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the last January for the Ship United States belonging to Philip Moore.1 When your Memorialist considers the disposition which the Great Council of the United States hath manifested to encourage, extend, and protect the commerce of the United States, he confidently expects that your honorable body will readily grant this request, a compliance with which will induce him, if possible, more ardently to pray for the prosperity of the United States.


oh your most humigilor Chris Champlin

If this memorial should suit him Mr. Champlin will transcribe it fairly, and inclose it with the copy of the register in a wrapper, directed in the following manner The Honorable The Chairman of the Committee of the States appointed to sit in the recess of Congress.

[Memo.] Copy of Memorial presented Committee of Congress, July, 1784.2

Gothenburg, 29th July, 1784.


DEPRIVED of your esteemed Favours since my last of 22nd Ulto. the present serves solely to hand you Account Sales of 96 Hhds and a parcel of loose Tobacco received per the Brig Richmond Capt. John Greene producing Specie Rp 8447.26.5 at your Credit. This though not so much as the last I hope will not be dissatisfactory for I have been obliged to lay up two Cargoes of my own which arrived since Captain Greene as were they to be sold they would not sell nearly so high. Inclosed are Bill of Lading for and Invoice of sundry Goods ship'd you by the above Vessel amounting to Rp 9997.43.5 at your debit, all which are as conformable to your Orders

1 Journals of the Continental Congress, January 2, 1784.

2 This memorial is in the writing of William Ellery.

as possible and the lowest price charged for each Article, therefore I hope the same will give as great satisfaction as my exertions have been to render it for I have spared no pains to procure the Goods ordered as soon as they could be got and to give the Vessel all possible dispatch. I shall therefore be glad to hear of their safe and quick arrival and of their meeting your approbation.

The Spoermacoti Candles could not be sold at any reasonable price. I have therefore sent them to Amsterdam from whence when I get Account Sales I shall transmit you the


Inclosed is an Account of the disbursements for the Ship being Rp 188.20.10 placed to your debit in Account Current enclosed balancing in my favour with Rp 1890.27.9 which if right please to note in conformity.

I have ship'd 4 Chests Bohea Tea No. 73 to 76 on my own Account which please to land and hold at the disposal of the Bill of Lading. Wishing for a continuance of your Commands I remain with thanks for those I have received most respectfully, Sir,

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P. S. I was obliged to allow 6 Months Credit on the Tobacco or I should not have been able to have sold any at all.


Dublin, 31st July, 1784.


I WROTE you the 30th ulto. adviseing of my having remitted the Ballance of the Produce of your F:seed being

£236.2.1 Sterling to Mrs. Mary Hayley of London, and hearing this Lady is now in your Country, I beg leave to trouble you with the inclosed letter for her which please deliver or forward where ever she may be. There is a prospect of a very fine Harvest all through the Kingdom. The Bearer of this the Lord Charlemount for New York and two other Vessels who sails in co: for Philadelphia are loaden intirely with the Manufactures of this Country, which is improving suprizeingly. Our Linens, all sorts; Stuffs Flannells, Serges, Morains, Campblets and Durants and Silk Handkerchieffs excell any Country in Europe. We are also greatly improved in Checks, all kinds of Cotton Goods, Coarse Woolens, say Coatings, Blankets, and 6/4 wide coarse Cloths at 5/ to 6/ per yard, and we have the annex'd bounties on the Export of Linnens etc. which I mention for your Government, should you want any. but our Manufacturers are too poor to give longer Credits then 2 Months on Coarse Linens and 4 Months on fine Ditto and 4 and 6 Months on most other Goods, but many will not give any Credits but take off a discount of 2 to 3 per Ct.

Our Glass Manufacture is cheaper then in England I think, particularly Window-Glass, 7 by 9 is only 31⁄2d per foot, 6 by 8, 3d, and 10 by 8, 4d per foot, being what offers. I remain Gent., Your most humble Servant


1/2 per yd. Bounty on Buckram and all Linens 25 Inches broad under 5d per yd. Id per yd. on all do. under 6 1/2 per yd.


