The Fasti, Tristia, Pontic epistles ... (The Metamorphoses. The Heroides ... the Amours ... and minor works) of Ovid, tr. into Engl. prose, with notes, by H.T. Riley, Volumen2


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Página 21 - All the fountains of the great deep were broken up, and the windows of heaven were opened.
Página 32 - Not half fo fwift the trembling doves can fly. When the fierce eagle cleaves the liquid fky ; Not Jialf fo fwiftly the fierce eagle moves, When thro...
Página 233 - carchesium ' was a kind of drinking cup, used by the Greeks from very early times. It was slightly contracted in the middle, and its two handles extended from the top to the bottom.
Página 378 - Thammuz yearly wounded ; and to be a Phoenician personification of the sun, who during a part of the year is absent, or as the legend expresses it, with the goddess of the under- world ; during the remainder with Astarte, the regent of heaven.
Página 380 - For further information on this subject, the reader is referred to the article
Página 380 - Doomed to die.] — Ver. 26. The Romans were wont to exhibit shows of hunting in the amphitheatre in the morning ; and at mid-day the gladiatorial spectacles commenced. The ' arena' was the name given to the central open space, which derived its name from the sand with which it was covered, chiefly for the purpose of absorbing the blood of the wild beasts and of the combatants. Caligula, Nero, and Carus showed their extravagant disposition by using cinnabar and borax instead of sand. In the earlier...
Página 32 - When the fierce eagle cleaves the liquid sky; Not half so swiftly the fierce eagle moves, When through the clouds he drives the trembling doves; As from the god she flew with furious pace, Or as the god, more furious, urg'd the chase.
Página 59 - But his wretched father had hidden his face, overcast with bitter sorrow, and, if only we can believe it, they say that one day passed without the sun. The flames afforded light ; and so far, there was some advantage in that disaster. But Clymene, after she had said whatever things were to be said amid misfortunes so great, traversed the whole earth, full of woe, and distracted, and tearing her bosom.
Página 7 - Over these he placed the firmament, clear and devoid of gravity, and not containing anything of the dregs of earth. Scarcely had he separated all these by fixed limits, when the stars, which had long lain hid, concealed beneath that mass of Chaos, began to glow through the range of the heavens. And that no region might be destitute of its own peculiar animated beings, the stars and the forms of the...
Página 57 - Delos as though with a circle, whence their name. her neck, and placed her hands to her forehead, and shaking all things with a vast trembling, she sank down a little, and retired below the spot where she is wont to be, and thus she spoke, with a parched voice : " O sovereign of the Gods, if thou approvest of this, if I have deserved it, why do thy lightnings linger...

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