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1776 BOSTON, Schooner. Guns, 8, and 12 swivels; Men, 50.

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Bonders: Silas Atkins, jr., Henry Bass, and John Bradford.

Owners: Henry Bass & Co., of Boston.

Witnesses: Jona[than] Foster, Jona[than] Brown.
M. A., v, 94, 165, 116.

1776 BOSTON, Ship. Tons, 400; Guns, 22; Men, 210. Commander: William Brown.

Sept. 24

Bond: Continental, $10,000.

Bonders: William Brown, mariner, of Lincoln (Middlesex
Co.); James Swan and Elias Parkman, merchants of

Owners: Paul Dudley Sargent and others, of Boston.
Witnesses: Elias Warner, Eben[ezer] Prout.

M. A., v, 100, 159, 60, 83, 95, 121, 165, 271, 210, 176;
Independent Chronicle, Mar. 6, 1777: "Captain
Brown, in the Privateer Boston, of this Port, has
taken and sent into North Carolina a Ship and
Schooner from Guinea with Negroes, bound to the
West Indies; many of the poor Slaves perished soon
after their arrival." Boston Gazette, Mar. 31, 1777:
"Tuesday the privateer ship Boston, commanded by
Capt. John Brown, returned into port; during her
cruize she has taken six prizes, all of which are ar-
rived in safe ports." [In the prize list published in the
Gazette of Apr. 7, the captain's name is given as
William Brown.]

1780 BOSTON. Guns, 18.

1781 July 6

Commander: Emanuel Smith.

London Chronicle, Sept. 2, 1780: "An American privateer of 18 guns, six and nine pounders, called the Boston frigate and commanded by Emanuel Smith is taken on the Banks of Newfoundland, after half an hour's engagement, by the Dolphin privateer of Guernsey and carried into St. John's."

BOSTON PACKET, Brigantine. Guns, 6; Men, 15.
Commander: William White, of Boston.
C. C. 196, 11, 46.

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1781 Aug. 3

BOSTON PACKET, Brig. Tons, 90; Guns, 6; Men, 15.
Commander: John Young.

Petitioners: Codman & Smith, of Boston.
M. A., 171, 440.

1775 BOSTON REVENGE, Armed Vessel (schooner). Tons, 32.
Commander: Stephen Mascoll.

Dec. 7

Bond: £5000.

Bonders: Stephen Mascoll, mariner of Salem, principal;
Thomas Adams, mariner, late of Boston, now of Salem,
and William Shattuck, merchant, late of Boston, now of
Newtown, sureties.

Bound to "the treasurer and receiver general of the
colony aforesaid."

Owners: Not stated.

Witnesses: John Pickering, jr., Tim[othy] Pickering, jr.

Note. This is believed to have been the first privateer bond issued in Massachusetts during the Revolution.

M. A., vii, 48, 164, 212, 209, 53 (Apr. 22, 1776).

1778 BOWDOIN, Sloop. Guns, 8, and 9 swivels; Men, 45. Commander: Thomas Stevens.

July 2

Bond: Continental, $5000; State, £4000.

Bonders: Thomas Stevens, principal; William West and
Samuel Williams, of Salem, sureties.

Owners: Samuel Williams and others.

Witness: D[aniel] Hopkins.

M. A., v, 79, 80, 168, 399.

1782 BOWDOIN, Ship. Guns, 12; Men, 60. Commander: Peter Shorey.

Essex Institute, Miscellaneous Ship Papers.

1783 BRANDYWINE, Brig. Guns, 6; Men, 30. Commander:

Essex Institute, Miscellaneous Ship Papers.

1778 BREDENOT. Guns, 16; Men, 140.

Commander: John Stevens, of Salem.
London Chronicle, June 16, 1778: "The Bredenot priva-
teer, of Salem, mounting 16 guns and 140 men, John
Stevens master, was taken off Bermudas by two
armed transports, which two days after were at-

tacked by four American privateers of 14, 18, and two of 26 guns each, and which, after an engagement of six hours, took the two transports, with the Bredenot, and proceeded with them to America."

1779 BRILLIANT, Brigantine. Guns, 10; Men, 30. Commander: Samuel Waters.

Sept. 4

Bond: Continental, $10,000; State, £4000.

Bonders: Sam[ue]l Water [signed Waters], principal;
Peter Aldoph and James Macduff, of Boston, sureties.
Owner: James Macduff.

Witness: John] Dall.

M. A., v, 52, 53, 170, 352.

1781 BRUTUS, Ship. Tons, 206; Guns, 20; Men, 120.
July 10 Commander: William Cole [Coles?].

Petitioners: George Williams and others, of Salem.
Note. Called Junius Brutus in the endorsement and
in the Council Records.

M. A., 171, 427; C. C. 196, 11, 49.

1781 BUCCANEER, Ship. Guns, 18; Men, 150.

July 30

Mar. 27

Commander: Hoysted Hacker, of Providence, R. I.
Owners: John and Andrew Cabot, of Beverly.
C. C. 196, 11, 51; M. A., 171, 439.

1782 BUCCANEER, Ship. Guns, 18; Men, 120.
Commander: Jesse Fearson, of Boston.
Owners: Andrew Cabot and others, of Beverly.
C. C. 196, 11, 50; M. A., 172, 126; Boston Gazette, Jan.
6, 1783: "The privateer ships Buccanier, Revolution
[Resolution], and Cicero, belonging to Beverly and
commanded by Captains Ferson, Webb, and Hill,
have carried into France eight or nine sail of Jamaica

1777 BUCKRAM, Schooner. Guns, 8; Men, 45.

Apr. 25

Commander: William Morony.

Bond: Continental, $5000.

Bonders: William Marony [signed Morony], principal
Thomas Adams, and Paul Dudley Sargent, all of Bos-


Owners: Thomas Adams and others.

Witness: Timothy Foster.

M. A., v, 88, 139, 109, 166, 366.

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