1 1/2 on all do. above 6 1/2 and under 1/7 1/2 per yd.

1/2 on Checks, Huccabacks and Sheetings 25 Inches broad not under 7d per yd.

nor exceeding 1/7 1/2 per yd.

1 1/2 do. on do. on every square yard do. upwards of a yard in breadth.

Same on Linens and Cottons.

6 1/2 for every 3 ells of sail Canvas.


Instructions for my Nephew Mr. William Green for his Conduct as Supercargo of my Ship the Hydra, during her present intended Voyage.

Having loaded and equipped my Ship the Hydra, agreeably

to the Invoices with which I have furnished you; and manned her with as many able bodied Seamen, as you may deem sufficient for her navigation from Great Britain to the Indian Seas; you are to clear her out, or cause her to be cleared out, at the Custom House of the Port of London, for the Island of Madeira, in the Atlantic Ocean; and for this Port; and upon your arrival at the former, you are to receive on board of her, on my Account, as many pipes of the Wine of the Island, as you may be able to stow, in addition to the Cargo you will then have; and you are not to lose a moment, after your outfit shall have been compleated in the River Thames, in proceeding to that Island, making the best of the winds and weather, and availing yourself of every circumstance that may tend to accelerate your passage thither.

You are to compose your Crew of as many Seamen as you can procure, of the subjects of the United States; or of the Nations, or States, with whome the United States have concluded and agreed Treaties of Amity and Commerce.

You are to cause your Insurance to be done in the first instance, agreeably to the terms of your Clearance, from Madeira and Rhode Island; but you are to give instructions to the Insurance broker you may employ, to continue it upon the same Policies (if possible) as soon as he judges the Hydra to have reached the Limits of the Channel of England; for the Port of Chinsurah, in the Kingdom of Bengal, in India, for which Port you are to make the best of your way, after you quit the Island of Madeira, touching only, for as short a time as possible, for the necessary purpose of refreshment at the Cape of Good Hope.

Upon your arrival in Bengal, you are to conduct yourself in such manner, as may best avoid giving embrage to any European power, who may have settlements there; and you are to exercise the same precautions, with respect to the Officers and Seamen under your direction, that they comport themselves peaceably and humanely to all such persons, or people, whether Indians, or others, with whom you or they may have occasion to deal.

You are on your arrival at Chinsurah, to expose your papers; if required, to the Chief of the Dutch Factory: and endeavor to obtain his permission to sell your Cargo, or at least such part thereof, as is best suited to that Market, or for the Coin of the Country, or by way of barter, for the Manufactures of Bengal; in doing which you are to exercise, and exert, all the Judgment and Discretion you are possessed of, to promote the advantage of the Concern: and you are to avail yourself, in the prosecution thereof, of all, or any of the stipulations contained in the Treaty of Commerce concluded between these United States and their High Mightinesses.

Having disposed of the Cargo you are intrusted with, to the best advantage, and loaded the Hydra, with such returns as you are able or permitted to purchase, and which are the best calculated for consumption, and of course for sale, in the American Market, and at the lowest prices, you are to make the best of every circumstance of wind and weather that will accelerate your speedy return therewith, to this Port, touching however, at such friendly ports on your homeward bound Passage, either in Asia, in Africa, or America, as you may think necessary to refresh your crew at, for the sake of preserving their Healths; or to which stress of weather, or any unforeseen accident, or event, may oblige you to have recourse.

But, in case you meet with any obstructions to your Trading at Chinsurah, in the manner I have directed in the foregoing, you are then to proceed with her to the Factory of His Most Christian Majesty at Chandernagore, in the neighborhood thereof, and availing yourself of the Treaties of Alliance and of Commerce subsisting between America and France, you are there to endeavor by every fair and legal means, to carry the several purposes herein before directed into full and compleat effect.

However at this distance of time it may be impossible to guard by instruction, against all the events, that may happen in the course of your Voyage; as many changes may take place in the Commercial and Political World, before the

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