The Nimrods

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The Nimrods is an important new book for two reasons.  First, it is an accurate true-life story, told by an A-26 navigator/co-pilot who flew 182 combat missions in the Vietnam War, about a magnificent band of A-26 pilots and navigator/co-pilots who flew--from 1966 to 1969--countless high-intensity nighttime dive-bombing missions in “The Secret War in Laos” (Steel Tiger, Barrel Roll and along the Ho Chi Minh Trail).  To illustrate the intensity of the dive-bombing missions in the Vietnam War, the writer describes, in detail, more than twenty separate unforgettable missions—and more importantly—the personalities and psychological reactions of all of the unforgettable characters who were a part of the 609th Special Operations Squadron.  Second, the book is highly relevant to the current Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the Global War on Terror, because it addresses the lessons learned in the Vietnam War (and World War II and the Korean War) and advocates that Americans and their allies apply those lessons learned to terrorism and renewed threats of nuclear war from tyrants and terrorists around the world.  This is a book whose time has come. The views of our military veterans and their families who have endured the life-threatening and life-changing experiences of combat are made known to the American public and our allies.  Recommendations from The Iraq Study Group Report, and President Bush’s new Iraq strategy, are reviewed and analyzed.  The book articulates a new way forward and a new vision that can be embraced by the entire world, and contrasts the vision of America and its allies with the vision of Osama bin Laden and the radical Islamic terrorists who threaten the security of the entire world. 


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I am the author of "The Nimrods." Naturally, I give this book a five star rating. However, the reason I am writing a review is to ask the Google team to add the following Key Terms for this book: "lessons learned" "current affairs" "politics" "diplomacy" "terrorism" "terrorists" "Iraq" "Afghanistan" and "War on Terror." Without these additional key terms or tags, readers will not be informed about the true nature of this book. I wrote this book not only to honor the Nimrods, but to advocate that all Americans (and all freedom-loving people around the world) apply the lessons learned from the Vietnam War to the current Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and to the War on Terror. Thank you, Roger D. Graham  

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Who Were the Nimrods?
Nimrod Mission and Vietnam War Big Picture
The Incredible A26 Invader
Air Force Background Prior to A26 Assignment
A26 Training in Louisiana and Florida
Importance of Family and Pain of Separation
Jungle Survival Training and Arrival in Thailand
Life at NKP
Lasting Impressions
Lessons Learned Current Global War on Terror
The Need for a New Vision that can be Embraced by the Entire World
The Continuing Threat of Weapons of Mass Destruction WMD
AB26 Memorial
Nimrod History Document

Unforgettable Nimrods and A26 Combat Missions Part I
The Joy of Meeting Dianne in Hawaii
The Psychology of Returning to the War
Unforgettable Nimrods and A26 Combat Missions Part II
The Joy of Returning to the Family
Nimrod Photographs
Family Photographs
Operation Final Flight
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