The Reliquary, Volumen21

John Russell Smith, 1881

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Página 202 - But when they deliver you up, take no thought how or what ye shall speak; for it shall be given you in that same hour what ye shall speak.
Página 131 - ... one against another. After a short survey of them, I found they were patched differently ; the faces on one hand being spotted on the right side of the forehead, and those upon the other on the left. I quickly perceived that they cast hostile...
Página 129 - The Princess Henrietta is very pretty, but much below my expectation; and her dressing of herself with her hair frized short up to her ears, did make her seem so much the less to me. But my wife standing near her with two or three black patches on, and well dressed, did seem to me much handsomer than she.
Página 129 - The Queen a very little plain old woman, and nothing more in her presence in any respect nor garb than any ordinary woman. The Princess of Orange I had often seen before. The Princess Henrietta is very pretty, but much below my expectation ; and her dressing of herself with her hair frized short up to her ears, did make her seem so much the less to me.
Página 56 - ... given of James, Peter, and Jude. The order of the books of the New Testament is examined, and proofs afforded that they were early known, read, and made use of by Christians. In conclusion it is shewn, that there is no reason to believe that any of the sacred books of the New Testament have been lost. It would not be easy to say too much in praise of this work. The different questions are discussed with a depth of investigation, and an accuracy of judgment, which are worthy of the highest admiration....
Página 120 - Damascening is the art of encrusting one metal on another, not in crustre, which are soldered on, or wedged into the metal surface to which they are applied, but in the form of wire, which by under-cutting and hammering is thoroughly incorporated with the metal which it is intended to ornament. Practically damascening is limited to encrusting gold wire and sometimes silver wire on the surface of iron, or steel or bronze.
Página 22 - ... if he had heard the varied and elegant description from Mr. T , who was an eye witness to the extraordinary scene. So many persons were now engaged in finding, that quarrels arose to such a degree that the interference of the Magistrates was necessary, and in the end the officers of the Crown asserted the King's right to all coin found there, as the soil belonged to his Majesty in right of his Duchy of Lancaster. Accordingly, horse soldiers were marched into the town, and all persons prohibited...
Página 200 - My soul is athirst for GOD, yea, even for the living GOD: when shall I come to appear before the presence of GOD...
Página 212 - It was not, however, till after 1770 that the work was actually commenced. It was completed early in 1783, having been ten years in passing through the press. The type with which it was executed was destroyed in the fire which consumed Mr. Nichols' printing office, in the month of February, 1808.
Página 184 - Nottingham : its castle, a military fortress, a royal palace, a ducal mansion, a blackened ruin, a museum and gallery of art.

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