A Collection of the Most Esteemed Farces and Entertainments, Performed on the British Stage, Volumen4

S. Doig, 1792

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Página 164 - Park — a fine frosty morning it was — I love frosty weather of all things — let me look at the last trick — and so...
Página 163 - I might as well not be married, for any use you are of. Reach me a chair. You have no compassion for me. I am so glad to sit down. Why do you drag me to routs'?
Página 217 - Meander's margent green, And in the violet embroider'd vale, Where the love-lorn nightingale Nightly to thee her sad song mourneth well; Canst thou not tell me of a gentle pair That likest thy Narcissus are ? O, if thou have Hid them in some flow'ry cave. Tell me but where, . Sweet queen of parly, daughter of the sphere! So may'st thou be translated to the skies, And give resounding grace to all heaven's harmonies.
Página 359 - Why, what the deuce would you get ? food, fire, and fame. Why you would not grow fat ! a corpulent poet is a...
Página 228 - Where the bow'd welkin slow doth bend, And from thence can soar as soon To the corners of the moon. Mortals, that would follow me, Love Virtue ; she alone is free. She can teach ye how to climb Higher than the sphery chime; Or, if Virtue feeble were, Heaven itself would stoop to her.
Página 226 - What need a vermil-tinftur'd lip for that, Love-darting eyes, or trefles like the Morn ? There was another meaning in thefe gifts, Think what, and be advis'd ; you are but young yet.
Página 166 - Very well, Madam; — You know no more of the game than your father's leaden Hercules on the top of the house — You know no more of whist than he does of gardening.
Página 227 - The slave of evil, or the sport of chance. Inform us, Thyrsis, if for this thine aid, We aught can pay that equals thy desert. First Spirit discovering himself. Pay it to Heaven ! There my mansion is : " But when a mortal, favour'd of high Jove,
Página 162 - Let it be so, then. [Cries.] Oh ! oh ! cruel man ! I shall break my heart if the match is broke off; — if it is not concluded to-morrow, send for an undertaker, and bury me the next day. Drug. How ! I don't want that, neither — Mrs.
Página 218 - ... clusters from the tender shoots ; Their port was more than human, as they stood. I took it for a faery vision Of som gay creatures of the element, That in the colours of the rainbow live, 300 And play i' th

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