No Place But Up: Climbing Back to Victory from Life Challenges

AuthorHouse, 2004
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"No place but Up" is a book of encouragement to those who have fallen into a life style of sin, and have made mistakes and have fallen away from God or who have never pursued a relationship with the Lord of Lord and King of Kings and believe (erroneously) that they can never get up or come up out of the muck and mire of their despair. This book is encouragement and confirmation that there is life after failure and hope for the hopeless. You will learn that just because you fell down doesn't mean you have to stay down. You will discover that there really is more to life than the life you have known and will come to realize the pitfalls of becoming stuck looking backwards. The goal of this book is to tear down the myths of "once a failure always a failure," it simply is not true. Falling down happens to all of us at some point in our lives, the victory is in the getting up.

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