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of said State Councile The Petition of Daniel Weill Commander of the Armed Brigantine Hancock burthen One Hundred and Forty Hounting Twelve Carriage Gunnes lighteen self and Buners of the said

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Humbly Shows that the said Brigantine was Atted at over, Great Lepance Victuales Maned & hatt for Sea before the Said Brig last

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with Requisition of the

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Rand Council of the State & that

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Returns to the Harbour BBoston des there woulying
at scary Great Lapince costarely fit for the Sea,
that many Valuable Articles of Précission

therefore Reembly prays that of

on Benje her un Your Selition

bur Honours would take the Promitsas into your thèse Consideration fgrant him liberty to proceed on his intended pruge and your Betitioners as in duty bound Stall ever


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Petition for Liberty to sail notwithstanding Embargo

See pages 45, 162




Bonders: John Lee, of Newburyport, principal; John
Tracy and William Titcomb, sureties.

Owners: Jona[than] Jackson, John Tracy, and others, of

Witnesses: Sam[ue]l White, Tim[othy] Foster.

Note. The vessel's name is spelled Fancey.
M. A., v, 280, 159, 182, 166, 417.

1777 FANCY, Schooner. Guns, 6; Men, 30.
Commander: John Farrey.

May 26

Bond: Continental, $5000.

Bonders: John Farrey, principal; Henry Newhall and
William Shattuck, of Boston, sureties.

Owners: John Farrey and Henry Newhall.

Witnesses: Timothy Foster, Edward Bassett.

Note. The Boston Gazette, Sept. 22, 1777, mentions the
Fanny, Capt. Ferry, probably the same vessel.
M. A., v, 283, 159, 159, 162, 166, 422.

1779 FANCY, Ship. Guns, 10; Men, 24.

Aug. 7

Commander: Jonathan Jewett.

Bond: Continental, $10,000; State, £4000.

Bonders: Jonathan Jewett, mariner, principal; Moses
Little and Robert Stevenson, of Newburyport, sureties.
Owners: Moses Little and others.

Witnesses: Jacob Boardman, Joseph Moulton, jr.

Note. The ship is called the Fanny in Council Records. M. A., v, 251, 254, 170, 308.

1780 FANCY, Ship. Guns, 10; Men, 25.

Dec. 28

Commander: Samuel Coffin, of Newburyport.

Owners: Jonathan Hamilton, of Berwick, and Robert
Stevenson, of Kittery.

C. C. 196, v, 13.

1781 FANCY, Ship. Guns, 8; Men, 25.

Aug. 13


May 26

Commander: Samuel Rice, of Kittery.
C. C. 196, v, 12.

FANNY, Brigantine. Guns, 18; Men, 100.
Commander: John Kendrick.

Bond: Continental, $10,000.

Bonders: John Kendrick, of Wareham, principal; Adam
Babcock and Archibald Blair, of Dartmouth, sureties.
Owners: Adam Babcock and Archibald Blair.

Witnesses: Jno. Avery, jr., Willia]m Baker, Jere[mia]h
Mayhew, John Pease, 3rd.

M. A., v, 270, 166, 123, 420, 167, 45 (Petition of Adam
Babcock, June 23, 1777, that the Fanny, now lying at
Dartmouth, be permitted to go to sea and to Mar-
tha's Vineyard and Nantucket. Granted), 169, 231
(The Fanny was called the Boston while in France);
Stevens's Facsimiles, 1661, 1664, 1801; Wharton, Dipl.
Corres. Rev., 11, 381, 496. See above, Introduction, 59.

1778 FANNY, Snow. Guns, 6; Men, 12.

Jan. 14

Commander: Richard Ober.

Bond: Continental, $10,000; State, £500.

Bonders: Rich[ar]d Obear [signed Ober], mariner, principal; Mark Lafitte and Step[hen] Higginson, of Salem,


Bound to Henry Gardner (both bonds).

Owner: Mark Lafitte.

Witnesses: Nath[anie]l Ropes, W. Prosser.
M. A., v, 282, 285, 168, 145.

1780 FANNY, Brigantine. Guns, 6; Men, 15.

Aug. 19


May 16

Commander: Herbert Woodberry, of Beverly.
C. C. 196, v, 17; M. A., xl, 85.

FANNY, Brigantine. Guns, 4; Men, 12.

Commander: Samuel Tucker, of Salem.
C. C. 196, v, 16; M. A., 171, 394.

1778 FAVOURITE, Vessel of War (brigantine).

May 27

Commander: John Lamb.

Bond: State, £2000.

Bonders: William Shattuck, merchant of Boston, John
Lamb, mariner of Norwich, Conn., and Patrick Moore,
of Martinique, W. I.

Witnesses: Jno. Furnass, Jno. M. Furnass, Tho[ma]s

M. A., 139, 172, 221 (Bond not to enlist any man in
New England outside of Massachusetts); Boston
Gazette, Aug. 17, 1778.

1778 FAVORITE, Schooner. Guns, 8; Men, 16.

Oct. 14

Commander: John Guliker.

Bond: Continental, $5000; State, £4000.




Bonders: John Guliker, mariner, principal; Thomas
Adams and Daniel Clark, of Boston, sureties.
Owners: Thomas Adams and others.

Witnesses: Both bonds unwitnessed.

M. A., v, 237, 240, 169, 225.

1779 FAVORITE, Schooner. Guns, 8; Men, 15. Commander: David McLeod.

Sept. 21

Bond: Continental, $5000; State, £4000.

Bonders: David McCleod, mariner, principal; Daniel Clark, of Boston, and Hon. Abraham Fuller, of Newton, sureties.

Owner: Daniel Clark.

Witnesses: Jonathan Metcalf, Jo[hn] Dall.

M. A., v, 223, 226, 170, 409.

1779 FAVOURITE, Brig. Tons, 100; Guns, 8; Men, 20. Commander: Isaac Somes.

Dec. 14

Petitioners: Daniel Sargent and others, of Boston.
M. A., 176, 53; Boston Gazette, July 30, 1781.

1780 FAVORITE, Ship. Guns, 10; Men, 30.
Mar. 22, 23 Commander: Jonathan Oakes.

Dec. 6

Bond: Continental, $10,000; State, £4000.

Bonders: Jonathan Oakes, principal; William Shattuck
and David Tilden, of Boston, sureties.
Owner: William Shattuck, of Boston.
Witnesses: John Shattuck, James Perkins.
M. A., v, 239, 242, 171, 102.

1781 FAVOURITE, Brig. Guns, 10; Men, 20.
Commander: Elias Davis, of Boston.
C. C. 196, v, 20; M. A., 172, 79.

1782 FAVOURITE, Brigantine. Guns, 11; Men, 50. Commander: William Patterson, of Salem. C. C. 196, v, 22; M. A., 172, 161.

May 21

1782 FAVOURITE, Ship. Guns, 6; Men, 20.

Nov. 21

Commander: Nathaniel Sargent, of Gloucester.
Owners: Daniel Sargent and others, of Boston.
C. C. 196, v, 23; M. A., 172, 234.

1782 FELICITY, Brig. Guns, 8; Men, 40.

Essex Institute, Miscellaneous Ship Papers.

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