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On pp. 123, 124 is a letter from Bryant to the Hon. F. W. Bird, Chairman of the Committee.


St. Nicholas, Vol. IV, No. 2, December, 1876. New York. 8vo, pp. 65-152.

The Boys of my Boyhood, pp. 99–103.


Studies in Bryant. | A Text-Book | by | Joseph Alden, D. D., of the State Normal School at Albany. | With an Introduction | by | William Cullen Bryant. | New York: | D. Appleton and Company, 1, 3, and 5 Bond Street. | 1877.

12mo, pp. 127. Introduction, pp. 5-10.


A New Library of Poetry and Song. | Edited by | William Cullen Bryant. | Published in parts. New York, 1877.

4to, 2 vols.

Portrait frontispiece. | Introduction, pp. 7-14.


A Popular History | of | The United States | From the | First Discovery of the Western Hemisphere | By the Northmen, To the end of the First Century of the Union | of the States. Preceded by a sketch of the Pre-Historic Period and the Age of the Mound Builders. | By William Cullen Bryant | and Sydney Howard Gay. | Fully Illustrated. | New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, | Successors to | Scribner, Armstrong & Co. | 1878.

Collation: 4 vols., royal 8vo, with complete index. Published in monthly parts. Frontispiece, Portrait of Bryant, and Preface by Wm. C. Bryant, pp. vii-xxiv.


The Sunday School Times, Vol. XX, No. 8. Philadelphia, February 22, 1878.

4to, pp. 113-128.

On p. 113 is a poem by Bryant, his last contribution to any newspaper or magazine, The Twenty-second of February, six stanzas beginning, Pale is the February Sky.

This was a special number of The Sunday School Times. The editorial is followed in the second column by Bryant's poem, and two paragraphs, Religious Patriotism, by Edward Eggleston, D. D., and The Face of Washington, by Joseph Cook. Then follow contributions by President Hayes and the Governors of thirteen States.


Thoughts on | The Religious Life | by | Joseph Alden, D. D., LL. D. | Author of The Science of Government, Studies in Bryant, etc. | With an introduction | by | William Cullen Bryant. New York: | G. P. Putnam's Sons, | 182 Fifth Avenue, 1879.

12mo, 129 pp., brown covers with outside title. Introduction, pp. 7-12.


Complete Works of Shakespeare. Edited by W. C. Bryant, assisted by E. A. Duyckinck. Illustrated.

3 volumes, 4to, New York, 1886.

Bryant wrote the Preface to this edition, the actual work of editing having been done by Mr. Duyckinck.



The Critic. | A Weekly Review of Literature, Fine Arts, | and the Drama. | Edited by William Leggett.

Volume I, from November 1, 1828, to May 2, 1829.

Biography of William Cullen Bryant, pp. 105-107, December 13, 1828.

The present copy contains Vol. I, through May 2, 1829, and the beginning of a second volume, pp. 1-96, seven numbers, May 9, May 16, May 23, May 30, June 6, June 13, June 20. On p. 89 is a notice signed by the editor, announcing the suspension of publication.


Thoughts on the Poets. By Henry T. Tuckerman. New York, 1846.

12mo, pp. 318.

Biography, pp. 303-318.


Off-hand Takings; or, Crayon Sketches of the Noticeable Men of our Age. By George W. Bungay. Illustrated. New York, 1854.

12mo, pp. 408.

Biography of Bryant, pp. 309-315, with steel portrait.


Men of Mark. By Edwin P. Whipple. Atlas Series, No. 2.

New York, 1877.

8vo, pp. 270.

Biography of Bryant by Ray Palmer, pp. 102-126.


A Biography of | William Cullen Bryant, | with | Extracts from his private Correspondence | by | Parke Godwin. | In two volumes. New York: | D. Appleton and Company, 1883.



Bryant and his Friends. Some Reminiscences of the Knickerbocker Writers. By James Grant Wilson. New York, 1886. Bryant and his Friends, pp. 11-127.


William Cullen Bryant. By John Bigelow. American Men of Letters Series. Boston, 1890.



Bryant Memorial Meeting of the Century, Tuesday Evening, November 12, 1878. Century Rooms, New York.

8vo, 74 pages, including title, and a portrait of Bryant engraved by H. B. Hall, Jr.


The Life, Character, and Writings of William Cullen Bryant. A Commemorative Address delivered before the New York Historical Society, at the Academy of Music, December 30, 1878. By George William Curtis. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 743 and 745 Broadway.

8vo, false title, title, pp. 8-64.


Tribute to William Cullen Bryant. By Robert C. Waterston, at the meeting of the Massachusetts Historical Society, June 13, 1878. With an Appendix. Boston: Press of John Wilson & Son, 1878.

8vo, 54 pages, including title.

Contains the ancestry of Bryant, several pieces by Bryant, and an account of the circumstances under which they were written and published, numerous anecdotes, and a verbatim reprint of Bryant's last address on unveiling the Bust of Mazzini in Central Park.


In Memoriam, William Cullen Bryant.

Funeral Oration,

June 14, 1878. By H. W. Bellows, D. D. New York, 1878.

8vo, pp. 11.

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