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or address has kept a considerable shop here for this 3 Months past of European Goods which he procures in Boston. he depends on letting the Stores (a small part of which he has already done at the rate of 120 dollars a year) and the advantages ariseing from the Wharff to reduce his Rent, but as the Wharff is in bad order he has requested me to ask your permission for his repairing it, at your cost, only just so, as to make it more convenient than it at present is, which he means to do by laying and securing a few plank on it. I am much pleas'd to find that my Friend David is now fixt in so eligible situation as to afford a promising prospect of success, as he is really a cleaver fellow and one whom I sincerely esteem, I readily unite my sanguine wishes to those of yours for his attainment of Madam Fortunes best favors. Notwithstanding my best endeavours have been exerted to dispose of your Flour of both sorts, I yet find it impracticable, nor does the least probability appear of vending the Rye. Mason and Malbone sold 30 Bbls Wheat flour last week of equal Quality to yours at 3 dollars. My dear Mrs. Lopez may depend on having a reinforcement of Cosher fat as soon as possible, but Mr. Judah's commendable conscience and superlative knowledge of the Bedika1 has prevented our having any chance as yet to make a begining in procuring some for her. Inclos'd you have your several account sales and hard money account current but it not only has increas'd my sufferings to an enormous degree when I reflect that since February last I have been imperceptiblely making use of your money, but in short it has been my severest trial and mortification. All that I can say in my Vindication, is that even before February I was in daily expectation founded on rational and human probabilitys of receiving succours amply sufficient to answer all my engagements and necessities, but therein I have been most bitterly disappointed, and all that I have now to offer is a solemn promise to discharge your balance as soon as possible. You know views and therefore it is needless to repeat them. Edward


1 The inspecting cattle after being killed as distinguished from Shechita, the killing.

Hazard has not yet heard any thing from his father Cranston. if he does not hear from him in a day or two, I shall write him, as Hazard assures me that he knows he has the money by him, but it appears to me that in directing him, to pay me £46.16.6. there must be a mistake, as the Account you sent me against him with Interest calculated to the 2d April last amounted unto £48.9.3. Mrs. Hunter has had 2 Bbls. of your flour the 19th Ulto. weighing 4.1.3. neat. I am with the usual affectionate Salutations of Mrs. Seixas and family unto your good self, Mrs. Lopez and family very Respectfully, Dear Sir, Your affectionate humble Servant, MOSES SEIXAS.

In my next I shall inclose you a small Bill that Whitney has against the house, for some small Repairs that I allow'd him to make, such as making a pair counters, mending Windows and Locks. the boards for the Counters I took from the Garret floor as the french had taken many, and what is left are now nail'd down.


Amsterdam, the 17 July, 1781.


YOU'VE here the Copys of sundry letters we wrote you last Month as also original of the 20th ulto. which we intend'd to go by Capt. Cazeneau; but after he had your goods on board, he resolved to postpone yet a while his departure, so that we are yet uncertain when he will go; which prevents us to inclose you the Invoice and Bill of Loading; This delay and that of Capt. Haydon and Grinel who are yet detained at the Texel proves very disagreeable; we hope however that in a few days they will sail. We intend shoud there be a possibility to ship you yet a few articles by the Brig Robin nearly to the first value mentioned, and shall make use of such other opportunitys as will offer to make you the further Shippements desired; but can as yet say nothing positive on the subject. We have now to hand you the Copy of the Invoice of the two Chests of Tea which our

friend Mr. Henry Greig of Gotenburg have shipped you by our directions etc. conformable to your orders on board the Brig Amsterdam Capt. Magee amounting to £150: 16.-which sum we shall pass to your Debit. We hope they will come safe to hand and prove to your satisfaction. As Mr. Greig has not shipped the 50 Packs of Pins we suppose he coud not get them: by his letter of the 4th Instant Capt. Magee was still detained on account of the numbers of Cruizers in the North Seas. Contrary to expectation your Remittance draft of Ab'm Redwood on Apthorp and Trecoteck has been paid and your Account creditted for the

same vizt.

