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N. Y., June, 1859, and Bocage's Penitential Sonnet, from the Portuguese, p. 264.


Helen Ruthven Waterston. [A memorial.] Printed, not published. Boston, 1860.

8vo, pp. 76.

Two extracts from Bryant's Letters are given on pp. 12–13 and 31.


Only Once. Original Papers, by various contributors. Portraits of Bryant, Lowell, and Catherine Sedgwick. New York, 1862.

4to, pp. 16.

On p. 5 is a poem by Mr. Bryant, The Better Age.


Imperial Courts | of | France, England, Russia, Prussia, | Sardinia, Austria. | Richly illustrated with | Portraits of Imperial Sovereigns | and their | Cabinet Ministers, with | Biographical Sketches | and | an Introduction by William Cullen Bryant. | Edited by W. H. Bidwell. | New York, | 1863. Royal 8vo, pp. xiv-411.


Songs of the War. Part I. Albany, J. Munsell, 1863. 16mo, pp. 96.

Bryant's contribution is Our Country's Call, pp. 12–13.


The Spirit of the Fair. Tuesday, April 5, 1864. New York. 4to, pp. 206.

Bryant's contribution is A Morceau from Metastasio, p. 9.


A Year in China; and a narrative of capture and imprisonment, when homeward bound, on board the rebel pirate Florida. By Mrs. H. Dwight Williams. With an introductory note by William Cullen Bryant. New York, 1864.

12mo, pp. xvi+362.

The Introductory Note is on pp. xiii-xvi.


Poetical Tributes to the | Memory of | Abraham Lincoln. | Philadelphia, | 1865.

8vo, pp. 306.

Bryant's contribution is the first, an Ode, on p. 13.


The Lincoln Memorial: A Record of the Life, Assassination, and Obsequies of the Martyred President. New York, 1865. Portrait and woodcut title-page.

8vo, pp. 288.

On p. 205 is Bryant's Ode for the Funeral of Abraham Lincoln, and on pp. 205-206 three stanzas of A New National Hymn, composed by Mr. Bryant at the request of the reader [Dr. Samuel Osgood], and circulated among a few personal friends, and beginning, Oh, North, with all thy Vales of Green.


Obsequies of Abraham Lincoln, in the City of New York. Under the Auspices of the Common Council. By David T. Valentine. Portrait and illustrations. New York, 1866.

Royal 8vo, pp. 254.

Bryant's Ode, which had appeared in Poetical Tributes, 1865, is on p. 191.


The League [Published for American Free Trade League]. No. 10. New York, 1868.

4to, pp. 105-116.

On p. 105 is a letter dated January 18, 1868, accepting the invitation to a dinner, given by the American Free Trade League, in his honor, January 30th.


A Landscape Book, by American Artists and American Authors.


Sixteen steel engravings.

8vo, pp. [4] + 108.

New York: Putnam,

Bryant's contributions are three: Catterskill Falls (pp. 30

33), with engraving; The Valley of the Housatonic (pp. 38-43), originally published in the Home Book of the Picturesque, 1852; and A Summer Ramble (pp. 63–65).


Banquet to His Excellency Anson Burlingame, and his Associates of the Chinese Embassy, by the Citizens of New York, on Tuesday, June 23, 1868. New York, 1868.

8vo, pp. 65.

On p. 64 is a letter from Bryant dated Roslyn, June 9, 1868, to Elliot C. Cowdin, declining his invitation to the banquet.


The Atlantic Almanac, 1868. Edited by O. W. Holmes and Donald G. Mitchell. Illustrated. Boston.

Royal 8vo, pp. 76.

On p. 47 is The Planting of the Apple-tree.


The Atlantic Almanac. 1870.

Royal 8vo, pp. 72.

On pp. 53-56 is The Breaking of the Truce. (From the Fourth Book of the Iliad.)


Memorial Record in Memory of Hon. Increase Sumner, of Great Barrington, Mass. Portrait. Bridgeport, 1871. 8vo, pp. 74.

On p. 28 is a letter from Bryant, dated December 14, 1870, declining an invitation to a banquet of the Berkshire Bar, the last meeting of Judge Sumner with his professional colleagues.


Workday Christianity; or, the Gospel in the Trades. By Alexander Clark. With an introductory note by William Cullen Bryant. Philadelphia, 1871.

12mo, pp. x + 300.

The Introductory Note, dated New York, March 16, 1870, is on pp. vii-viii.


A Library of Poetry and Song. | Being | Choice Selections from the Best Poets. | With an introduction by William Cullen Bryant. New York: | J. B. Ford & Co., 1871.

Royal 8vo, pp. xxxii-789, with Frontispiece-portrait of Bryant. Introduction, pp. xxiii-xxxi.


II. Proceedings of the Massachusetts Historical Society for May, June, July, and August, 1871.

8vo, pp. 81-156.

On p. 155 is a letter dated Cummington, August 9, 1871, to the Rev. R. C. Waterston, declining an invitation to the celebration of the hundredth anniversary of Scott's birth.


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Picturesque America | or | The Land we live in. | A Delineation by Pen and Pencil | of | The Mountains, Rivers, Lakes, Forests, Waterfalls, Shores, Cañons, Valleys, Cities and other Picturesque Features of our Country. | With illustrations on steel and wood | by Eminent American Artists. | Edited by William Cullen Bryant. | Issued in Nos. | New York: | D. Appleton and Company. | 1872 and 1874.

2 vols., 4to.


St. Nicholas, Vol. I, No. 1. November, 1873. New York. 8vo, pp. 48.

On p. 2 is Bryant's translation from the Spanish, The Woodman and the Sandal Tree.


The Bryant Celebration by the Chicago Literary Club, November 3, 1874. Chicago, 1875.

8vo, 33 pages.

On p. 11, Letter from Bryant dated Roslyn, October 27, 1874, to the Rev. Robert Collyer, President of the Chicago Literary Club. On pp. 18-19, 24 lines of A Poem addressed to Mr A. Bryant, Brookfield, May, 1809, written in the poet's

fifteenth year, and beginning, Once more the Bard, with Eager Eye, Reviews.


Laurel Leaves. Original Poems, Stories, and Essays. Illustrated. Boston, 1876.

4to, pp. xv+446.

Bryant's contributions are two poems from the Spanish, The Price of a Pleasure (p. 53) and The Woodman and the Sandal Tree (p. 54; see preceding item), besides a prose selection, The Poet Goethe (pp. 177-186), an address delivered at the Goethe Celebration, New York, September, 1875.


Custer's Immortality. A poem, with biographical sketches of the chief actors in the late Tragedy of the Wilderness. By Laura S. Webb. New York, Evening Post Press, [1876].

12mo, pp. 72.

With facsimile letter of one page from Bryant to the author.

New York Tribune. Orations, July 4, 1876.

8vo, pp. 64.


Extra No. 33. Independence Day

On p. 64 is a Centennial Ode by Mr. Bryant of four stanzas, Through Storm and Calm the Years have Led, sung at New York, July 4, 1876.


The Centennial Celebration of American Independence, at the Academy of Music, New York, July 4, 1876. Hon. John A. Dix, presiding, with the Oration and the other exercises. 8vo, pp. 81.

Centennial Ode on fourth leaf, unpaged.


Memoir of Dr. Samuel Gridley Howe. By Julia Ward Howe: with other memorial tributes. Published by the Howe Memorial Committee. Portrait. Boston, 1876.

8vo, pp. 128.

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