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The Poetical Works | of | William Cullen Bryant, | edited by | Parke Godwin. | In Two Volumes. | Volume First. | New York: | D. Appleton and Company. | 1, 3, and 5 Bond Street. | 1883.

Collation: I, 8vo, pp. 358. False Title, The Life and Works

of William Cullen Bryant. Vol. III. Title as above. Copyright on verso, 1883. Preface, pp. v-vi. Original Prefaces, vii-x. Contents, xi-xiv. Sub-title, p. 15. Text, pp. 17-326. Notes, pp. 327-358. Vol. II, pp. 372.



An Oration, delivered at Stockbridge, July 4, 1820. | By William C. Bryant, Esq. | Stockbridge: Printed by Charles Webster, 1820.

12mo. Title, p. 1 (verso blank). Oration, pp. 3-11 (verso blank.)


Popular Considerations on Homœopathia : | By William Cullen Bryant, Esq., | delivered before the New York Homoopathic Society, | December 23, 1841. New York [1841]. 8vo, pp. 24.


An Address | to the | People of the United States | in behalf of the American Copyright Club. | Adopted at New York, October 18, 1843. New York: Published by the Club, 1843. 12mo, pp. 20.


A Funeral Oration | occasioned by the Death of | Thomas Cole. | Delivered before the | National Academy of Design, | New York, May 4, 1848, | by | William Cullen Bryant. | Published by order of the Council of the Academy. | New York. 8vo, pp. 42.


Letters of a Traveller, | or | Notes of Things | Seen in | Europe and America. | By William Cullen Bryant. | New York, George P. Putnam, 155, Broadway. | London: Richard Bentley, 1850.

12mo, pp. 442.

This edition was reprinted in 1851, under the title of The Picturesque Souvenir, Letters of a Traveller, published by Putnam, with thirteen steel engravings.


Reminiscences | of the | Evening Post. | Extracted from the Evening Post | of | November 15, 1851. | With additions and corrections by the Writer. | New York: | William C. Bryant & Co., Printers, 18 Nassau Street, N. Y. | 1851.

12mo, pp. 22.


Letters of a Traveller. | Second series. | By | William Cullen Bryant. | New York: | D. Appleton and Company | 346 and 348 Broadway. 1859. |

[blocks in formation]

"How Amiable are Thy Tabernacles, Oh Lord of Hosts." | A Forest Hymn | by | William Cullen Bryant, | with | Illustrations | by | John A. Nums. | New York: | W. A. Townsend & Co. | [1860].

4to, pp. 32, printed on one side only.

There are two variations of this title-page, one with the imprint "New York, Hurd & Houghton," with plates somewhat worn; the other, "New York, James G. Gregory."


Class Ode, Fiftieth Anniversary of the Class of 1813 | 1863. Fifty years, | for the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Class of Williams College, which was graduated in 1813.

4to, 2 pp., printed on one side only, signed W. C. B.


Hymns | by | William Cullen Bryant.

8vo, pp. iv-40.

Nineteen hymns are included in this collection, which was printed for private circulation only. Bound in black boards.

letters on cover.

Book of Hymns, 1864.

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Title in gilt

'Soon after his father's death (March 20, 1820), while he was yet full of the sentiment it inspired, an appeal was made to him by the Unitarians in aid of a Collection of Hymns they projected. Mr. Henry

D. Sewall, the editor, applied to Miss Catherine M. Sedgwick, of Stockbridge, to use her efforts in his behalf."

In a letter to her brother Robert, of New York, dated May 17, 1820, she writes:

"I wish you would give my best regards to Mr. Sewall, and tell him I have had great success in my agency. I sent for Mr. Bryant last week, and he called to see me on my return from Court. I told him Mr. Sewall had commissioned me to request some contributions from him to a collection of hymns, and he said, without any hesitation, that he was obliged to Mr. Sewall, and would with great pleasure comply with his request,” etc.

The following is Miss Sedgwick's reply to Mr. Bryant, written more than forty years afterward, on receipt of a copy of hymns published at that time :


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'But for your prohibition I should at once, on the receipt of my precious little Hymns, have sent to you my earnest thanks, and told you how vividly they recall the day when the young poet, one of the first objects of my hero-worship, offered me in my dear home the six hymns, etc."

Extract from letter-W. C. B. to Rev. A. P. Putnam, November 15, 1873.


Nos. 1 and 2. Composed for some Ordination. Nos. 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. Composed for collection made by Henry D. Sewall. No. 9. Ordination in England. No. 10. After a lapse of thirty years, for Mr. Waterston, Boston. No. 11. For dedication of the Church of the Pilgrims. No. 12. Composed for anniversary of Foreign Missionary Society. No. 13. Written for Mr. Lombard, of Utica, included in a collection at the end of a School Liturgy, compiled in 1859. No. 14. Written at Dr. Osgood's suggestion in 1861-'62, and included by him in his Liturgy. The remaining five, written to complete collection.


Letters from the East, | by | William Cullen Bryant. | New York: G. P. Putnam & Son. | 1869.

8vo, pp. 256.


Some Notices of the | Life and Writings | of | Fitz-Greene Halleck. Read before the New York Historical Society on the 3d of February, 1869. | By William Cullen Bryant. | New

York: | Evening Post Steam Presses, 41 Nassau, Cor. Liberty. 1869.

[blocks in formation]

The Iliad of Homer. | Translated into English Blank Verse. By William Cullen Bryant. | Volume I. | Monogram of Publishers. | Boston: | Fields, Osgood & Co. | 1870.

Royal 8vo. I. pp. 398, with rubricated title. II. pp. 426.


The Odyssey of Homer. | Translated into English blank verse. | By William Cullen Bryant. | Vol. I (and II). | Monogram of publishers. | Boston: | James R. Osgood & Company, I late Ticknor & Fields, and Fields, Osgood & Co. | 1871.

8vo, I, pp. xii-324; II, pp. vi-311.

Electrotyped and printed at Cambridge, Mass., by Welch, Bigelow & Co. Reprinted by James R. Osgood & Co., Boston, 1873, 2 vols., 8vo.


The Song of the Sower, | by | William Cullen Bryant. | Illustrated with Forty-two Engravings on Wood. | New York:| D. Appleton and Company. | MDCCCLXXI.

4to, pp. 48.

Bound in heavy embossed brown morocco boards. Illuminated title on back and sides, with vignettes of a harp and plow in gilt, top and bottom.


The Little People of the Snow | by | William Cullen Bryant. Illustrated | from designs by Alfred Fredericks, engraved by A. Bobbett. | New York: | D. Appleton and Company, | 549 and 551, Broadway. | 1873.

4to, pp. 40.


Among the Trees, | by | William Cullen Bryant. | Illustrated. From designs by Jervis McEntee, Engraved by Harley. | New York: G. P. Putnam's Sons, | Fourth Avenue and Twenty-third Street. | [1874].

Sq. 12mo. Printed on one side only. Pp. 39.

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