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at Boston in New- | England October. 18. 1659. London Printed by A. W.

t вм After the year has been added in ms., March 7, 1659, the day of publication. A. W. could be either Mrs. Alice Warren or Anthony Williamson.

1663 HARVARD COLLEGE. 24. Quaestiones.

HC BULKLEY, EDWARD. 25. A Threnodia upon our Churches second dark Eclipse, happening July 20. 1663. by Deaths Interposition between us and that Great Light and Divine Plant, Mr. Samuel Stone, late of Hartford in New England.

Signed, “E. B." In Morton, New Englands Memoriall, 168. S., T. 26. An Elegie on the Death of that Eminent Minister of the Gospel, Mr. John Norton, the Reverend Teacher of the Church of Christ at Boston, who exchanged this life for a better April 5, 1663. Signed, “T. S.” In Morton, New Englands Memoriall, 166.

1664 HARVARD COLLEGE. 27. Quaestiones. (Cambridge, Printed by Samuel Green, 1664.]

HC Evans, 92.

1665 28. The Conditions for New-Planters in the Territories of His Royal Hignes | the Duke of York. (Cambridge, Samuel Green.)

MHS Signed, R. Nicolls. 2 Proceedings, ix. 423. Evans, 98. HARVARD COLLEGE. 29. Quaestiones. (Cambridge, Printed by Samuel Green,

( 1665.] Evans, 102.

1666 HARVARD COLLEGE. 30. Quaestiones. Cambridge, Printed by S. Green, 1666.) HC

( Evans, 108.

1667 MASSACHUSETTS-BAY, COLONY. 31. Boston in New-England August 9th, 1667. / The Governour, Deputy Governour | and Sundry of the | Magistrates, I


being assembled, do judge meet to commend to their beloved Brethren and Neighbours the Inhabitants of this Colony this following Proposal (to contribute to the supply of his Majesties Fleet). (Cambridge: Printed by Samuel Green, 1667.] † MA

Archives, c. 111. Evans, 115. MITCHEL, JONATHAN. 32. Upon the Death of that Reverend, Aged, Ever-honoured, and gracious Servant of Christ, Mr. John Wilson, Pastor of a Church in Boston: Interred August 8, 1667.

Signed, "J. M.” In Morton, New Englands Memoriall, 185.

33. [Wood Cut.) Upon the Death of the Virtuous and Religious | Mrs. Lydia Minot, | (The wife of Mr. John Minot of Dorchester;) | The Mother of Five children, who Died in childBed of the Sixth; and together therewith was | Interred January 27, 1667. (Cambridge, Samuel Green, 1667.] † PC

1668 BULKLEY, EDWARD. 34. Upon the Death of that truely Godly, Reverend, and Faithful Servant of Christ, Mr. Jonathan Mitchell, Pastor of the Church at Cambridge, who deceased July 9, 1668.

Signed, "E. B.” In Morton, New Englands Memoriall, 192. HARVARD COLLEGE. 35. Quaestiones. (Cambridge: Printed by Samuel Green, 1668.)

HC Evans, 123. MASSACHUSETTS-BAY, COLONY. 36. To the Elders and Ministers of every Town within the Jurisdiction / of the Massachusets in New-England: | The Governour and Council sendeth greeting. (Cambridge: Printed by Marmaduke Johnson?]

MHS On catechizing and instructing all the people in sound and orthodox principles of Christian religion. 2 Proceedings, ix, 424. Evans, 126. 37. Whereas the Lawes Published by the Honoured General Court, Lib. 1. Pag. 76, Sect. 3, Do Require all Townes from time to time to dispose of Single Persons and inmates within their Towns to Service, or otherwise.

† MA Notice to Constables to acquaint the Select Men that the Court expects the laws to be attended to. It is endorsed “Law about Youth.” Archives, IX. 48.


38. Quaestiones. (Cambridge: Printed by Samuel Green,

Evans, 140.
39. At a Council held at Boston, March 10, 16681–69.] A
Proclamation (appointing March 25 to be a day of Fasting and

Evans, 141.

1670 ELIOT, JOHN. 40. Christiane Oonoowae Sampoowaonk. | A Christian Covenanting Confession. (Cambridge: Printed by Samuel Green, 1670.]

CONG. Reproduced in Pilling's Bibliography of the Algonquian Languages, 132. Evans, 147. See under 1660, supra. HARVARD COLLEGE. 41. Theses. (Cambridge, Samuel Green and Marmaduke Johnson, M.DC.LXX.)

2 Proceedings, ix. 428. Evans, 148. MASSACHUSETTS-BAY, COLONY. 42. At a Council held at Boston | Septemb. 8, 1670 (appoint

a ing September 22 to be a day of publick Humiliation.) MA

It is reproduced as the frontispiece to Love, Fast and Thanksgiving Days of New England. Evans, 149.

