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Owners: Eph[rai]m Spooner and Willia]m Watson, of

Witness: Jno. Avery.

M. A., v, 9, 12, 167, 242.

1777 AMERICA, Sloop. Guns, 8; Men, 35.

Dec. 4

Commander: Nathaniel Coit Webb.

Bond: Continental, $5000; State, £500.

Bonders: Nathaniel Coit Webb, of Salem, principal; Maj. James Swan and Capt. Silas Atkins, of Boston, sureties.

Owners: James Swan and others.

Witnesses: William Coleman, John Lowell.
M. A., v, 1, 2, 167, 399.

1777 AMERICA, Brigantine. Guns, 16; Men, 80. Commander: John Allen Hallet.

Dec. 24

Bond: Continental, $10,000; State, £500.

Bonders: John Allen Hallet, of Boston, principal; Thomas
Harris and David Devens, of Boston, sureties.

Owners: Thomas Harris and David Devens.

Witness: Willia]m Baker, jr.

M. A., v, 14, 15, 139, 154, 168, 113.

1778 AMERICA, Brigantine. Tons, 120; Guns, 16, and 14 swivels; Men, 80.

Aug. 28

Commander: Nicholas Bartlett, jr.

Bond: Continental, $10,000; State, £4000.

Bonders: Nicholas] Bartlett, jr., mariner, principal;
Thomas and Jona[than] Harris, sureties.

Owners: John Thomas, Jonathan Harris, David Devens,
and others, of Boston.

Witnesses: Nicho[las] Lobdell, David Devens.

M. A., v, 16, 17, 139, 209, 169, 112.

1779 AMERICA, Brigantine. Guns, 6; Men, 18. Commander: Daniel McNeill.

Apr. 22

Bond: Continental, $5,000; State, £4000.

Bonders: Daniel McNeill, mariner, principal; John Larkin and Tho[ma]s Harris, of Boston, sureties.

Owners: John Larkin and others.

Witnesses: Matt[he]w Clark, Isaac Townsend.
M. A., v, 20, 23, 170, 62.

1779 AMERICA, Ship. Guns, 14; Men, 40.

Sept. 8

Commander: Anthony Shoemaker.

Bond: Continental, $10,000; State, £4000.

Bonders: Anthony Shoemaker, mariner, principal; Samuel
Broome and Jos[eph] Head, of Boston, sureties.
Owners: Samuel Broome and others.

Witnesses: John Trumbull, John Frazier.
M. A., v, 39, 40, 170, 381.

1779 AMERICA, Brigantine. Guns, 8; Men, 25.
Commander: Isaiah Simmons.

Nov. 2

Bond: Continental, $5000; State, £4000.

Bonders: Isaiah Simmons, mariner, principal; Thomas
Harris and Jonathan Harris, of Boston, sureties.
Owners: Thomas Harris and others.

Witnesses: Benj[amin] Goodwin, Isaac Townsend.
M. A., v, 3, 4, 171, 6.

1780 AMERICA, Ship.

June 9

Commander: John Somes.

M. A., XL, 57; Boston Gazette, Sept. 4, 1780. 1780 AMERICA, Ship. Guns, 20; Men, 100.

Oct. 12

Commander: William Coffin, of Newburyport.
Owners: John Coffin Jones and others, of Boston.
C. C. 196, 1, 52; M. A., xL, 58, 171, 291.
1780 AMERICA, Schooner. Guns, 8; Men, 80.
Commander: George Williams.

Essex Institute, Miscellaneous Ship Papers.

1777 AMERICAN, Sloop. Guns, 10; Men, 55. Commander: John Atwood.

May 3

Bond: Continental, $5000.

Bonders: John Atwood, mariner of Eastham, Stephen
Sampson, of Plymouth, and Sam[ue]l A[llyne] Otis, of

Owners: Stephen Sampson and others.

Witnesses: Nath[anie]l Leonard, Seth Loring.

M. A., v, 11, 166, 380.

1778 AMERICAN, Sloop. Guns, 12; Men, 60.

May 26

Commander: Samuel Avery.

Bond: Continental, $5000; State, £4000.

Bonders: Samuel Avery, principal; Sam[ue]l Jackson and



Owners: Samuel Jackson and others, of Boston.




Signers: Sam[ue]l Avery, Jonathan Waldron, Rob[er]t

Witnesses: William Baker (Continental), Sam[ue]l Dash-
wood (State), James Carter (both).

Note. In the petition the name of the vessel is
America and Jackson's residence is Plymouth.
M. A., v, 35, 36, 168, 333.

1782 AMERICAN, Ship. Guns, 16; Men, 60.

July 9

Commander: Robert Caldwell, of Boston.
Owners: John Donnaldson & Co., Philadelphia.
C. C. 196, 1, 51.

1782 AMERICAN HERO, Ship. Guns, 16; Men, 25.
Commander: William Fairfield, of Salem.

Apr. 27

Note. This vessel was sometimes called Hero.
C. C. 196, 1, 54; M. A., 172, 142.

1779 AMERICAN REVENUE, Sloop. Guns, 12; Men, 60.
Commander: William Jaggar.

Sept. 13

Bond: Continental, $5000; State, £4000.

