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BA =

AAS = American Antiquarian Society, Worcester.


Boston Athenæum.
BOD = Bodleian Library, Oxford.
BPL = Boston Public Library.
BU = Brown University, Providence, R. I.

CHS = Connecticut Historical Society, Hartford.

CONG = Congregational Library, Boston.
DH = Dedham Historical Society.

EI = Essex Institute, Salem.

= HC = Harvard College. JCB = John Carter Brown Library, Providence, R. I.

LC = Library of Congress, Washington.
LCP = Library Company of Philadelphia.
Mens = Maine Historical Society, Portland, Me.

MA = Massachusetts Archives.

MHS Massachusetts Historical Society.
NHASL = New Hampshire State Library.

= NYHS = New York Historical Society.

NYPL = New York Public Library.

PC = Private Collection.
PHS = Pennsylvania Historical Society.
PRO = Public Record Office, London.


University of Glasgow (Hunterian Museum). WHS = Wisconsin Historical Society.


Yale University, New Haven.






1639 MASSACHUSETTS-BAY, COLONY. 1. Freeman's Oath. (Cambridge, Stephen Daye.]

Known only by Winthrop's record and John Child's New Englands Jonas Cast up at London (1647). Evans, 1. PIERCE, WILLIAM. 2. Almanac. (Cambridge, Stephen Daye, 1639.]

Known only by Winthrop's record. Evans, 2.

1642 MASSACHUSETTS-BAY, COLONY. 3. (Capital Laws.]

Known by a broadside in the British Museum, evidently an attempt to imitate typographically a Cambridge issue. It reads: The Capitall Lawes of New-England, as they stand | now in force in the Common-Wealth. I By the Court, | In the Years 1641-1642. Colophon: Printed first in NewEngland, and re-printed in London | for Ben. Allen in Popes-head Alley. 1643. It was reproduced in Colonial Society of Massachusetts, Proceedings, XVII. 116. Evans, 10.

1643 HARVARD COLLEGE. 4. Theses. (Cambridge: Printed by Stephen Daye, 1643.]

UG. MHS 2 Proceedings, ix. 413. Evans, 12.


1646 HARVARD COLLEGE. 5. Theses.

1647 BULKLEY, PETER. 6. A Lamentation for the Death of that Precious and Worthy Minister of Jesus Christ, Mr. Thomas Hooker, who died July 7, 1647, as the Sun was Setting: the same hour of the day died blessed Calvin, that glorious Light.

Signed, “P. B.” In Morton, New Englands Memoriall, 127. COTTON, JOHN. 7. On my Reverend and dear Brother, Mr. Thomas Hooker, Late Pastor of the Church at Hartford on Conecticot. [1647.]

Signed, "J. C.” In Morton, New Englands Memoriall, 125. HARVARD COLLEGE. 8. Theses. (Cambridge: Printed by Stephen Daye, 1647.)

UG. MHS 2 Proceedings, IX. 414. Evans, 22. NORTON, JOHN. 9. A Funeral Elegie upon the death of the truely Reverend Mr. John Cotton, late Teacher of the Church of Christ at Boston in New England. (1652]

Signed, “J. N.” In Morton, New Englands Memoriall, 136. WOODBRIDGE, BENJAMIN. 10. Upon the Tomb of the most Reverend Mr. John Cotton, late Teacher of the Church of Boston in New-England. [1652] Signed, “B. W.” In Morton, New Englands Memoriall, 137.

1653 HARVARD COLLEGE. 11. Quaestiones.

† UG 12. Theses.

† UG There are two issues of the Theses for 1653, dated August 9 and 10 respectively. They are reproduced in Am. Antiq. Soc., Proceedings, October, 1914.


HC 13. Quaestiones. Evans, 41.

1656 GOOKIN, DANIEL. 14. To all Persons whom those may concern, in the Several | Townes, and Plantations of the United Colonies in NewEngland. Dated this 25 of March 1656.

† BOD LIB. Inviting colonists to remove from New England to Jamaica, Gookin acting under power granted by the Lord Protector. In Gookin, Daniel Gookin, 98. A few copies in facsimile were printed by the Oxford University Press in 1921. HARVARD COLLEGE. 15. Quaestiones.


1658 HARVARD COLLEGE. 16. Quaestiones.

† UG WILSON, JOHN. 17. A Copy of Verses | Made by that Reverend Man of God Mr. John Wilson, Pastor to the first church in Boston; On the sudden Death of Mr. Joseph Brisco, Who was translated from Earth to Heaven Jan. 1. 1657. (Cambridge: Printed by Samuel Green.)

MHS Evans, 48.

1659 HARVARD COLLEGE. 18. An Humble Proposal for the Inlargement of University of Learning in New England. By the Trustees hereafter named, to whom the Management of this Affair is committed. (Cambridge: Printed by Samuel Green, 1659.)

† MA Archives, LVIII. 38. Evans, 55. 19. Quaestiones. MASSACHUSETTS BAY, COLONY. 20. A! Declaration of the | General Court of the | Massachusets | Holden at Boston in New-England, October 18. 1659. Concerning | The execution of two Quakers. Printed by their order in New-England. Reprinted in London, 1659. † BM

Evans, 51. No copy of the Massachusetts imprint is known. The London reprint is taken for the above title. It is reproduced in Proceedings, XLII. 203. A second issue is noted in 1660, infra.


1660 Eliot, JOHN. 21. Christiane OOnoowae Sampoowaonk. | A Christian Covenanting Confession; (Cambridge, Printed by Samuel Green, 166–.]

The only known copy is in the library of the University of Edinburgh. It is reproduced in Eliot's Indian Primer of 1669, issued by Dr. John Small in 1880, and in Pilling, Bibliography of the Algonquian Languages, 132. Evans, 58. See under 1670, infra. HARVARD COLLEGE. 22. Quaestiones. (Cambridge: Printed by Samuel Green, 1660.]

HC Evans, 59. 23. A true Relation of the Proceedings against certain Quakers, at the generall Court of the Massachusets holden

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