1672 MASSACHUSETTS-BAY, COLONY. 43. (An Order to prevent Indians from stealing swine.)

Ordered to be printed in the Indian language by the General Court, May 15, 1672. No copy has been located. Evans, 170.


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1673 MASSACHUSETTS-BAY, COLONY. 44. Boston, March 22, 1672, 3. (An Order of the DeputyGovernor and Magistrates, recommending a free Contribution for rebuilding the Castle, destroyed by fire.)

† MA Archives, LXVII. 126. Evans, 176.

1674 HARVARD COLLEGE. 45. Catalogus.

PRO 2 Proceedings, xvII. 68. Evans, 188.


46. Quaestiones.

Evans, 189. MASSACHUSETTS-BAY, COLONY. 47. Orders, | made at A | General Court | held at Boston, January the 6th, 1673. | And Printed by their Order. BA

Evans, 178. It is reproduced by Whitmore in his reprint of the General Laws and Liberties, 1672, 213.

1675 HARVARD COLLEGE. 48. Quaestiones. (Cambridge: Printed by Samuel Green, 1675.)

HC Evans, 199. MASSACHUSETTS BAY, COLONY. 49. (Colony seal.] At a Council | held in Boston August the thirtieth, 1675. (An Order confining Indians faithful to the English to their Plantations during Hostilities with the French.)

BA Evans, 205. Reproduced in Whitmore's reprint of the General Laws and Liberties, 1672, 223, where he considers it as p. 23 of the supplement. [WINTHROP, WAIT.) 50. Some Meditations | concerning our Honourable | Gentlemen and Fellow-Souldiers, In Pursuit of those | Barbarous Natives in the Narragansit-Country; and their Service there. I Committed with Plain Verse for the Benefit of those that Read it. By an Unfeigned Friend. Reprinted at N. London, April 4, 1721.

Dated December 28, 1675, and signed “W. W.” I insert this Connecticut reprint in the hope that it may bring to light a copy of the original issue, which must have been printed in Boston or Cambridge if made before 1700.

1676 51. А | Funeral Elegy | Vpon the Death of that Excellent and most worthy Gentleman | John Winthrop Esq. | Late Governor of his Majestyes Colony of Conecticot: 1 who deceased April, 1676.

Perhaps by Stephen Chester. Green, John Foster, 125. HARVARD COLLEGE. 52. Quaestiones. (Cambridge: Printed by Samuel Green, 1676.)

нс Evans, 213. 53. Lamentations | Vpon the never enough bewailed Death of the Reverend Mr. John Reiner, Pastor of the Church of Christ



at Dover who was gathered to his Fathers | December, 21. 1676.

ТВА MASSACHUSETTS BAY, COLONY. 54. (Colony seal.) At a Council Held at Boston April the 4th. 1676. (Ordering Select Men of Towns to inform themselves about Persons settling among them.)

BA Reproduced in Whitmore's reprint of the General Laws and Liberlies, 1672, 337. Evans, 215. 55. (Colony seal.] At a General Court Held at Boston the 3d of May | 1676. (Cambridge, Samuel Green, 1676.]

Levying ten single country rates to defray the charges of the war. The original is in the Court House, Salem, Mass. Fifty copies were issued in facsimile by the Essex Institute. 56. (Colony seal.] General Court | Held at Boston the 3d of May | 1676. (Empowering the Committee of Militia to exact Penalty for non-appearance when ordered for Duty.) BA

Reproduced in Whitmore's reprint of the General Laws and Liberties, 1672, 343. Evans, 218. 57. (Colony Seal.] At A | Council, | Held at Charlestown, June the 20th, 1676. (Appointing June 29 to be a day of solemn Thanksgiving.)

MHS It is reproduced in Love, Fast and Thanksgiving Days of New England, 200. Evans, 216. 58. At A | General Court | held at Boston May the 3d, 1676. | For the Preventing of Injustice and Inequality in the discharge, and Payment of Disbursements made by any particular Persons, or Towns for the carrying on this present VVarr.

BA Evans, 217. Reproduced in Whitmore's reprint of the General Laws and Liberties, 1672, 248a. TOMPSON, BENJAMIN. 59. A Funeral Tribute to the Honourable Dust of that most charitable Christian, vnbiassed Politician, and inimitable Pyrotechnist John Winthrope esq; | A Member of the Royal Society, | Governour of Connecticut Colony in | New-England. ) who expired in his Countrys Service April 6th 1676. PC

See Green, John Foster, 128. Evans, 224.

1677 Joy, GEORGE. 60. Innocency's Complaint | against | Tyrannical Court Faction in Newengland.



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