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1684 94. Advertisement (of a runaway servant, Matthew Jones, the property of Hannah Bosworth, of Hull.) Dated March 6, 1683.

MHS HARVARD COLLEGE. 95. Quaestiones.

нс Evans, 361. MASSACHUSETTS BAY, COLONY. 96. (Colony seal.] At a | General Court | on Adjournment, held at Boston | Feb. 13 1683/4. (An order for encouraging buildings of brick and stone.) (Cambridge: Printed by Samuel Green. 1684.)

BA Reproduced in Whitmore's reprint of the General Laws and Liberties, 1672, 309. Evans, 365.

1685 97. Bond.

Archives, XL. 529. The varieties of this form are too many to be noted. The earliest example of a bond or recognizance in the files of the Supreme Judicial Court is dated 1688. HARVARD COLLEGE. 98. Catalogus.

No copy has been located. LANE. 99. The London Gazette: | Published by Authority. | From Thursday February 5th to Monday February 9 1684 (On the death of Charles II.) Colophon: Printed by Thomas Newcomb in the Savoy, 1684. And Reprinted at Boston in NewEngland, by Samuel Green, 1685.

MHS The text is reprinted in 1 Proceedings, XIII. 105. Evans, 388. MASSACHUSETTS BAY, COLONY. 100. [Colony seal.] At a General Court | Held at Boston, January 28, 1684. (Amending the law for building with brick and stone.) (Cambridge: Printed by Samuel Green. 1684.] BA

Reproduced in Whitmore's reprint of the General Laws and Liberties, 1672, 327. Evans, 364. 101. (Colony seal.] The Governovr and Company of the Massachusetts Bay in New-England. At a General Court | Held at Boston, by Adjournment from the 28th of January | to the 18th of March, 1684.

BPL An explanation of the Law about Conveyances. 2 Proceedings, XVII. 33. Whitmore did not know of this broadside and he prints the text in his reprint of the General Laws and Liberties, 1672, 353, in a form of two pages which he believed to be necessary to complete the supplement.



102. (Colony seal.] By the Governour and Council | Assembled at Boston the 2d. of April, 1685. (Forbidding intercourse with a vessel cruising in the neighborhood, believed to have been taken by pirates.) (Cambridge: Printed by Samuel Green. 1685.

Reproduced in Whitmore's reprint of the General Laws and Liberties, 1672, 355. Evans, 391.

1686 103. Advertisement | Forasmuch as by His Majesty's Gracious Care, His imme- | diate Goverment is now Settled, and such Regulations | like to be speedily made in the Narraganset Countrey or | Kings-Province ... (Calling a meeting of proprietors.) Dated, Boston, June 9, 1686.

2 Proceedings, ix. 469. HARVARD COLLEGE. 104. Theses.

HC Evans, 406. MASSACHUSETTS BAY, COLONY. 105. (Colony seal.] A Proclamation By the President and Council of his Majestiy's Territory and Dominion of NewEngland in America whereas we have received from His most Excellent Majesty our Sovereign Lord James the Second ... The Exemplification of a Judgment in His High Court of Chancery . . . against the Governour and Company of the Massachusetts Bay in New England . . . Dated, May 25, 1686. (Boston: Printed by Richard Pierce, 1686.) 106. (Colony seal.] A | Proclamation | By the President and Council of His Majestiys Territory and Dominion of NewEngland in America. Dated, May 28, 1686. (Announcing that a President and Council had been constituted over NewEngland and the appointment of Joseph Dudley, governor.) Boston, in N. E. Printed by Richard Pierce, Printer to the Honourable his Majesties President and Council of this Government.

2 Proceedings, ix. 471. Evans, 409. 107. (Colony seal.] A Proclamation | by the President and Council | for the Orderly Solemnization of Marriage. Dated, May 29, 1686. Boston. Printed by Richard Pierce, Printer to the Honourable His Majesty's | President & Council of this His Majesties Teritory & Dominion of N-England.

2 Proceedings, IX. 472. Evans, 411.



108. By the President and Council of his Majesties Territory and Dominion of New England in America. (Notice of a court in the Narragansett Country.) Dated, June 8, 1686. Boston. Printed by Richard Pierce, Printer to the Honourable His Ma- | jesty's President & Council in this His Territory and Do- minion of New-England.

MHS The text is given in 5 Collections, ix. 152. Evans, 410. 109. The General Courts Answer to | Joseph Dudley Esqr &c. | This was pass'd by the whole Court, nemine non consentiente. (Refusing assent to his commission as governor.) (Boston: Printed by Richard Pierce. 1686.]

† MA Archives, CCXLII. 334. Evans, 412.

110. An Elegiack Tribute to the Sacred Dust of the Reverend
and Worthy | Mr. Seaborn Cotton | Pastour of the Church of
Christ at Hampton in New-England: who was discharged |
from his Work and Office, to be admitted into Heaven, April
20th 1686. (Boston: Printed by Samuel Green.)

MHS 2 Proceedings, ix. 470. Evans, 420.

1687 COTTON, JOHN. 111. Upon the Death of that Aged, Pious, Sincere-hearted Christian, John Alden Esq: Late Magistrate of New-Plimouth Colony, who dyed Sept. 12th, 1687, | being about eighty nine years of age.

BA. MHS It may have been printed in 1714 (Proceedings, XLI. 208) and it was reprinted, in 1806, by Timothy Alden, Jun. Evans, 426.

