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Thanatopsis, | by | William Cullen Bryant. | G. P. Putnam's Sons. New York.

4to, pp. 1-18. Printed on one side only. Illustrations, proofs on India paper.

The Flood of Years, | by | William Cullen Bryant. | The Illustrations by | W. J. Linton.

4to, pp. 19-46. Printed on one side only. Proofs on India paper.


The Flood of Years. | New York: | G. P. Putnam's Sons. | 1878.

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Address on the Bible, Berkshire Star (Stockbridge), February 6th.

This address was delivered before the Bible Society at Great Barrington on the 29th of January, 1818.


Memorial of James Fenimore Cooper. | New York: | G. P. Putnam. | [1852]. | Bryant's Discourse on the Life, Character, and Genius of Cooper, pp. 39-73.


Report of the Special Committee appointed by the Common Council of the City of New York to make Arrangements for the Reception of Gov. Louis Kossuth, the Distinguished Hungarian Patriot. New York: Published by order of the Common Council, 1852.

8vo, pp. iv-756, with portrait.

Bryant's address as President of the Press Banquet at the Astor House, Monday evening, December 15th, pp. 228-231. (See Orations and Addresses, New York, 1873, p. 261.)


An address delivered at the fiftieth anniversary of the New York Historical Society.

Address delivered before the New York Horticultural Society at the Exhibition, September 26th. (Orations and Addresses, p. 269, New York, 1873.)

Music in the Public Schools. An address delivered at the close of a series of lectures by Richard Storrs Willis, December 29, 1856. (Orations and Addresses, p. 285, New York, 1873.)


The Newspaper Press. New England Society Dinner, December 22d. (Prose Writings, p. 208, New York, 1884.)


Schiller. An address delivered at the Cooper Institute on the occasion of the Schiller Festival, November 11, 1859. (Orations and Addresses, p. 295, New York, 1873.)


The Centennial Birthday | of | Robert Burns | as celebrated by the | 1759 (engraved medallion portrait of Burns) 1859 | Burns Club of the City of New York, | Tuesday, January 25, 1859. | Edited by J. Cunningham. | New York, 1860.

8vo, pp. 136, with colored frontispiece.

Mr. Bryant acted as honorary chairman, p. 47.

His speech, pp. 53-57.


Banquet given in New York on the 16th day of December, 1863, by the Mexican Legation.

8vo, pp. 16.

P. 4, Bryant is mentioned as one of the guests; pp. 14-15, his toast.


The Bryant Festival | at | "The Century" | November 5, MDCCCLXIV | New York, | D. Appleton and Company, | 443 & 445 Broadway. | MDCCCLXV.

4to, pp. 88.

Bryant's reply to Mr. Bancroft, pp. 9-13.


The Bryant Festival | at "The Century." | Illustrated Edition. New York. | Published by the Century Association. | MDCCCLXV.

Collation: 4to, pp. 88. Printed on one side only.

Frontispiece-Photograph of the Century Club House.
Title as above.

Copyright on verso-by the Century Association, 1864.
Only 150 copies printed. No. 36.

Photograph of Bryant.

Text, pp. 3-88.

Mr. Bryant's reply to Mr. Huntington, p. 42.

The National Academy of Design. | Ceremonies on the occasion of Laying the cornerstone, | October 21, 1863, | and the Inauguration of the Building, | April 27, 1865. | New York, MDCCCLXV.

Royal 8vo, pp. 92.

200 copies printed. July, 1865.

Bryant's address, pp. 20-22.


Address to the Soldiers of the Union Army, January 1, 1865 (p. 221, Godwin's Life, vol. ii).


Dinner to Señor Matias Romero, Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary from Mexico, on the 29th of March, 1864. New York, 1866.


Banquet to | Señor Matias Romero, | Envoy Extraordinary and Minister | Plenipotentiary from Mexico | to the United States, by the | Citizens of New York, | October 2, 1867.

Royal 8vo, 46 pp.

Printed for private distribution. On pp. 3 and 4 Bryant is mentioned as member of the committee, and was the toastmaster, pp. 27-30, 36, 38, 40-42, 46.


Complimentary Dinner to Jonathan Sturges.

8vo, pp. 28.

Bryant was one of the guests (p. 3); his toast, "Literature, the Fine Arts, and Commerce," pp. 22-25.


Freedom of Exchange. Speech at a dinner given to Mr. Bryant in New York, January 30, 1868. (Orations and Addresses, p. 313, New York, 1873.)

The Electric Telegraph. Speech at a dinner given to Samuel Breese Morse, December 29, 1868. (Orations and Addresses, p. 325, New York, 1873.)


A History of the | Celebration of Robert Burns' | 110th Natal Day, at the Metropolitan Hotel, | New York. | Jersey City, 1869.

8vo, pp. 99.

Pp. 31-33, Mr. Bryant's toast on Minstrelsy.


A Metropolitan Art Museum | in the City of New York. | Proceedings of a Meeting | Held at the Theatre of the | Union League Club, Tuesday Evening, November 23, 1869. | Including | Addresses, Remarks, and Letters | by | Mr. Wm. C. Bryant, Prof. Comfort, Mr. R. M. Hunt, Mr. Henry G. Stebbins, Mr. William J. Hoppin, Mr. Russell Sturgis, Rev. Dr. Thompson, Rev. Dr. Bellows, Mr. Marshall O. Roberts, Mr. Geo. Wm. Curtis, and others. | New York. | Printed for the Committee, | 1869. Pamphlet of 40 pages.

Mr. Bryant's address as president will be found on p. 8.


Celebration of the 111th Anniversary of Robert Burns' Natal Day, at Delmonico's Hotel, New York, January 25, 1870. New York, 1870.

8vo, pp. 52.

Bryant's toast, "The Memory of Robert Burns," pp. 12-14. (See Prose Writings, New York, 1884, p. 322.)

Translators of Homer. Alumni, February 22, 1870. York, 1884.)


Speech to the Williams College

(Prose Writings, p. 267. New

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