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1781 REVENGE, Sloop. Guns, 4; Men, 12.
Dec. I

Commander: Robert Adamson, of Boston.
C. C. 196, XIII, 21; M. A., 172, 77.

1781 REVENGE, Brigantine. Guns, 8; Men, 25.
Commander: Nathan Poor, of Newburyport.
C. C. 196, XIII, 32; M. A., 172, 83.

Dec. 14

1782 REVENGE, Sloop. Guns, 4; Men, 10. Aug. 31

1783 Feb. 8


Commander: Isaiah Simmons, of Boston.
C. C. 196, XIII, 36; Boston Gazette, Jan. 27, 1783: “On
the 6th of November last the sloop Revenge, Capt.
Simmons, from Port au Prince for Boston, was taken
by a privateer out of St. Augustine.

REVENGE, Brig. Guns, 8; Men, 30.

Commander: Amos Potter, of Boston. C. C. 196, XIII, 33; M. A., 172, 291. 1779 REVENUE, Schooner. Guns, 6; Men, 30. Commander: Samuel Masury.

May 17

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Bond: Continental, $5000; State, £4000.

Bonders: Samuel Masury, principal; Nathaniel Silsbee
and Jonathan Ingersoll, of Salem, sureties.
Owners: Nathaniel Silsbee and Jonathan Ingersoll.
Witnesses: Joseph Grafton, David Felt.

M. A., vi, 346, 348, 170, 139.

1781 REVOLT, Brig. Guns, 8; Men, 20.

Oct. 29

Commander: Henry Phelps, of Salem.

C. C. 196, XIII, 38; M. A., 172, 56; Felt, 11, 273; Salem
Gazette, Apr. 4, 1782 (See Exchange, Capt. Forrester).

1782 REVOLUTION, Schooner. Guns, 8; Men, 20.

Dec. 6

Commander: Joseph Trask.

Owners: Robert Leach [Leech] and others, of Salem.
C. C. 196, XIII, 41; M. A., 172, 250.

1778 RHODA, Brig. Guns, 6; Men, 12.

Jan. 14

Commander: Samuel Dugard.

Bond: Continental, $10,000; State, £500.

Bonders: Samuel Dugard, mariner, principal; Mark Lafitte and Stephen Higginson, merchants, sureties — all of Salem.

Owner: Mark Lafitte.

Witnesses: Nathaniel Ropes, W. Prosser.

M. A., VII, 19, 20, 168, 144.

1780 RHODES, Ship. Tons, 220; Guns, 20; Men, 120. Commander: Nehemiah Buffinton.

July 21

Bond: Continental, $10,000; State, £4000.

Bonders: Nehemiah Buffinton, mariner, principal; Aaron
Wait and Benjamin Goodhue, merchants, sureties
all of Salem.

Owners: William Shillaber and others, of Salem.
Witnesses: George Osborn, John Simonds.

Note. These bonds seem to have found their way from

the State Archives to the Court House at Boston. Court Files, 102721; M. A., XL, 67, 171, 201 (July 29, 1780. Petition of William Shillaber, Benjamin Goodhue, jr., John Tucker, and Robert Goodhue, of Salem, requesting that the ship Rhodes be allowed to sail, notwithstanding the embargo. Granted, on condition that the ship cruise in search of the second division of the French fleet, expected on the coast, and give the French admiral information of the strength of the British fleet off Newport); Mar. Court Rec., 35; Boston Gazette, Nov. 13, 1780; ibid., Mar. 12, 1781: "Last Wednesday se'nnight arrived at Salem the Brigantine Prize to the Privateer Ship Rhodes of that Port, John Buffington, Commander." (The prize list in a later issue of the Gazette gives the captain's name Nehemiah); ibid., Sept. 10, 1781: "Friday last the Rhodes returned into Port with a Prize Ship of 18 Guns in Ballast. She was an empty transport bound Home in concert with another Ship of the same Force, which the Rhodes also engaged at the same Time, but in manning the Prize the other got off." Ibid., Apr. 22, 1782 (See ship Mohawk).

1776 RISING EMPIRE, Brigantine.

June 22

Commander: Richard Whellen.
Bond: State, £2000.

Bonders: Richard Welden [signed Whellen], of Edgar-
town, Walter Spooner, of Dartmouth, and Thomas
Durfee, of Freetown.

Owners: "Belonging to the said Colony."

Witnesses: S. Holten, John Molineux.

Note. One of the first vessels built for the Massachusetts State Navy.

M. A., 139, 120.

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unnil ber Arrival there, and Cruise ended. To the true Performance of all and finguJar the Covenants contained in this Deed, I bind myself, my Heirs, Executors, and Adminiftrators, in the penal Sum of Pounds, Lawful Maney. Ja Witness whereof 1 have hereunto fet my Hand and Seal this 23 Day of Soft to in the Year of our LORD. One fo

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Mass. Hist. Soc., Nathan Dane Papers, Sept. 23, 1780: Assignment of "one Quarter of a Seaman's Share of all the Prizes or Plunder that may be taken by the aforesaid armed Slupe called the Rising Star, commanded by Capn Rowel of Salem in Consideration of the Sum of Two hundred and fifty Pounds Lawful Money."

1776 RISING STATES, Brigantine. Tons, 210; Guns, 20; Men, 100. Commander: James Thompson.

Oct. 18

Bond: Continental, $10,000.

Bonders: James Thompson, principal; William Davis and
Samuel Alyne [Allyne] Otis, merchants of Boston,


Owners: William Davis, Philip Moore, and others, of

Witnesses: Samuel Freeman, Sleur [?] Riedet [?].

M. A., vII, 46, 165, 365, 166, 101; N. E. Hist. and Gen.
Reg., July, 1876.

1777 RISING SUN. Guns, 16.


London Chronicle, Apr. 10, 1777 (See Prosperous).

1779 RIVAL, Snow. Guns, 8; Men, 25.

Dec. 26

Commander: William Ross.

Bond: Continental, $10,000; State, £4000.

Bonders: William Ross, principal; George Dodge, r.,
and Stephen Bruce, of Salem and Boston, sureties.
Owner: George Dodge, jr., of Salem.

Witnesses: William Clough, John M. Lovell.
M. A., vi, 357, 358, 171, 49.

1779 ROBIN, Brigantine. Guns, 4; Men, 15. Commander: Edmund Davis.

Nov. 5

Bond: Continental, $5000; State, £4000.

Bonders: Edmund Davis, mariner, John R. Livingston

and James Swan-all of Boston.

Owner: John R. Livingston.

Witnesses: Edmund Dunkin, Thornton Barrett.

M. A., vi, 270, 271, 171, 14.

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