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With respect to West India Goods etc. please to refer to the inclosed price current. I am sorry the one promised in my last was omitted. Fall Goods, from England, sell at 100 to 110 per Ct. advance. I am very sincerely, Dear Sir,


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Mark Pringle



St. Lucia, October 2d, 1784.

I WROTE the 28th September (via Martinica) of my arrival at Barbados after a passage of 42 days of bad weather, but could not get admitted with the Ship without delivering my Cargo to every Merchant in that Island, for if I sold to one the others wou'd inform against the Vessel. after laying off and on part of two days I bore away for this place which I prefer'd to Martinica on account of the sizures that were made in that place eight days before I arrived here, the difference of the port charges and the goodness of the Harbour. I have sold the lumber (Boards) for Sixteen Dollars per M, the Shingles for twenty five livres per M. The Staves are on hand yet. Expect to sail from this in six days for Turks Island as there is no Salt at Bonaire. will give every dispatch in my power. as I wrote fully the 28th September 'tis needless now to enter into particulars again. I am, Gentlemen, your Obedient Servant,

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Please to communicate this to Messrs. Champlin and Fowler with all possible Dispatch.


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My dear Sir,

6 October, 1784.

I HAD the pleasure of receiving your favor of the 22d of July and its duplicate on the 11th ultimo, but the pass from Congress for the Hydra did not reach my hand until the 29th, owing I presume to the packet having been detained a more than ordinary time at New York.

From that moment however I have set seriously to work and I have strong hopes of getting away by the beginning of December. previous to her sailing I shall forward to you Copies of the Invoices Accounts, Policy of Insurance, and of all and several such other papers as may be deemed necessary for your guidance in case of Accident.

The importance of the trust I repose in you, I know you are well aware of, as all my property now is under your Name. you may therefore openly avow your having fitted and loaded a Ship for India, but keep her destination in other respects a Secret, because it yet depends on circumstances, whether the Voyage will be extended to China, or whether I shall return to Newport directly from Bengal, but of this I will take care to apprize you in due time.

I have determined to abridge the amount of my outward Investment which now will not exceed the amount of £20.000.

It is in vain that I have endeavored to prevail on Mrs. G. to remain behind me, she is determined to visit India and has proposed to take Jenny Bell with her, but the thing is not yet resolved upon. Mrs. Waugh has also thoughts of going with her husband to her brothers but that also depends. on circumstances, and requires a little more time for deliberation before he throws himself out of the Army.

My remembrance of Betsey will be signified by the piano

forte, which is now making for her, and which with the Music that accompanies it, she will have the kindness to accept for my sake. If I have time I mean to write Peggy, in particular to request she will have the goodness to accept as a mark of my respect and esteem a gold Watch, Chain and trinkets, which I have ordered to be made for her. Many very pretty things might be said upon this occasion by a Man of Words, but I will only recommend to them briefly, but most affectionately, to diligent employment of their time and a constant attention to the advantages of Harmony in Life and Conversation. I cannot tell by what Ship I shall send them, but it will be by the way of Boston and to the care of Mr. David Sears.

I have not yet determined upon a Captain. a Captain Clark is fitting her but does not go out in her.

You are not to imagine that I forget Kit - he has a very high rank in my esteem. I mean if I can lay my hand upon them, to send him a compact edition of the best latin authors but they are difficult to get and require time. I have written to Glasgow for them.

I shall take care to comply with your desire by paying Mr. Champion Mrs. Hayleys Attorney the Sum you mention to have disbursed for me.

Robert Grant has been all the summer in Scotland and is not yet returned. I shall be mindful of your commission. With pleasure I often call to mind your hospitality and kindness to me whilst at Newport, the attention and kindness of your good Lady I shall always remember with respect, as well as the warm regard of our venerable Grandmother. Tempe joins me in every wish for both your happiness and in our best regards to the Young Gentleman at College and the Young Ladies her Cousins.

I am ever with great regard and true Esteem Your faithful friend and servant


P. S. Our little one is well and grows quite a Beauty.

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