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Boston 5th Sept'r 1781.

Dear Sir,

THE inclosed was intended per Mr. Ter Bush, but before I could convey it to his Lodgings he had left the Town. I am since pleasured with your favor under yesterday's date per post, with 6 peices Chintz you are pleased to address our Company for sale which we beg you to rely Sir, shall not want our zealous endeav'rs to be effected to the best advantage. the two hundred silver dollars remited us by him was also safely handed, and compar'g right is passed to your Credit with our best thanks. Mr. Jones del'd me this Morning, your esteem'd favor inclosing the protested Newfoundland Bill of Exchange etc. on enquiry I find the Vessell now bound to that place was one sent from thence as a Cartel from the British, is commanded by an officer of theirs, and will not, nor any person on board, return here again; Mr. Hopkins the Commissary of prisoners for this departm't, tells me he shall dispatch a Flag to that place in the course of six or eight weeks, have therefore thought best to hold it for that Conveyance, unless you should deliberate to order it into the hands of Mr. Dolbear.

Wishing your hon'd self, with my dear good Aunt, a pleasant and propitious Journey to Hartford, am with a reiteration of my best respects very asuredly, Dear Sir, Your most Obedt. Nephew,


Please to caution the good Shopkeepers of Mount pleasant, to beware of Counterfeit Eight Dollar Bills of the New Emission, large quantitys am told by Mr. Henry Gardner, are now circulating; Severall persons lately from New York were yesterday detected in endeav'ing to pass it. they confess that a large Sailors Chest was sent out by the insidious Britons, to give the finall Stab to what they fondly believed, was the last recources this Country could devise

1 The original is in the Newport Historical Society.

to maintain the War, a person yesterday going to pay into the Treasury his tax, found 29 Bills out of 40 of that stamp which he had bought for Silver at 4 and 5 for one. the only distinguishing mark I can as yet be able to give you, is in the Bills sign'd by R. Cranch. those that are true, you will find the Letter a, in Cranch to terminate at top in a sharp point thus, a, while the false ones are quite open thus, a nearly like the Vowel u.

D'r Sir,



Worcester, 11th Sep'r, 1781.

DOUBTLESS you have heard of the Brittons burning part of New London.2 Can't by any means see thro' their Policy in burning commercial towns. For should they subjugate the Country it will be their Loss; if finally the Belligerant Powers should settle the War, and leave the Country free from every except a commercial connection with them; still it will be their Loss, as by such conduct they impoverish the Country.

I am with great Respect, Sir,

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1 The original is in the Newport Historical Society.

2 Arnold's expedition against Groton and New London.


London, 11th September, 1781.


We are very sorry to inform you of the Death of our Worthy Patron George Hayley Esquire, which event we think it necessary to give you the earliest intelligence of, and that Mrs. Hayley is left Sole Executrix. Your Account Current with the Estate will be transmitted to you as soon as possible, the Interest on which will be made up to the 30th August last, the day of his Death after which no Interest will be allowed.

We embrace this opportunity to inform you that having lived many years with Mr. Hayley and had the principal management of his business for some years past, we therefore mean to establish ourselves in Trade with his former connections.

We beg leave to assure you that we are fully enabled to execute any Commissions we may be favoured with, having a perfect knowledge of Commerce in general; Permit us therefore to solicit your valuable Correspondence. Rest assured that the utmost attention shall be paid to your interest in every transaction committed to our care and hope shortly to have an opportunity of proving ourselves with the greatest respect, Sir, Your most Obedient Servants, Bredel and WARD


Philadelphia, 9 October, 1781.

Mr. Aaron Lopez,

SINCE my last am favoured with yours of the 7 and 29 ulto. the former should have answered before this, had it not been Duty to an aged Mother, of near 80 years being ill in the Country and thrice sent for me, by which mist two post.

I note the Contents of yours of the 7th and am now sorry to informe you the Spanish fame ran on shore, on an Island near the Mouth of the Chesepeak, and lost all her Salt, and

I believe the Vessel allso. this I had from a person a few days past who saw the Captain on shore, and who tould me they saved only the Riggen, Stores, some Race Ginger, etc. unfortunate he did not put in here, as our Cape has been intirely open a long time. as to the tea I have sold onley one Chest last week, at two weeks Credit for 6/3. The Cash price for some time 6/, which I could not bare to take, that will not sell more, til a better price can be obtained, or receive your further orders. when I wrote you on the fourth ulto. I could purchase bills at 1/ per Liver. they gradually rose last week to 5/9 for 5 livers. this is chiefly owing to a ship sailing for france (which ship sailed last Saturday) one other reason, when the french armey came to this City it was expected bills would be drawn for their Account, that the possessors of bills here sold at 1/ per Liver and some under but to our great Surprise, not a bill has been sold here, of theirs, since, that the Intrest bills have rose as above. the above ship being gone expect they will fall. G. Benson informs me bills at Boston are to be purchased at 30 to 33 discount, as soon as can get aney, (and I receve the Money for the Chest of tea) will remit you in bills agreable to yours of the 29 ulto. 5/3 for 5 livers is about the price with you; this being our great Election day for Representatives, cannot be so full as I wish. Meantime am with great Sincerity, yours,


Melasses 3/4 raw Sugars 60/ to
Cocoa 100/ pepper 10/ pymento
1/6 best Salt 20/dayly arriveing,
Common 18/.

Jamaica Rum II/ to 12/ windward 9/ 65/ loaf 1/6 bohea tea 6/ to 6/3 Coffee 13d 2/6 Ginger ground 2/ to 2/6 Race Ginger that I think will fall to 15/ ̧ fine flour 21/ to 22/ N. B. have not sold the Ginger nor any more Coffee.



Fishkill, November 1th, 1781.

Dr. Sir,

I BEG you will possess your self with patience a few days. and I will be with you if god spares my Health. I am colecting Cash as fast as possible I can, as I mentioned to you

before. I find no line from you by this post, so hope you have sent no Teams on, for Salt will not command more then 30/. and it is like to be very plenty. you likely see the Advertisements in the papers as Mr. lowden1 tells me he sends yours on. I will not be able to tarry with you long as my Bissiness requires my close attention at this place. I onely rite you a small scetch so as to let you no my thoughts are not absent although obliged to forfit my word to you as I was to be with you. by gods permission hope to set out for you on Tuesday next.

I beg leave to congratulate you of the late Serender of Cornwallos and his army. all here in raptures of Joy the houses have been aluminated two nights here and at Poughkeepsie firing of Cannon sky rackets and burn fires are continualy kept up. Rejoiceing here I think is to extream. if so hope to god theay may be forgiven. please to give my best Respects to your good family perticularly to your little branch. I want to see you all. So I must conclude wishing us all a direct guide.

Your Assured Friend and Humble Servant,



Worcester, 9th November, 1781.

Dear Sir,

By return of J. Soley I am favour'd with yours of 8th instant, acknowledging the receipt of seven pounds sixteen shillings, also enclosing Invoice No. 4 of Woolen Goods etc. consigned to me for sale, amounting to £31.7. which in coarse have passed to your credit in accompt sales. In measuring the goods, find that there's the Thumb wanting in the whole; as it has been a custom in this State to allow it, in all woolens etc. except Silks and a few other articles, I imagine it will be attended with great difficulty to break it.

1 Samuel Loudon, printer of the New York Packet, issued at Fishkill from October 1, 1776, to the close of the war.

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