American Annals of Education and Instruction, Volumen7

Allen & Ticknor, 1837

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Página 384 - Legislature of all its doings, with such observations as experience and reflection may suggest, upon the condition and efficiency of our system of popular education, and the most practicable means of improving and, extending it.' The Board in their address, proceed to state that they are anxious to> discharge their duty faithfully,
Página 11 - know that education has really begun, and that it is not merely* superficial. 4. He required close attention and constant reference to the] peculiarities of every child, and of each sex, as well as to the characteristics of the people among whom he lived, in order that he might acquire the development and qualifications
Página 543 - In proportion to the delicacy of the child, the diet will, in general, require to be mild. There is no greater error in the management of children than that of giving them animal diet very early. By persevering in the use of an over-stimulating diet, the digestive organs become irritated, and the various 45*
Página 384 - to collect information of the actual condition and efficiency of the Common Schools and other means of popular education ; and diffuse as widely as possible, throughout the Commonwealth, information of the most approved and successful methods of arranging the studies and conducting the Education of* the Young , — and it was also made the duty of the Board of Education, annually, to make a detailed report to the
Página 255 - M. Who first discovered the passage to the East Indies by the Cape of Good Hope ? S. Ptolemy Philadelphus, who sent out an expedition for that purpose. M.
Página 342 - the Derivative Words in the English Language ; Or a Key to their precise Analytic Definitions, by Prefixes and Suffixes. Designed to furnish an easy and expeditious method of acquiring a knowledge of derivative words, from a knowledge of their component parts. By Salem
Página 13 - DEFECTS OF THE PESTALOZZIAN SYSTEM. But with all the excellences of the system of education adopted by Pestalozzi, truth requires us to state that it also involves serious defects, which are not sufficiently noticed by the writer before us. 1. In his zeal for the improvement of the mind itself, and for
Página 13 - 14. Pestalozzi attached as much importance to the cultivation of the bodily powers, and the exercise of the senses, as the Philanthropinists, and in his publications, pointed out a graduated course for this purpose. But as Gutsmuths, Vieth, Jahn, and Clias treated this subject very fully, nothing farther was written concerning it by his immediate followers.
Página 334 - are those which are the fruit of patient industry. No period seems less propitious to the promotion of those interests than that season of delusive prosperity in which multitudes are tempted by a few instances of wealth suddenly acquired, to lay aside their accustomed avocations, and embark in the precarious pursuit of a fortune.
Página 343 - Revised and enlarged, and adapted to Paxton's Illustrations, with Notes, Selected and Original, Biographical Notices, and a Vocabulary of Scientific Terms. By the Rev. Charles Henry Alden, AM, Principal of the Philadelphia High School for young ladies. Second Edition, revised. Boston : Gould, Kendall and Lincoln,

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