The Mind Is a Terrible Vessel to Waste

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THE MIND IS A TERRIBLE VESSEL TO WASTE " ABOUT THE BOOK." If you can free your mind, you will free your world; where you are today is the result of the structure and dream you had yesterday. You cannot get more than you think, what you think is what you get. Have you been denied love and care by someone close to you, or felt depressed over something someone did to you? At gunpoint someone commanded you to surrender your belongings. You cried over things that are unnecessary, or you prayed over an issue and no result shows up. Has everything naturally turned against you, people say you can't make it anymore in life, and now you feel you have failed in all your endeavors, living in bitterness and pain? The end has come. What you don''t know will not know you any longer. It is time to exercise your God given authority over every situation. Nobody has everything in life, but somebody has something; be mindful of where you are coming from and where you are going. When you are mindful of your today, your tomorrow will be a walk over for you. If Jesus is present in your life, it does not matter who is absent; Jesus is all you need in life. Your rebirth is not to be a slave. God has made all things available for you; your position of authority is not manifested until you identify your placement in God. Until you know where you are, you cannot know where you need to be; when you know it, God delivers it to you. This is the right book for you; this book carries all the scriptural passwords you need to log in to your supernatural account, where God makes everything work in your favor. The end has come for all your struggles; become I can do it person for people to start thanking God for your sake. May you not miss it in Jesus' name. Amen.

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