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Vessel shou'd sail before me I shall inform you of my progress. Capt. Page is here in Mr. Brown's Brig't. I am Gentlemen your Obedient Servant,

[Endorsed,] Per the Good hope Capt. Forester.



St. Petersburgh, the 7th July, 1788.

Invoice of Two Bales with Forty-five pieces Ravenducks shipt on board the Brig Elizabeth Captain Benjamin Peirce for Newport in Rhode Island America, to the Consignment and for Account and Risk of Messrs. Christopher and George Champlin of said place, vizt.

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24 Arshins Crash for wrappers with duty at 4 Co.

receiving Matts ropes, packing and shipping at 8 Co. per

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Ro. 18.18.


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St. Petersburg, the 8th July, 1788.

THIS goes by Captain Benjamin Peirce of your Brig the Elizabeth, in which have loaden and sent for your Account

and Risk as per inclosed duplicate Bill of Loading and Invoice, forty Bundles Clean Hemp weighing pds. [poods] 2425.20 lb. and amounting to Ro. 6346.47 Copecks, which sum shall draw on our mutual Friend Nicholas Ryberg Esqr. at Copenhagen and advise you off by post, whereby you will receive also duplicate Bill of Loading and Invoice with further Advices. We doubt not this Hemp will give Satisfaction, also that Captain Pierce will be intirely contented with the dispatch he met with from our part and we flatter ourselves to be favoured next year again with your worthy and wellcome Commands, in which and your Friendship we recommend ourselves. We beg leave to refer you to our Letter of the 27th past by Post under Cover and Care of Messrs. Lane Son and Fraser at London, wherein explained you fully how it is come, that we ship only your Hemp and our late Partner Mr. Anthony Frederic Thiringk the Iron and other Goods.


The price of good Hemp keeps yet on Ro. 23 per 23 per Berkowitz and may remain so for a while, old Sable Iron from 123 to 127 Co. and new Sable from 115 to 122 Col per pd. assorted Iron in proportion higher according to their Sorts and Dimensions, Sail Cloth from Ro. 7 to Ro. 10, Ravenducks Ro. 8 to 2, Flems Ro. 12 to 1 per piece. Outshott and half Clean Hemp are this year above their usual Proportion to the clean, so high in prices that the Outshott is paid with Ro. 22 to 23, and the half clean with Ro. 21 to 22 per Berkowitz. The reason for it is that these two Sorts are very much sought for France.

We wish Captain Peirce a happy and quick passage and the Hemp well to receive and to a good Market, being in all your further Commands most respectfully, Gentlemen: Your most obedient humble Servants,


We have advanced Captain Peirce for Ships Use Ro. 380. for which shall forward his Receipt to Mr. Ryberg and draw for also on him.



St. Petersburg, the 11th July, 1788.

On the 27th past we had the Honour to waite upon you last with ample Advices about your Ship the Elizabeth, Captain Benjamin Peirce and the Goods to go by the same for your Account, which confirm and to which beg leave to refer. Herewith have the pleasure to advise, that said your Ship is intirely dispatched from hence and will sail with first fair Wind for Copenhagen.

Of the 40 Bundles Clean Hemp loaden by us for your Account we inclose hereby Bill of Loading and Invoice, amounting to Ro. 6346.47 Co. We have advanced Capt. Benjamin Peirce for the use of the Ship as per inclosed Receipt the Sum of Ro. 380. Of course our advances are vizt.

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for which we have debited your account; to ballance the same, we have drawn this day said Sum of Ro. 6788.62 Co. on our mutual Friend Nicholas Ryberg Esqr. at Copenhagen at 65 days date payable in Amsterdam, Exchange 33 Stuyvers holland Currency per Ruble making f. 11201.4 s. half Currency, wherewith closed your account and doubt not our Draft will meet with punctual honour; we beg you will note every thing with us in Conformity.

the Dates of the Bills of Loading and Invoice you will please to observe we have dispatched Captain Peirce from Town the 8th Instant. We have given him that day a letter for you containing duplicate Bill of Loading and Invoice, to which we beg also to referr.

We flatter ourselves you will be satisfied with our management in all this piece of Business as Captain Peirce we

dare say is, and we hope to be favoured next year again with your worthy and welcome Commands assuring you of our utmost Care, Attachment and Attention to your Interest and being intirely devoted to the same, we subscribe with the greatest Regard and Esteem, Gentlemen: Your most obedient humble Servants


We shant fail to advise you when great alterations happen in the prices of Goods, at present none.


Newry, 12 July, 1788.

Sir, It may not be unacceptable to inform you how our flaxIT seed market turn'd out, which proved a miserable one indeed, above 50 M hhds. arrived in this Kingdom, of which about 20 M hhds. remain on hand. our House sold about 4 M hhds. at 40/ and were fortunate enough to close so. what remains is now selling to the Oyl mills from 30/ to 34/ and demand sufficient for all that remains. when your quantity exceeds 35 M hhds. it ought not to stand you more than 40/ a hhd. Pot and Pearl ashes have both been demanded, and we have made considerable sales of each at 35/ prices will rate according to the quantity thrown in from America. We cou'd make ready sale of a Cargo of best Pot ashes, and doubtless produce for them as much as any other market wou'd, at present they are scarce. We sell and guarantee Debts at 4 per Ct., and on arrival shall advance half Value in London bills, remainder on sale, or by return of Vessell remit full value in Linen Cloth, which is very cheap. none can export the article on better terms, being situated in the center of the manufacture, neither loaded with carriage or factorage as those bought in London and Dublin are, and being confined to the sale of these articles on Commission have nothing to interfere. Barrell Staves serve best for Dennage, boat boards being 2d per foot square oak 80/ a

ton but no considerable quantity of either wou'd sell here, not exceeding forty Tons.

Remain Respectfully Your Obedient Servants


Messrs. Lane Son and Frazer, London can satisfie you as to our House as can Mr. George Gibbs Newport.



St. Petersburg, 28th July, 1788.

THIS day three weeks I had the honour of writing you by the post over England when provided you with Bills of Loading and Invoices of my Shipment by the Brig Elizabeth, Capt. Ben Peirce amounting to £558. Sterling which at the same time advised to have reimbursed myself for upon Mr. Nich. Ryberg at Copenhagen, which by this confirm and crave your kind referrance to.

Captain Peirce being sail'd on the 15th I hope he will have made Copenhagen road by this time, the winds having been fair ever since and having an opportunity of shipping to Mr. Ryberg I would not fail to inclose within the dupplicates of said Shipment by Captain Peirce and to inform you at the same time that our trade is become very dull within these ten days, by starting up the prices of most of our staple commodities, that of Hemp has advanced to Ro. 25 to 26, Tallow to Ro. 34 to 35, and Flax to Ro. 38. the reason for these sudden risings may be attributed, to some of the winter speculatores falling short of the quantity of Hemp they had contracted for and which they are now under the necessity to supply from the market, besides several purchases being made for Ships that have dropt in of late. Tallow has advanced on account of the dry Season in England and of Flax we really fall short, a particular demand offering for the same from Scotland. how prices will rule

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