The Works of the Greek and Roman Poets, Volumen4,Parte3

Suttaby, Evance, and Fox, 1809

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Página 6 - ... at sea. But when aloft the curling water rides, And wets with azure wave his downy sides, His thoughts grow conscious of approaching woe, His idle tears with vain repentance flow ; His locks he rends, his trembling feet he rears, Thick beats his heart with...
Página 15 - A pointed javelin, and a fenceful shield. But by my blood that in thy bosom glows, By that regard a son his father owes, — The secret, that thy father lives, retain Lock'd in thy bosom from the household train.
Página 33 - He knew his lord; he knew, and strove to meet; In vain he strove to crawl and kiss his feet; Yet (all he could) his tail, his tears, his eyes, Salute his master, and confess his joys.
Página 37 - And when she had done giving him drink, she said, I will draw water for thy camels also, until they have done drinking.
Página 34 - Jove fix'd it certain, that whatever day Makes man a slave takes half his worth away.
Página 57 - Down from the swelling loins the vest unbound Floats in bright waves redundant o'er the ground. A bracelet rich with gold, with amber gay, That shot effulgence like the solar ray, Eurymachus presents : and ear-rings bright, With triple stars, that cast a trembling light.
Página 72 - Ends in a stream, and murmurs through the vales : So, melted with the pleasing tale he told, Down her fair cheek the copious torrent roll'd : She to her present lord laments him lost, And views that object which she wants the most...
Página 52 - Most vain is man! calamitous by birth. To-day with power elate, in strength he blooms; The haughty creature on that power presumes; Anon, from heaven a sad reverse he feels; Untaught to bear, 'gainst heaven the wretch rebels. For man is changeful, as his bliss or woe; Too high when prosperous, when distress'd too low. There was a day, when with the scornful great I swell'd in pomp and arrogance of state ; Proud of the power that to high birth belongs; And us'd that power to justify my wrongs.
Página 172 - ... assembly shook, When slowly rising, Halitherses spoke (Reverend and wise, whose comprehensive view At once the present and the future knew) : " Me too, ye fathers, hear ! from you proceed The ills ye mourn ; your own the guilty deed. Ye gave your sons, your lawless sons, the rein (Oft warn'd by Mentor and myself in vain) ; An absent hero's bed they sought to soil, An absent hero's wealth they made their spoil ; Immoderate riot, and intemperate lust ! The offence was great, the punishment was...
Página 6 - Thy words luxuriant on thy dainties rove ; And, stranger, we can boast of bounteous Jove : We sport in water, or we dance on land, And, born amphibious, food from both command. But trust thyself where wonders ask thy view, And safely tempt those seas I'll bear thee through : Ascend my shoulders, firmly keep thy seat, And reach my marshy court, and feast in state.

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