Into the Light

AuthorHouse, 2005 - 220 páginas
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When darkness comes and the night falls, silence is sometimes your only friend. One evening, however, alone, with no one left to talk with, Lucy Lodine unexpectedly walks into Precinct 21 to break her silence. She confesses to a murder of twenty years ago, unsuccessfully convincing the authorities that her husband on death row is innocent of the crime.

Her confession, however, begins a series of chilling crimes that reveal an inside look at trust and betrayal, love and hate, and acceptance and greed.

One by one, those who might reveal the truth of who murdered Professor Kadian twenty years ago die, until only one person remains.

Talking Rain is an invitation to an incredible topsy-turvy ride of false beliefs, with human emotions, conflict, and relationships at risk.

You think you might have been on a similar journey before, but nothing like this one.

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