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112. Quaestiones. (Boston: Printed by Samuel Green.]

Evans, 428.


113. Theses.

HC 2 Proceedings, xvII. 58. They are reproduced in Am. Antiq. Soc., Proceedings, October, 1914, 282.

114. An Elegiack verse, on the Death of the Pious and Pro-
found Grammarian and Rhetorician, Mr. Elijah Corlet, School-
master of Cambridge, who Deceased Anno Aetatis 77, Feb.
24, 1687.


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Br The PRESIDENT and COUNCILOf His Majestiy's Territory & Dominion of NEW-ENGLAND in AMERICA


HERE AS His Moft Excellent Majesty our Soveraign LORD J AMES the Second, King of England, Scotland, France

and Ireland, Defender of the Faith &c. by COMMISSION or Letters Patents under His Great Seal of England, bear.

ing Date the Eight day of Ollober in the first of His Reigr hath been graciously pleased to erect and conItitute a PRESIDENT and COUNCIL to take care of all obat His Territory and Dominion of Nro.Ergland called the Musachusets Bay, the Provinces of New Hampshire & Main, and the Narragar

set Countrey, otherwise called the King's

. Province, with all the bands, Rights and Members thereunto appertaining; and to Order Rule and GOVERN the fame according to the Rules, Methods and Regulations specified in the said Commision: Together with His Majesties Gracious Indulgence in matters of

And for the Execution of His Royal pleasurc in that behalf, His Majesty hath been pleased to appoint Joseb Dailm Esq to be the firit PRESIDENT of His Majestics raid Cousui, & VICE-ADMIRAL of these Seas. And to Continue in the said Offices until his Ma. jelly fhall otherwise direct, & also to nominate & appoint kliiliam Stoughton, Esq: now Depury-Freidest, Soron Bradstreet, Robert M.:fi,

John Fitz-Jitsyreje, John Pynckor, Poer Buliley, E dr.urd Randolph, LP ait birthrope, Richard if srion, Joina Uffier, Nathaniel Saltomial, Barebodaev GidhejJonathan Tyag, Dudley Braajtreer, Juan Hinks, and Edward Tyng, Efq's: 40, bc His Majelties Comcil in the said Colony and Torirgries.

The President & Council therefore being convened and haring according to the Direction & Form of the said CommiTon, taken their Oathes and Entered the GOVERNMENT aforesaid ; and funing ic needsul, that speedy & eitectual Care be taken for the Observas. on of His Majestics Commands, and particularly for the Regulation and good Government of the Narraganfer Country or Kings.Pise ace, which hath hitherto been inciled. They the laid President & Council have resolved speedily to erect and senide a constant Court of Record upon the place; and that the President, Drçuey, fresne, or some others of the Members of His Majestics Council fall be present to gire all necessary power and Directions for Ijteklifing His Majelties Government there, and Administration of Justice to

Ai His Majestics Subjects within the said Nurraganfet Courirey or kings-frovince, and all the islands, Rights, and Members thereof. And the said Profident & Comarcia bare in the interini aligned Richard Sirith Esq: James Pendieron, and John Feres Gentlemen, Justices to keep the peace of our Soveraign Lord the KING and all lis Subjects: And alfo giren Commission to the said Richard Smith to be Sergeant Major, and Chict Commander of His Majesties Miluja, hoch of Borse & Foot within the Narrag anset Courrey or Province, and all the INands Rights and Members thereof. THEREFORE the said Presiden & Courcil doe hereby in His Majestics Name and by virtue of His said Commission fridly Rcquire & Command all other persons being or coming upon the place, to for bear the Excercise of all manner of Jurisdiction, Authority, and Power, and to cease all further Proceedings for the Allotments or Divisions of Land, or making any Smp or Waste upon any part of the said Province, save only on each man's Jared Propriety, except by Licence obtained from the said Court, or the President & Council, until there shall be such effactual Regulation and Government cltablished as is directed by His Majesty. And the said President & Couneil doe hereby henceforth discharge all His Majesties Subjects within the said Narraganles Countrey or Kings Province and all the lands, Rights & Members thercof from ihe Government of the Governom & como pary of Connecticut & Rhode Island and Providence Plantation, & all others pretending any Powet or Jurisdiction. Hereby Charging & Commanding all His Majefties Subjects to yeild ready & due Obelsence to the said Yuffices of the Peace, the Sergeant Major or Cheil Commander of His Majestics Militia. And George Weighrman, Thomas Eldridge, Thomas Monford and Wikiam Chaplin are hereby appointed & authorized present Constables: and Liberey given to the aforesaid Justices to appoint lo many more as they shall see needful to therr, and to adminiiter Oathes unto the aforesaid Conftables & such as are to be Ordeined. And all other persons are to be aiding & affiftseg unto them the said Justices and Constables in the Execution and Discharge of their respective Olaces, Charges and Trusts, as they will answer the contrary at their utmost Peril. Given from ile Council-house in Boston Ibis 2866 Day of Mary Anno Domini 1686. Amog: Regni Regis Jacobi Secundi fecwdo.

By the President and Council, Edwad Rudolpho Scar:

GOD SAVE THE KING BOSTON, : N. E. Printed by Richard Pierce, Printer to the Honourable His Majeflies President and Council of this Government.

No. 106.

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