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1782 POLLY, Schooner. Tons, 50; Guns, 6; Men, 12.

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Petition signed by Thomas Saunders in behalf of Josiah
Orne and others of Salem.

M. A., 172, 257.

1779 POMONA,


London Chronicle, July 29, 1779: "Two American vessels
from Amsterdam, one the Pomona letter of marque
for Boston, . . . were taken by his Majesty's frigate

1780 POMONA, Sloop. Tons, 90; Guns, 10; Men, 12.
Apr. 6
Commander: Jonathan Mason, jr.

Petitioners: Jonathan Mason and others, of Salem.
M. A., 171, 125.

1778 POMPEY, Schooner. Guns, 4, and 16 swivels; Men, 40.
Commander: Silas Smith.

Apr. 14

Bond: Continental, $5000; State, £4000.

Bonders: Silas Smith, principal; William West and Samuel
Williams, of Salem, sureties.

Owners: William West and Samuel Williams.
Witness: D[aniel] Hopkins.

M. A., vi, 246, 249, 168, 249.

1781 POMPEY, Boat. Guns, small arms; Men, 10. Commander: William Thomas.

Sept. 3

Owners: Ebenezer May and others, of Boston.

Note. The name Jacob Flick appears on the petition as the commander of this boat, but is crossed out and the name William Thomas substituted. C. C. 196, XII, 2; M. A., 171, 467 (Aug. 23, 1781).

1782 POOLE, Ship. Guns, 12; Men, 65.


Essex Institute, Miscellaneous Ship Papers.

1782 POPPET, Schooner. Guns, 4; Men, 10.
Mar. II Commander: Thomas Barnard, of Boston.
C. C. 196, XII, 3; M. A., 172, 116.

1782 POPPET, Schooner.

Commander: Charles Cole.
Boston Gazette, May 27, 1782.

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1779 PORCUPINE, Schooner. Guns, 6; Men, 25. Commander: George Andrew.

Apr. 22

Bond: Continental, $5000; State, £4000.


Bonders: George Andrew, of Marblehead, principal;
Samuel Williams, of Salem, and Nathaniel Lindsay, of
Marblehead, sureties.

Owners: Samuel Williams, Nathaniel Lindsay, and others.
Witnesses: Rich[ar]d Horton [?], Thomas Doliber.
M. A., vi, 250, 253, 170, 65.

1779 PORCUPINE, Schooner. Guns, 2; Men, 55.
Commander: Samuel Carlton.

Aug. 31

Bond: Continental, $5000; State, £4000.

Bonders: Samuel Carlton, mariner, principal; John Fisk and John Norris, of Salem, sureties.

Owner: John Norris.

Witnesses: John Gardner, 3d, Samuel Waters.

M. A., vi, 237, 238, 170, 366.

1780 PORGA, Brigantine. Guns, 14; Men, 40.

Sept. 28

Commander: William Armstrong, of Newburyport.
Owner: Nehemiah Somes, of Boston.

C. C. 196, XII, 4; M. A., 171, 283.

1780 PORGEE, Brig.

Commander: Sylvanus Lowell.

Note. The vessel's name may be a mis-spelling of Porga. In Naval Records of the Revolution the name Lowell is spelled Loell.

Boston Gazette, July 17, 1780.

1781 PORT PACKET, Ship. Guns, 14; Men, 50.

June I

Commander: George Rapall, of Newburyport.
C. C. 196, XII, 9.

1781 PORT PACQUET, Ship. Guns, 12; Men, 30.
Commander: Ebenezer Stocker, of Newburyport.
C. C. 196, XII, 10.

Dec. 15

1781 PORT PACKET, Ship. Guns, 8; Men, 20. Commander: Simon Forrester.

Essex Institute, Miscellaneous Ship Papers.

1781 PORUS, Ship. Guns, 20; Men, 140.

June 7

Commander: John Carnes, of Salem.
C. C. 196, XII, 15; M. A., 171, 407.

1782 PORUS, Ship. Guns, 22; Men, 150.

Aug. 30


Commander: Samuel Croel, of Salem.
C. C. 196, XII, 16; Boston Gazette, May 5, 1783 (Salem,
May 1): "Capt. Crowel, in the ship Porus, one of
our late privateers, was arrived at [St. Christophers]
with a prize ship from Africa with upwards of 200
slaves on board, taken previous to the cessation of

PRINCE RADZIWIL, Schooner. Guns, 6; Men, 15.
Mar. 18 Commander: Feelix Miklaszewiez, of Boston.

