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MISFORTUNES, the want of remittances, and an infirm state of health hath induced Mr. Stead to put all his affairs into the hands of Assignees for the benefit of himself and Creditors. We have therefore, in order to facilitate a close of his Estates and Effects in America, disposed of the whole to the bearer, George Rome, and have this day executed proper Deeds of Conveyances to him, with powers to recover by and give the necessary discharges; And whereas it appears to us, that Mr. Robert Jenkins, Junior, deceased, as attorney to Messrs. William Stead and Son, alias Mr. William Stead, took a Mortgage on some Lands in Rutland in order to secure a Debt of £800 Stg: And as that Debt and Mortgage is now assigned over to Mr. Rome, and he is apprehensive a

quitclaim or Deed of conveyance from Mr. Jenkins's Heirs or Executors, etc., may be necessary; We, therefore, hereby request, you will either separately, or jointly with Mr. Bulkley's Heirs, give him such further Conveyances as the Law may require to annul so far the transactions of the said Robert Jenkins, as to render Mr. Romes title to the premises compleat against his Heirs etc. We are, Sir, Your Most Obedient Humble Servants,

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OUR John Rogers forgot calling on you in Newport as promis'd but takes this Opportunity of requesting you wou'd send up 500 Dollars which shall be credited your Account, 320 being already paid, and the Storage and Wharfage yet unsettl'd. Your further directions respecting this or any other Business shall be with pleasure accomplish'd to the best of our Abilities.

Have annex'd you a price current which cannot if of no Service, be the contrary. Mr. Bacon informs me the Merchants in Boston sell their Goods for Hard and paper Currency at as much odds as 75 for One, the Exchange here is about 70. I refus'd 100 Hard Dollars offer'd at that the day before Yesterday. Please to give us a general price current with you which will much oblige Sir Your very humble Servants


W. I. Rum £21. Boston, common proof £27 here 20 per Ct. over proof.

N. England Do. £13.10/ Boston. Charge £80 for hhds.

Molasses £12. to £13. Boston. £13. to £14.2/ here.
Bohea Tea 70 to 75. Dollars Boston, £22.10 to £24 here.

Coffee 9 to 10 Dollars Boston, 10 to II Dollars here.

Dry Goods a genteel Assortment of English Goods in this Town at about £300 L. Money for £100 Sterling prime Cost in Europe. A Merchant with a good Capital may make an advantageous purchase.



Amsterdam, 22th August, 1780.

OUR last we had the pleasure of writing you was the 21th May per Capt. Haydon, by which we inclosed you Invoice and Bill of Loading for the sundries we had shipped you on board of his Vessel the brig Hannah amounting to £929.5. Since we have been favored with your sundry letters under date of the 17 April 10, 25 and 29 May their verious contents we have duly noted. we have your following bills vizt. Benjamin Wrights draft on John Pitt at 60 days sight for £40 Stg. and three bills on the Commissioners at Paris together Dolls. 108. these have meet due honor and Account has been creditted with.


In regard to the further contents of your letter and the Consignment you've made us per the Ship Rambler Capt. Lovet,1 her entering into Marstrand 2 has brought us in to many difficulties, first it is not permitted for any Swedish Vessel to bring us any other produce here but those of the Growth of that Country, and there being no dutch Vessel at Marstrand your Goods must remain there untill one offers, and to have them sold there will not answer, it being a very poor country, and Ashes is one of the principal returns they make to this country. besides as they must be brought here freight free Mr. Sigourney has put them under the care of one Mr. Henry Crugh, who has promised to forward us the whole as soon as a Vessel offers, which hope will be soon. we can neither make any calculation on the Indigo, a sale depends on its quality it being worth from 20 to 60 St. and upwards. Regarding sending you the Goods from hence, we found no less difficulties, as there is seldom or no dutch Vessels a going there and the quantity of Goods you had ordered was not sufficient to engage one except to have paid half their Value in freight. we had however the promise of a Swedish one and in consequence we purchased and made

1 Captain Benjamin Lovet.

2 A seaport of Sweden, on an island in the Cattegat.

ready your order except sundry Goods which we could not get here and were obliged to order in London. In the interim these preparations were making the Swedish Vessel declined the Voyage, but soon after another offered, tho' in the interim we were also informed that no China Articles were permitted to be imported at Marstrand. So that we found ourselves obliged to leave out the 4 Boxes China and the 12 ps. Bandanna Handkerchiefs, wich must now remain with us untill we receive your further directions. as to the Perlong Sattins they were not to be met here. the other articles are now a shipping on board of the Catharine Capt. Pieter Stoström who departs next Saturday. we shall address the same to Mr. Sigourney or in his absence to Capt. Lovat, with order to take them on board of his Ship to your Consignment and to send you and us a bill of Loading. we have constantly advised Mr. Sigourney how matters stood that they might detain the Vessel untill the arrival of your Goods, which hope will prove the case. as to the regulating of the Freight Mr. Sigourney has wrote us.

You'll please to ship the whole amount of Mr. Lopez effects, or as near as you can and the 28 per Ct. and 12 per Ct. may be settled in America with the owners of the Rambler.

as it is impossible for us to make any calculations regarding the Value of your Effects, untill they are sold, no other method is left but its being settled between you, on our transmitting you the Acct. Sales, when we shall calculate its amount and bulk in Tea, as likewise let you know the bulk of the Goods shipped. we are very sorry that it is not in our power to act more consistent to your directions but doubt not your self will be convinced we coud not do otherwise. when your Effects per the Rambler are safe deliver'd to us we shall then discharge in course your draft on us for £3333.6. in favor of Nath'l Tracy Esqr. and debit your Account with. We have receiv'd per Capt. Davis the Cask of Indigo which is only valued at 45 St. this has made us determine to put it at public Vendue to see if some thing more coud be obtained, as the same will yield by far less than you expected and we can get no Insurance effectuated

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here on any American Vessel. we resolved to make the purchase of one Chest of Tea and to send it you in return of said Cask of Indigo per said Vessel as per inclosed bill of Loading and Invoice which amounts to £334:9. the same we've pass'd to your debit. when we've sold the Cask we shall transmit you the sales and so whatever difference there may be, you can more easily settle it than we with the person whose property it is. we flatter our selves you'll approve what we've done as otherwise it had been impossible for us to have made you its return by this Vessel. we are sorry to mention you that to this day the Brigantine Pallas Hector McNeill is not yet arrived, so that in all appearance said Vessel is fallen into wrong hands. shoud she yet appear, you can depend on our attention to comply to your orders. We are very sensible at the many marks of friendship you've been pleased to give us by recommending to us Messrs. Hopkins and Bradford to whom we shall with pleasure render all the services in our power We intend to address you further in a few days. in the interim we remain very respectfully, Sir, Your most obedient Servants


P. S. none but the fine copper colour'd Indigo will sell to advantage here and no flower can be admitted.




Amsterdam, 2d Sept., [1780.]

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THE foregoing is Copy of what we had the honour of writing to you the 20th July per Capt. Lamprell, and having just received from Mrs. George Hayley in London the two trunks you prevented us of, marked No. 1 and 2 we have shipped them directly as follows. No. 1. per the Brigg Dolphyn, Edward Davis, M'r. bound for Boston directed to Mr. Jarvis and Russell. No. 2. per the Brigg Betzey, Joseph Cooke, bound for Rhode Island and directed to your good self.

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