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The same be pleased to note in conformity.

We have desired Mr. Greig to continue to make you Shippements of Teas when any further opportunities offered. The article is here still on the rise at 26 St., Tobacco from 12 to 13 St. Affairs continues here much in the same situation and as yet no prospect of a peace. We remain very respectfully, Sir: Your most Obedient Servants,


P. S. as we have by us the Invoice of the Goods already shipped on board of the Brig Robin, you've here the same inclosed: but are yet unacquainted if she will go out under that Name and if Capt. Cazneau will himself be the Commander.1 This for your Governo.

1 "We will ship per the Robyn Captain Cazneau, now the young Peder Captain Gram the remainder of Mr. Hayley's goods. we suppose as she is now under a Danish flag and with a Danish Crew, you will be able to effect the Insurance on your risk per said Vessell at a low premium. as it will not sail we suppose this


Boston, August 9th, 1781.

Dear Sir,

I REJOICE that the goods forwarded last week arrived safe, and that you already had commenced their Sales with Success. may that good fortune ever attend your every undertaking equall to my unfeigned wishes. with us the buisness of selling goes on heavily, want of money and plenty of goods has sadly cloged the Springs, tho I beleive we have during the past week made out as well as our good neighbours by taking from 10 to 20 hard dollars per day and hope when we get a little more settled to do better. you are pleased to ask the predicament of the Paper Currency. I must realy confess myself at a loss to give you a just idea of it. The Interest is certainly paid and there is a Tax out for a great proportion of it which must be paid in that or Silver equall to I and ths for one, yet we see none worth mention'g in circulation and what little there is am told has been run up as high as from 6 to 8 for one. from these Circumstances I beg you will be pleased to judge for I dare not offer my oppinion on the subject, all whome I have asked appear at a loss to account for this strange manuvre.


I am with every Sentiment of Gratitude and Esteem, Dear Sir, Your most Obed. Nephew and hble Servant, DAVID LOPEZ, JUN.

Bilbao, the 21st August, 1781.

Dear Sir,

THE foregoing is Triplicate of what mollestted your atention last with per Edmmands and Tracy who departted hence with a fine wind on the 8th Current as such flatter

Month, we thought you would receive advice of it in good time to insure if you thought proper." John de Neufville and Son to Christopher Champlin, July 25, 1781. Ms.

1 The original is in the Newport Historical Society.

ourselves will boath obtaine safe and prosperous passages and that the former will effect the delivery in good order of the Barrell of Hand Kerchiefs transmmitted you on board his Ship Defence which shall in Time be proud to hear.

By the safe appearance in our River of the Portt Packett Captain George Rapall we have had the pleasure to receive your handing us therein your remittance in two bills value 5100 Livres esteemed and agreable lines of the 6th June on Paris which have the satisfaction to informe you have been punctually forwarded to our Banker there for acceptance therefore when in Cash your account with us will have Creditt for the same at the Exchange of 76 Souls per current dollar in riales 20210 and 7 ms. of Vallon which if without errors be pleased to place to our debitt.

We are exceedingly obliged to you for the punctuality wherewith you have been pleased to pass to our Creditt the amount of the Invoice per Trask and flatter ourselves with hopes that the quality of the Hand Kerchiefs shipt per him. will prove agreable as our uttmost Study for our friends Interest extends itself not only to this particular butt that of equity in price in which are sorry to say that have of late experienced to great an allteration on account of the enormous quantitys that have been exported. however have the pride to say that with Cash in hand we have preventted their being higher a governo.

We have now likewise agreable to your kind former Instructions to hand you herewith Invoice and bill of Loading for one Barrell thereof shipt on board the Portt Packett Captain Rapall whom sincerely wish a safe and pleasing Navigation home when request the favour of your ordering the same to be examined and if free from errors to place its amount to our Creditt in riales 10119 and 25ms. of Vallon which you stand duelly debited for by those who have the satisfaction to subscribe with the highest reggard and



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