If the Bible Taught the Trinity, I'd Believe It: Insisting on the Simple, Biblical Definition of the Godhead

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"Features you will find in this book: reliable references that the Trinity is not in the Bible; history of how the Trinity evolved from philosophical concept to adopted dogma; problems caused by the Trinity doctrine; clear, conclusive, scriptural proof that biblical authority is above ecclesiastical authority; how the Bible defines God and what it reveals as being the true mystery of the Godhead."-- from back cover

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The God of Israel was one God. We serve that one God. Philip asked Jesus, "when will you show us the Father?"
Jesus answered, "Philip, how long have I been with you and you don't know who I am yet
Duh! Jesus is saying he's the Father!
The trinity doctrine was not taught until the counsel of Nicea circa 325 AD. It's in the Catjolic encyclopedias! The same as baptism I. Jesus' name! No one in the book of Acts was EVER baptized in the titles of God. Baptize in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit! The Apostles understood Jedus' command and that's exactly what they did! They baptized in the name of Jesus only! We are baptized unto death in Christ!
Who was man to decide 300 years after the death of Christ that God us three?
Gid loved us so much he took on the form of flesh and blood to suffer FOR us and to die for us! He never ceased to exist as the spirit that God is.
Who impregnated Mary??? The Holy Spirit did!!!! Wait, let's get DNA rest done of God and the Holy Spirit, if indeed they be separate!! So everywhere Jesus said Father, he could have instead said Holy Spirit!!!!!
It's all in Isaiah!!! There is no other God beside me. There is no savior beside me! I am alpha and omega! I created everything!!!
In Acts 1, Jesus told the Apostles to wait for the pride of the Father. The Comforter will come to you. I will come to you!! Wow!!!! Jesus just claimed to be the Hy Spirit!!!! Perhaps that is why the Holy Spirit is called the Spirit of Christ!!
Debunk all I just wrote before you claim the paganistic triune God is our God! Abraham understood there is one God!!!!!!
In the book of John, Jesus says, if you do not believe I am he, you will surely die in your sins. It says he was taking of the Father!
Yehovah Yasoos (Jehovah's Jesus) God is my Savior!!!!

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Holcomb's premise is like saying 'if Communion' was taught in the Bible, I'd believe it. Communion IS taught in the Bible, just doesn't use that word. In the same manner, Trinity IS a Biblical, it just doesn't use that word. Modalism is the easiest thing in the world to debunk (Jesus' baptism - Father, Son and Holy Spirit are ALL present in the same time and place--apparently, modalists will tell you this is an 'exception', not the norm. The problem is, IT HAPPENED. But if they want to throw out the Word of God (and they do), it's on them. In fact, they get so excited over wrong doctrine they just fall on the floor over it.  

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