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all would have been well; henceforward you must never send such thrash to our market. Superior good Tobacco will allways fetch a good price here, and somewhat more than either in London or Amsterdam but yours is all green and of a bad smell, so that we have been very glad to get rid of it at that rate.

Your new Brigg will be very welcome to us, and you may depend that upon all occasions we shall consider your Interest as our own, and act accordingly, being very sincerely, Sir, Your most obedient humble Servants.

The Width and Length of the Pieces of Callicoes is allways the same and just so as the five pieces you receive per Capt. Green, the prices from 1 to 4.5 shillings sterl. our Ell. We shall be very happy to see you become a large Customer for this comodity as our Manufacturs do exceedingly well and are the cheapest in Europe - but even for that same reason. they can and do not give long Credits and must be paid ready Money or in 4 weeks time. We expect your further orders by your Brig and remain very sincerely, Sir, Your most obedient humble Servant,

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I ARRIVED at Marstrand yesterday after a passage days bad weather, the Vessel appears strong but my sails

are in very bad order. As to Markets here I can say but little not having had time to inform myself. Bohea Tea sold at 13d Sterling per lb. at the sales. there is no duck at Market, Iron £12: 10 per Ton. have Liberty to land my rum but there is no demand for it. shall do every thing in my power. I expect to proceed to Copenhagen in 3 days where I am inform'd Tea is scarce but can't learn the price. Rice is 215 Stlg. per Cwt. Tobacco 4d Stlg. per lb. I shall write in a few days more particular. Shall give all the dispatch possible. I am, Gentlemen, Servant,




Copenhagen, June 20th, 1785.

I WROTE you from Sweeden of the State of the Markets there which I imagine has prepared your minds for disagreeable inteligence. I also wrote you at Elsinore that I had sold 25 Hhds Rum at Marstrand for 2/3 Sterling per Gal. and 19 Casks of Rice for 8 Stivers per li., that I was bound to this place with the remainder, where I find Rice at 20/ Stlg per Cwt. and Rum 1/10 per Gal. loaded with every imposition that the Genious of the people are capable of. there is not 20 Chests of Bohea tea in Copenhagen of the last years importation. the last was sold for 1/8 per li. Stlg. Iron is £14 Stlg per Ton Russia Duck 40/ to 48/ Stlg per piece, Ravens Duck 25/ to 30/ per piece, Hemp 28£ to 30 per ton.

They have four India men arrived within the last week and their Cargoes are to be sold the 27th of August but think the Tea's will go high as the Swedes India men did not arrive at Canton the last year and one of the Danes fail'd.

Upon enquiry I found Messrs. J. J. Frolich and Comp'y to be one of the best Houses in this place and have valued myself upon them. Mr. Frolich has petition'd the India Comp'y for the Tea we want but the result God knows. if

I shou'd be obliged to wait the Charter of the Vessel with other expences will ruin my Voyage, if the Tea shou'd sell for 1/6 per li which is the lowest price thought of here, except Tea shou'd rise in America. if it shou'd rise (which I think is probable as one of our India men fails) and I shou'd return without I shou'd be liabel to censure. I shall determine

as soon as we know the result of the petition and inform you by first conveyance if I stay. if I shou'd determine to come without the tea I shall sail in 20 days. Capt. Gardner has not arrived. I am Gentlemen in a disagreeable Situation. Your Obedient Servant,


June 21st. P. S. Since the above have some faint hopes of obtaining the Tea. shall take the greater part of the Iron from Sweeden as it is lower in price and of a better quality. I have a bad inflamation in my right hand which I am affraid will prevent my writing in a few days. I am as before,

B. P.

EBERHARD CHRISTO AND [KOLL?] TO BENJAMIN PEIRCE Libau in Courland, the 18th July, 1785.


I AM much obligated to Mr. John Gabriel Hay of Dantzick for the particular Recommendation to your good selfs. Your Commands shall at all times be executed with due care and integrity beneficial to your Interest, untill I get the honour to be personally acquainted with your good self's: in order to make you an ample description of our Place and its Trade, I am going to reply [to] your most esteem'd favour of the Ist instant.

Respecting the Article of Tobacco I am not able to encourage you to send any, because we don't know how to dispose our Tobacco in leaves, besides are largely supplied with ready cut Tobacco from Hambro' and Holland. but small blew or green Coffé beans you may send as much as you choose, as we can run the same of to advantage. concerning

the other Spices as Rice, Indigo Tea Bohea etc. the Quantity ought not to exceed above Five thousand pound weight, to which you may add 6 per Ct. for duties. Relative our Weight 115 lib. our weight render 100 lib. at Hamburg and One Hundred Rixdollar our money ruling at present equal to 100 Rixdollar Hamburger Banco. The price per Coffé rules now 64 Rixd Alberts per Ship pound of 400 lib. Rice Rx 20 Alberts per Ship pound. Indigo Rixdollar 100 till 200 per Ship pound.

We exporte from hence all kind of Grains, Flaxes, Lineseed, Skins and Hemp. how the present Prices ruling now you'll be pleased to take notice of the inclosed Account Current of Prices for your Gouvernment. We have no material Trade with Sail, Cloth, it being sold after the rate of Rx 7 à 10 a piece, according to the Quallity. Pass Hemp rules Rx 9 à 10 Alberts per Ship pound. The Duties upon these Articles are not above 6 per Cent. We have the Liberty to importe all kind of Merchandize as well as to exporte it. You may calculate our Port Charges at about 2/5 Rixdollars Alberts upon a Last.

When ever you are induced to make a tryal to our Port with a small Cargoe, you'll be pleased to import different kind of your produce by taking our Goods in return, in that case you'll be a Judge how it will answer. We make II

to 14 Feet water upon our Bar, according to what kind of weather, our Port being reckoned of one of best Harbour's in the whole Baltick. I conclude very Respectfully, Sir, Your most Obedient and Humble Servant,



Dear Sir,

Providence, 25 July, 1785.

YOUR favor dated the 23rd inst. came to hand last evening. The money mentioned therein Mrs. Hayley requests you will be so good as to send to her here by some safe hand. The papers respecting the business in Chancery are inclosed

in a box M H No. 1 by the Mentor Captain Nichols lately arrived at New york directed to Mrs. Hayley to the care of Murray, Mumford and Bowen at New york. I am sorry to inform you the box has not yet come to hand. I have seen Murray this morning here and he informs me it is probable the Mentor will unload at Amboy in order to avoid a double impost duty which has just taken place at N. York. I shall write by the first opportunity to them about it. I beg you will be so good to do the same if any packet should happen to be going directly from Newport.

I regret the more the delay of this box from your having so good an opportunity to return the papers by Crawford in Messrs. Russells Ship who is to sail on Thursday next. I hope it will come in time to save this conveyance, if you should receive it in time pray open it and take out your papers, and afterwards send it here to Mr. Nichols in Mrs. H's absence.

Mrs. Hayley requests her Compliments to be presented to you Mrs. Champlin and all the family. She is not yet quite recovered from one of her most violent headacks. My Compliments also. I am, Dear Sir, Yours,



Dublin, 27th July, 1785.


I BEG leave to refer you to my last of the 24th May adviseing my having remited Mr. Alexander Champion of London your Account £255.3.10. Stg.

Have now to hand you Sales of your 190 Hhds Flaxseed per the Ship Belle Capt. Sheffield neat proceeds £672.6.0. at your Credit in Account Current and tho' the Cash is not yet all rec'd yet have remited the Ballance of your Account Current this day as you'l see by the same which is now enclosed and which with the Sales on examining I hope will be found free from error.

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