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Captain Mowatt arrived here a few days past and tells us that when he left the Coast which was the 15th of April last Captain Champlin was very well had 50 odd Slaves, and expected to be off in about six weeks. We apprehend he wrote you by Captain Mowatt and that he has forwarded the letter by this conveyance. We are, Gentlemen, Your most humble Servants,




Boston, June the 10, 1775.

THIS is to inform you of my saife arivel hear on the 6 and find by Mr. Brimyer that the ship will be discharg'd hear, which the Genarle sais he will give all the dispatch he can. But I have not discharged one Barrel yet and I dont know the time set for thay are in grat confusion hear. Mr. Brimyer tells me that there will be no fair of a freight at Quebeck which I shall endeavor to get the high's freight to. it is imposable Sir for me to inform you aney thing consarnig the setivation of this unhappy place, for every thing is kep so silent and the town so well garde with soldiers, that thay will not let you go aney way exept just in the middel of the town. Mr. Brimyer promises to get me all the Despatch that is in power. I have nothing mor at present Sir, but shall right again in a few days by Capt. Webster, and I hop by that time I shall be better able to inform you abough maters, and remain Sir your verry humble Sarvent,

William Barson

1 The original is in the Newport Historical Society.

Parr, BulkeLEY AND CO. TO CHRISTOPHER CHAMPLIN Lisbon, the 14th June, 1775.


We had the pleasure of paying you our last respects under the 8th March, contents of which we now confirm, are since without the pleasure of a single line from you. the present serves chiefly to acquaint you that agreeable to what we hinted in our antecedent we remitted your friends Messrs. Halley & Hopkins the 22d March Rs. 1208000, Exchange 65%, and have now the pleasure to inform you that by the last Packet which sailed the 10th Inst. we remitted your said London friends Rs. 200$ooor, Exchange 65 per $, being what we find ourselves in Cash on your account, and may rest assured that efforts shall not be wanting in collecting the remainder of the outstanding debts, and remittances made without loss of time.

Our Market now begins to gain favour for your produce, owing to the late Drought which has greatly prejudiced the Wheat harvest. add to this, the advices that we lately received, that the New yorkers had shut up their Ports, with a probability of every port following their spirited plan, so that we are housing three Cargoes that we are now unloading with Wheat and Flour, altho our Stores are burthened with said articles, and we hope in a few months to open a sale at golden prices, and not having worth your detention remain with regard and esteem, Sir, Your obedient humble Servants,

[blocks in formation]

P. S. We are very glad to find Capt. Barron got a freight for your Ship to Bristol.


On His Majesty's Service.


Newport, June 19th, 1775.

AGREEABLE to information lodged with you in writing of 6th Inst. that I expected from Philadelphia in the Brig. Charlotte, John Fryers Master, three hundred cask of Bread, thirty Barr's of Pork and some Flour, for the use of the Contract which I agreed with Mr. George Gibbs to import for that purpose, and accordingly last week advanced him fifty pounds lawfull money in part payment for the same, Mr. Gibbs now informs me those articles are come agreeable to his Contract, but that you have determin'd to send the greater part round to Boston.

It therefore becomes my duty to inform you in behalf the contractors, if I am deprived of receiving this Bread (being the only resource I have left) it will greatly distress the Contract and wholy put it out of my power to comply with the future Demands of any of His Majesty's Ships on this Station in the article of Bread.

I therefore rest upon the protection of Captain Wallace in behalf of the Contractors, and could wish it was expedient with His Majesty's Service that the whole of the Bread might be retained here for the use it was imported for. I am with much respect, Sir, Your most humble Servant,


[Memo.] Copy letter James Wallace Esq. Commander of His Majesty's Ship of Warr, at Newport.


[London,] 17 July, 1775.


THE foregoing Copy of my last respects I confirm; since which I am favoured with yours of the 31st May. I am obliged to you for your remarks on what I mentioned re

specting the 4 bills drawn on me in favour of H. & H. and for your leaving me at large to act therein as I may find it convenient; I am entirely of the same mind as when I last troubled you on the subject and hope I shall be able to settle the whole of them, but for the reasons I then mentioned I wish not to be positively bound. That for £4000 which became due the 30th June I have paid and debited you in Account Current for it. I am also obliged to you for noting the several Insurances mentioned in your Letter now before me in conformity and have agreable to your instructions credited your Account and debited Mr. Rotch's for 1/4 of that on the Clarissa £29.12.7, and as I find neither that Vessell nor the Juno will proceed from Jamaica for London, I will adjust with the Insurers the return of premio for that part of the Voyage and advise you the particulars thereof in my next. I shall pay particular attention to all you write about the future proceedings of the Nancy, but there certainly is no chance of any accomodation so as to enable her to load for Newport. I fear that happy time is still at a great distance; Whenever it does come, you will find me ever disposed to serve you to the utmost of my power and in the mean time I have the most entire confidence that you will be exerting your endeavors to the utmost in placing all the remittance you are able in my hands, that if a total stagnation of remittance does take place it may thereby be made as tolerable as such a distressing event will admitt of.

I have already paid my respects to you under the firm of my late partnership and date of the 15th. I therein mentioned that I had not had a line from Captain Wright, but since writing that Letter I have one from him dated the 21st May in which he informs me that the Clarissa and the Juno would neither of them proceed for London, but he says nothing about his intentions respecting the former to enable me to govern my self in making the Insurance you desire on her future Voyage, which I am therefore unable to execute at present; but if any of his future Letters should give me the necessary information care shall be

taken to cover her. He tells me the Crops are so short that he fears the Nancy will be very far from a full Ship but that he is determined to dispatch her in all June. He remitts me a bill for £1200 on Meyler & Co. of Bristol at 4 months sight which is gone thither for acceptance and if I have an answer before this Letter goes to Bag, you shall find its success noted at foot. I hope it will prove a good bill; This is I suppose the bill you mention for part purchase of the Juno, as he directs 34 of its amount to be placed to your credit and the other 14 to the credit of Mr. Rotch, which shall be punctually complied with if the bill is paid. He says nothing in his Letter of any further remittance but I nevertheless hope to receive more from him by some of the expected Ships. I am very respectfully, Sir, Your most Humble Servant,

The £1200 bill on Bristol is accepted.


Dear Sir,


Dominica, the 21st of August, 1775.

SINCE Capt. Shearman left this the times are greatly alter'd. we are told here that the kings ships makes reprisals of every thing going into or comming out of the Port of Rhode Island, that is, the property of any merchant there, and puts me to a great unplush how to behave. I have already received the greatest half and soon expect the remainder of your demand against Mr. Harris, and as the bearer Mr. John Fine, Copartner of Mr. Grant of New York, will speedily return, if you have no other oppertunity let me know how and in what manner I am to remitt you the money. If in goods of the produce of these Islands or if a Bill of Exchange to London your advice and council in this precarious matter is truly needfull, and should you have any other Commands in these parts that I can serve please to command me freely.

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