Bonders: William Jaggar, mariner, principal; Sam[ue]l
Broome and Thomas Lamb, of Boston, sureties.
Owner: Samuel Broome.

Witnesses: John Frazier, Thomas Hunt.

M. A., VII, 17, 18, 170, 395.

1776 AMERICAN TARTAR, Ship. Guns, 24; Men, 150. Commander: John Grimes.

Nov. 29

Bond: Continental, $10,000.

Bonders: John Grimes, principal; John Dean and Mungo
Mackay, sureties all of Boston.

Owners: John Dean, Jos[eph] Barrell, and others.
Witnesses: David Cobb, Joseph Barrell.

M. A., vII, 49, 139, 101, 131, 159, 146, 166, 67; Wil-
liams, History of Liverpool Privateers, 205 (quoting
a Liverpool newspaper): The ship Pole of Liverpool,
at sea on July 12, 1777, "fell in with the [American]
Tartar, a rebel privateer. . . . She bore down on the
Pole under English colours, enquired from whence
she came and whether she was a King's ship. Being
answered in the affirmative, the captain gave orders
to hoist the Thirteen Stripes and fire away, on which
the engagement began and continued from five until
about twenty minutes past eight, when the privateer
sheered off."


Commander: David Porter, of Boston.

Note. Doubtless the same as the Tartar (Oct. 18, 1779).

M. A., 159, 301 (The American Tartar captured the
ship Wallace March 9, 1780, and brought her into
Boston the next day. Mungo Mackay appeared in
the Maritime Court March 14, in behalf of Captain

1782 AMIABLE EUNICE, Brigantine. Guns, 6; Men, 14.
Apr. 29
Commander: William Pearson, of Newburyport.
Owners: Daniel Bell and others, of Boston.
C. C. 196, 1, 59; M. A., 172, 143.

1779 AMSTERDAM, Brigantine. Guns, 10; Men, 30.
Commander: James Magee.

May 13

Bond: Continental, $10,000; State, £4000.

Bonders: James Magee, principal; Leonard Jarvis and
Paschal N[elson] Smith, of Boston, sureties.

Owners: Paschal N. Smith and Isaac Sears.

Witnesses: Daniel Denison Rogers, James Thwing, jr.
M. A., v, 33, 34, 170, 93.

[blocks in formation]

Petitioners: Isaac Sears and Paschal N[elson] Smith.
M. A., Council Records; Boston Gazette, Nov. 12, 1781:
"Last week arrived a cartel schooner from Penobscot,
in which came Capt. Magee, officers and crew of the
Amsterdam, who inform they were captured the 19th
ult. by the Amphitrite frigate, Capt. Biggs, and car-
ried into Penobscot, where they received from Capt.
Biggs and officers the greatest civility and generos-

1778 ANGELICA, Ship. Guns, 16; Men, 98.


Gentleman's Magazine, XLVIII (1778), 330: “The Andromeda, in which ship General Howe came passenger [arriving at Portsmouth July 2, 1778], in her way home fell in with and took the Angelica privateer, from Boston, mounting sixteen guns, six pounders, and 98 men, and, after taking out the hands, set the ship on fire."

[blocks in formation]

Bonders: Adam Babcock and William] Dennis, of Boston.
Owners: Adam Babcock and others.

Witnesses: Jno. Furnass, J[ohn] M. Furnass.

M. A., 139, 181 (Bond not to enlist “any Inhabitant of any of the New England States, other than the State of the Massachusetts Bay").

1778 ANN, Brigantine.

May 20

Commander: James Magee.

Bond: State, £2000.

Bonders: Isaac Sears, merchant, "the major part of the owners," and John [signed James] Magee, both of Bos


Witnesses: Willia]m Gardiner, Henry Alline, jr.

M. A., 139, 182 (Bond not to enlist any man in New
England outside of Massachusetts).

1781 ANTELOPE, Brigantine. Guns, 10; Men, 18.

Oct. 29

Commander: Thomas Clouston, of Newburyport.
C. C. 196, 1, 67.

1782 ANTELOPE, Ship. Guns, 8; Men, 16.

Feb. 6

Commander: Edward Fettyplace, of Newburyport.
C. C. 196, 1, 68; M. A., 172, 96.

1782 ANTI SMUGGLER, Galley. Guns, small arms; Men, 18.
Commander: John Percival, of Barnstable.

Aug. 7


Oct. 2

Owners: Nathaniel Freeman and others, of Sandwich.
C. C. 196, 1, 71; Maritime Court Records, 78; Sum-
ner's Notes of Evidence (Mass. Hist. Soc. MS.), 1, 239.

APOLLO, Ship. Guns, 10; Men, 20.

Commander: Henry Skinner, of Boston.

C. C. 196, 1, 76; M. A., 171, 286.

1782 APOLLO, Ship. Guns, 10; Men, 25.

Jan. 14

Commander: Bradbury Sanders, of Cape Ann.
Owners: Thomas Dennie [Denney] and others, of Boston.
C. C. 196, 1, 75; M. A., 172, 92.

1782 APOLLO, Ship. Guns, 6; Men, 25.

Dec. 13

Commander: Alexander Mackay, of Boston.
C. C. 196, 1, 74; M. A., 172, 258.

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