Note. The vessel's name is spelled Radizwil in Naval
Records of the Revolution.

C. C. 196, XII, 18; M. A., 172, 313.

1781 PROSPECT, Brigantine. Guns, 12; Men, 60. Commander: Joseph Vesey, of Boston.

June 19


Oct. 3

Note. The captain's name is spelled Vezey in the petition.

C. C. 196, XII, 21; M. A., xL, 77, 171, 414.

PROSPECT, Brig. Guns, 12; Men, 50.

Commander: Amos Potter, of Boston.
C. C. 196, XII, 20; M. A., 172, 17.

1781 PROSPECT, Brigantine. Tons, 100; Guns, 12; Men, 25.
Commander: David Porter.

Dec. 30

Petitioners: Isaac Sears and others, of Boston.
M. A., 172, 90.

1780 PROSPER, Ship. Guns, 6; Men, 18.

Dec. 5

Commander: Joseph Atkins, of Newburyport.
C. C. 196, XII, 22; M. A., 171, 320 (Dec. 28, 1780).

1781 PROSPER, Ship. Guns, 8; Men, 30.

June 7

Commander: Samuel Dunn, jr., of Boston.
C. C. 196, XII, 23.

1777 PROSPEROUS. Guns, 8.

London Chronicle, Apr. 10, 1777: “The snow Fox, of 12 guns, and the Prince of Wales, of 8 guns, fitted out by orders from Admiral Gayton to cruize against the American privateers, have taken the Rising Sun, of 16 guns, and the Prosperous, of 8 guns, after a dreadful engagement of six hours. The Fox had II men killed and almost everyone on board wounded; the

NOW all Men by thefe Prefents,



are held and firmly bound to Mechas lillegar Efquire, Treafarer
of the United States of America, in the penalty of TWENTY THOUSAND
SPANISH MILLED DOLLARS, or other Money equivalent thereto,
to be paid to the faid Michael Hillegas 2. Treafurer, as aforefaid,
or to his Succeffors in that Office. To which payment well and truly to be made and
done, WE bind ourselves, our Heirs, Executors, and Adminiftrators, jointly and fe-
verally, firmly by thefe Prefents. Sealed with our Seals, and dated, the int
in the Year of our Lord 1781.
Year of the Independence of the United States.

aud in the


HE Condition of this Obligation is fuch, That whereas the above bounden Samuel Dunn Jen

and Commander of the lease, called f

belonging to William

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carriage guns, and navigated by aten



men, who hath applied for and received a Commiffion, bearing date with these Presents, licencing and authorizing him to fit out and set forth the said these like manner, and by and with the faid r

and the officers and crew thereof, by force of arms to attack, fubdue, feize and take all fhips and other veff-ls, goods, wares and merchandizes, belonging to the Crown of Great-Britain, or any of the fubjects thereof, (excepting the thips or veffels together with their cargoes, belonging to any inhabitant or inhabitants of Bermuda, and fuch other fhips or vellels bringing perfons with intent to fettle within the faid United States;) and any other thips or velleis, goods, wares and merchandizes, to whomfoever belonging, which are or fhall be declared to be fubjects of capture, by any Refolutions of Congrefs, or which are fo deemed by the law of Nations. If therefore the faid met Dunn fhall not exceed or tranfgrefs

the powers and authorities given and granted to him, in and by the faid Commiffion, or which are or fhall be given and granted to him by any Refolutions, Acts or Inftructions of Congrefs, but, fhall in all things govern and conduct himself, as Mafter and Commander of the faid and the officers and crew belonging to the fame, by and according to the faid Commiffion, Refolutions, Acts and Inftructions, and any Treaties fubfifling or which may fubfift between the United States of America and any Prince, Power of Potentate whatever; and fhall not violate the law of Nations, or the rights of neutral Powers, or of any of their fubjects; and fhall make reparation for all damages fuftained by any mitconduct, or unwarrantable proceedings of himself, or the officers or crew, of the faid Fläisen then this Obligation to be void, otherwife to remain in full force.

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