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Dublin, 2 September, 1786.


ABOVE you have copy of what I had the pleasure to write you the 20th ulto. it is with much Satisfaction I have now the pleasure to inform you that I have received advice from several Parts of the Kingdom and from my country friends that your flaxseed grew exceedingly well and in many Parts better than the Dutch and in general full as well so that I have no doubt of the American Seed being in as great demand here next Spring as ever it was known and I hope it will command as good a price as the Dutch which since the Peace sold on an Average from 20 to 30/ per hhd higher. I am, Gent. Your most humble Servant


[Endorsed] Per Happy Return, via Providence.


Boston, September 17th, 1786.


I RECEIVED your Favour of the 11th Instant, am happy to hear your Goods came to hand in good order the several Letters which you inclosed I will forward per first opportunity. I have seen Captain Smith he tells me Captain Peirce had not arived at St. Petersburg, but had passed Elsenore before he came down,' therefore you have no Letters. your Arrack I think will not sell here, the Pepper will fetch 1/10 per li. by the Quantity. the Impost is only 2 per Cent. this Price can be obtained redely for the Quantity you mention. do you mean Perce should come to this Town with his hemp and Duck? the Cash might be had for the Hemp and Duck, if I knew that she would come I would prevent several of

1 A letter from Russell, dated October 2 states: "Captain Hodge tells us he [Peirce] was to sail in a day or two for Copenhagen, where he intended waiting for the India sales."

Please to

the Rope makers from purchasing elsewhare.

give me a Line and let me know if you shall want any seed at 6/ per Bushell. I am with due regard your assured Friend and Very Humble Servant


HIPPED, in good Order and well-conditioned, by MURRAY,
MUMFORD & BOWEN, in and upon the good look called the
Art Lawtedy whereof is Mafter for the prefent Voyage
now riding at Anchor in the
York, and bound for New Pat.


To fay,

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Being marked and numbered as per Margin, and are to be delivered in the and at


(the Danger of the Seas only excepted) untos Champlintry or to Affigns, he or they paying Freight for faid Goods


As Customary

with Primage and Average accufomed. In Witnefs whereof the faid
Mafter has figned ro Bills of Lading of the fame Tenor and Date,
one of which Bills being accomplished the other one
to stand Void.

k 15 Year of our INDEPENDENCE the Eleventh

New York

Dated in

15 Sept 1706

and in the

Cobert Lawton



Dunkirk, 5 October, 1786.


FROM a confidence in the recommandation of our particular friend Mr. Francis Rotch we take the liberty to apprise you of our intention to send our large ship called

Le Dauphin under the command of Cap. William Haydon from this port to St. Ubes, there to load salt and from thence to proceed to Rhode Island, where on her safe arrival we desire to commit the cargo to your care to be sold to the best advantage and to request your assistance to Cap. Haydon in all such objects of his expedition as he may stand in need of. we shall give to said Captain our most particular directions in all things relating to the present undertaking amoung which will be to give you the earliest intelligence of his progress in the voyage before his arrival if possible, in order that you may be able to make such preparations for his reception and dispatch as the necessity of the voyage may require. This ship being destined for the Fishery in the greenland seas and wanting much preparation for that purpose, we have been induced to follow the advice of our friend before mentioned to send her to America as the least expensive mode of compleating what is wanted, and we rely much on the judgment and exertion of capt. Haydon with your kind assistance to effect in proper season every thing necessary for her intended expedition that may be wanted in America. we must therefore beg leave to refer you to the foot of this letter for an enumaration of the articles we may want, to be engaged only on condition of the safe arrival of the ship with you.

Our house is a long established in Dunkirk and we trust your and our Friend Mr. Rotch will satisfy you that you are perfectly safe in whatever you may do for us in the reparation and outfit of Le Dauphin.

We shall also add a price current of sundry articles the produce of America at our market, that if you or your friends should see a prospect of advantage in any consignments by return of our ship that you may have an opportunity of benefitting by it. We shall be happy on all occasions to render your Service and are, Sir, Your obedient and most humble Servants,


Tobacco 3 to 31⁄2s per Pound

Rice 15 to 16/ per Hundred. sterling Money.
Potash 17 to 19/ per do.

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2000 feet of three inch Oak plank for doubling the Ship under her wales.
50 thousand good white oak staves of all sorts chiefly hogshead, and large
staves thick.

50 barrels, best connecticut Pork.

20 thousand feet cedar boat boards.

timbers and kiels for 20 boats.

2 Whale boats built in the best manner.

20 thousand inch pine boards half eastern and half other kinds.


thousand hogshead hoops in bundles.

50 Barrels Cyder of the best quality.

small spars assorted.

50 Setts of best ash whale boat oars.

100 hoop Poles.

10000 feet of best white oak plank from 2 to three inches.
200 Bushels indian Corn.

100 bbls. tar

if to be had cheap.

100 bbls. petch


WHEREAS Captain Jeremiah Clarke having agreed to command the Ship Hydra on a Voyage from Newport to Ostend in Flanders and from thence to the India Seas It is therefore understood and agreed too, that shoud any unforseeen Event take place after said Ships Arrival at Ostend or before whereby she does not proceed to India as intended, and the Agent at Ostend shoud discharge the Captain Officers, and Seamen from any further Service on board said Ship and not make Provision for employing them in any other Vessel for India in that case its understood that Captain Clarke shall be paid his full Wages up to the day of discharge with the addition of One hundred pounds Sterling as a Compensation for his Expences and return home without any further Claim upon said Ship or the Owner of her.

It is also understood that Edward Dillingham Chief Mate of said Ship shall be paid his Wages that may be due to the day of his discharge at Ostend, or account for what may be overpaid, with the addition of Thirty Pounds Sterling as a Compensation for his Expences to return home etc. without any further Claim upon said Ship or her Owners. It is likewise understood that all the other officers and Seamen

belonging to said Ship of every description shall be paid their Wages at Ostend to the day of their discharge with an addition of three Months Wages to each of them as a Compensation for their Expences to return home without having any further Claim upon said Ship or her Owners.

Its further understood that neither the officers or the Seamen shall be entitled to any of the aforementiond Gratuitys provided they quit the Service of said Ship at Ostend out of their own free will or Choice, or refuse to proceed in said Ship to India or some other Vessell that may be appointed for that Service to sail from Ostend under the Command of said Captain Clarke.

It is furthermore agreed that Captain Clarke shall receive over and above his Wages four Shillings and Sixpence Sterling money per day during the Ships being in the Port of Ostend, to support his Pocket Expences.

And its finally understood and agreed too that the Owners or Agents of said Ship shall not charge Captain Clarke or his Mate any Freight for whatever they have shipped on board the Hydra, to all which Christopher Champlin in behalf of the Owners or Agents for said Ship at Ostend, promises on his part shall be complyed with, and Captain Jeremiah Clarke on his part agrees to comply with and promises to carry into execution as far as lays in his power as respecting said Ship, all the aforesaid agreement of which, In Testimony each of us has at Newport Rhode Island this 6th day of October 1786. have affixed our hands,




N. B. Its also understood that the Conditions upon which Captain Clarke is to perform the Voyage from Ostend to India in the Hydra, or any other Vessell appointed for that purpose, are to be settled between him and William Greene Esqr. before his departure from Ostend.


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