfoundland to Barbados and any other of the West India Islands (Jamaica excepted) and at and from thence to America or Europe, to return £1.18 per Ct. if she is sold in the West Indies.

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I HAVE already wrote you in the Name of my late Partnership. I come now to acknowledge receipt of your seperate Addresses to me of the 14th and 24th November

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