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HESE are to Certify, I hat on thĹT


came to

Tthis His Majesty's Cuflong, House in. L.qm. Jacob. Waldes
Mafter or Commander of the Brig. Liberty

Burthen 31 ans, or thereabouts, Mounted with Guns, Navigated
with L. Men, plantation built, and here Entered faid
and Cargo, from Ne vis and here produced

`a Cert flate, from the proper Officers, Dated at the Custom-House there.
the perffers

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That he became Bound with one fufficient Surety, in the Sum of
with Condition, That all
thous and found
Such non enumerated Goods as were there laden on board said Veffet should
not be landed in any part of Europe, to the Northward of Cape-Finisterre,
except in Great-Britain or Ireland. And it is hereby further certified that
there hath been here landed from on board faid

Toor Hogsheart of Benr

Four Regs Nails

Dated at the Custom-House at Falmouth

the 26th Augesti



the in the 13 Year of the Reign"


of our Sovereign Lord GEORGE the Third, KING of Great Britain, &c. Anno Domini, 19

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I find my wife has taken up of Mr. Oliver Smith and charged to Messrs Grant and Fine, since my last to you which I have paid here this day, some money, so that she may not have the need of calling on you for the sum I desired you to give her; but if she should contrary to my expectations have need you'l please to supply the sum I directed in my last, which I will with greatfull thanks repay you as soon as I may know it. Capt. James Clark formally of Newport daily expects his wife and daughter from thence. If they should come or you may have occation by them or any other to draw on me for the Neat Proceeds of what I have in hand at a short sight, as I am some times in the remote parts of the Country, your Draught will be duly honoured.

I beg my best wishes may attend you and your good family and am, Dear Sir, Your most

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I CONFIRM the foregoing Copy of my last respects, and have now the pleasure to advise the safe arrival of the Nancy, who makes a very poor Voyage, being about 200 Casks short. she is now unloading, and when that is finished I see no way of employing her, but returning her to Jamaica in Ballast. I have settled the return of premio on the Clarissa and the Juno for not proceeding from Jamaica to London, and have credited you £54.9. being

£3.6 per cent on the £1650 insured on your Account on her, and £44.11. being £3.6 per Ct. also on the £1350 insured for your Account on her, which please notice accordingly. Capt: Wright has not yet informed me what Voyage the Clarissa proceeds on, so am not able to make any Insurance on her. I hope she will go safe. he has sent me by the Nancy some Pipe and Barrell Staves, for Account of the Owners of the Nancy, and some Plank and Barrell Staves for Account of the Owners of the Juno, which shall be taken care of, and accounted for when sold. he has also remitted me a Bill for £150 on William Miles of Bristol which is accepted, and when in Cash, be placed 1⁄2 to your Credit, agreable to his directions. He remitts likewise a Bill for £271.13 on Edw. Minifie, of which he directs 34 to be placed to your Credit; but this Bill is noted for Non Acceptance, and I fear will be protested, of which you may depend due care shall be taken. He does not give me hopes of so large remittances as I had flattered myself with, for which he gives many reasons. the delay of remittances to such an unreasonable length in his hands greatly hurts me. I must hope you will be able to fall upon some method of quickening him in future. I have since my last received your favour of the 30 June, in which you mention having noted the Settlement of the £400 Insurance on the Diana in conformity. I think my next will give you the Settlement of the remaining £100. I have had a meeting with the Insurer, and he promises to pay it soon. I notice part of your Whaling Vessells are sailed for the Vinyard, and that the others wou'd soon follow. I shall be very glad to hear they are sailed from thence, as the report here is they will not be suffered to depart. The same I must say respecting the Vessell in which you have taken a concern with Mr. Rotch, whose arrival here will give me great pleasure, as I am not without apprehension of her also being stoped. if she has been suffered to sail, I may be expecting her here very soon. I am, etc.


Copy. Original per Mr. Hughes via Boston.



20 September, 1775.

SINCE my last of which the foregoing is Copy I have received from Captain Wright the following bills

James Miller on Serocold & Co. 90 days sight £100.-
Eph'm Dunn Jas. Margetson Do. 200.


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tion of 90 days

W. H. Ricketts on Long & Co.

Hugh White on Meyler & Co. of Bristol
Jas. Campbell on John Parkinson .
Jas. Williams on Edw'd Minifie .


184. I. 6 67.13.

153.11. 5 624. 5.

the one half of each of which bills he directs to be placed to your credit. The 4 first mentioned are accepted and his orders respecting will of course be complied with when in cash. That on Meyler and Maxse for £67.13.-, is gone to Bristol and you shall know its success in my next. The other two are noted for Non-Acceptance and if not paid when due shall be returned with proper protests; but it will be a long while before the final fate of that on Minifie will be known. He has also remitted me wholly upon your Account a bill for £187.11.7 on John Roberts and Son of Liverpool, which is gone thither for acceptance, the success of which you shall be regularly informed of. Mr. Josiah Hewes of Philadelphia has remitted me since my last two bills of £250 each, one on John Motteux and Co. and the other on Buchanan and Co. both which are accepted, and 2% of each are to be placed to your credit. He has also remitted me a bill for £300 drawn by Willing and Morris, 2% for your Account, but this bill is noted for Non-Acceptance. I am however inclined to think it will be paid when due, if not you may depend due care shall be taken to return it with the needful protest.

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