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An Essay on American Poetry, with several miscellaneous pieces on a variety of subjects, sentimental, descriptive, moral, and patriotic. By Solyman Brown, A. M. New Haven: Flagg & Gray, 1818. North American Review, July, 1818, pp. 198


Bryant's first review of a book now very rare.


Trisyllabic Feet in Iambic Measure, North American Review, September, 1819.


The Ruins of Pæstum, North American Review, No. 19, p. 42. Percy's Masque, North American Review, No. 20, p. 245.


Hillhouse's Hadad, New York Review, p. 1. Jehan de Nostre Dame's Lives of the Provençal Poets, New York Review, p. 107. Memoirs of Count Segur, New York Review, p. 291. Lives of Provençal Poets, New York Review, p. 104. Rammohun Roy's Precepts of Jesus, New York Review, p. 442. Scott's Lives of the Novelists, New York Review, p. 413. United States Literary Gazette, New York Review, p. 219. Wayland's Two Discourses, New York Review, p. 142. Webster's Address, New York Review, p. 214. Wheaton's Reports, New York Review, p. 203. Memoir of the Life of Richard Henry Lee, etc., New York Review, p. 23. A Pennsylvania Legend, New York Review, The Atheneum Magazine, December, p. 49.


Memoirs of the Life of the Right Honorable Richard Brinsley Sheridan, New York Review, February, p. 165. Recent

Poetry, New York Review, p. 181. Percival's Poem, New York Review, March, p. 245. Sketches of Corsica, New York Review, April, p. 348. Wheaton's Life of Pinkney, New York Review, May, p. 435.


Oldham's Poems, Old and New, September, vol. vi, iii, pp. 329-335.


Abraham Cowley, North American Review, No. 256, MayJune, pp. 368-382.






North American Review | and | Miscellaneous Journal. | Vol. Fifth. Boston. | Published by Cummings & Hilliard, | No. 1 Cornhill. | University Press, Hilliard & Metcalf. | 1817. Thanatopsis is on p. 338.

A Fragment, afterward known as The Inscription to the Entrance of a Wood, is on p. 340.


North American Review and Miscellaneous Journal, March, To a Friend on his Marriage. March, Version of Simonides. March, The Waterfowl. July, Essay on American Poetry. No. 9, p. 206, Essay on The Happy Temperament.


The Idleman, by R. H. Dana. Issued in parts. Part I, dated New York, 1821. Collation: Part I, Vol. I. Title, The Idleman. Inscription,

"How various his employments whom the world calls idle." New York, Wiley & Halsted, No. 3 Wall Street, 1821-22. Certificate of Copyright on verso, dated May 18, 1821. Preface, pp. 3-14. Letter-press, pp. 15-57. Volume I consists of four parts, with titles as follow: Part I, pp. 15–57, Domestic Life. Part II, pp. 3-63, The Son. Part III, pp. 3–76, Edward and Mary. Part IV, pp. 5-106, Thomas Thornton.

This last part of Vol. I is a double number, with an address to the public on p. 3, signed "The Author."

Volume II. Title and inscription as above, with the date of

1822, and No. 1, Vol. II, in centre of page. Part I, letter-press, pp. 3-156. Paul Felton. Part II. Part III. Part IV, titlepage, etc.; letter-press, pp. 3-64. Men and Books.

Mr. Bryant's contributions are as follows: Green River, Part II, p. 61, vol. i. The West Wind, Part I, p. 155, vol. ii. The Burial-Place, Part II, vol. ii. Walk at Sunset, Part III, vol. ii. Winter Scenes, Part IV, p. 61, vol. ii.

This work was published in eight parts, royal 8vo, with brown paper covers, having title in full as above and numbered consecutively, Vol. I: I, II, III, IV, 1821; Vol. II: I, II, III, IV,



The United States | Literary Gazette. | Vol. I. | From April, 1824, to April, 1825. | Boston: | Published by Cummings, Hilliard & Co. | 1825.

Vol. II, April, 1825-October, 1825. Vol. III, October, 1825April, 1826. Vol. IV, April, 1826-October, 1826.


The New York Review and Atheneum Magazine. | Vol. I. | May to November, 1825. | New York: | E. Bliss & E. White, 128 Broadway. | Clayton & Van Norden, Printers. | 1825.

Vol. II, December, 1825-May, 1826.

New York Literary Gazette and American Atheneum, May 13, 1826, to August 26, 1826.

In May, 1826, the New York Review and the American Atheneum were united with the Literary Gazette under the above title. October 1, 1826, these two were united under the new title of United States Review and Literary Gazette.

The Atlantic Souvenir; a Christmas and New Year's Offering, 1826. Philadelphia: H. C. Carey & I. Lea. ·

Bryant's two contributions are-June, pp. 64-66, and Oh Fairest of the Rural Maids, p. 135.


The United States | Review and Literary Gazette. | Vol. I. From October 1, 1826, to April 1, 1827. | New York: | G.

and C. Carvill, 108 Broadway. | Boston: | Bowles and Dearborn, 72 Washington Street, | 1827.

Vol. II, April, 1827, to October, 1827.

The above series form such an important page in the history of magazine literature that a few words of explanation are appended with the hope of throwing some light upon the origin of these various publications, and Mr. Bryant's connection with them.

The first one of the series was The United States Literary Gazette of Boston, the first number being issued in April, 1824, under the editorship of Theophilus Parsons, afterward so well known as professor in the Cambridge Law School.

There was at this same time established in New York a monthly periodical under the title of The Atlantic Magazine, edited by Robert C. Sands, the first number appearing in May. The editorship was assumed by Henry J. Anderson, afterward Professor of Mathematics in Columbia College. This periodical was continued through two volumes until April, 1825, when its name was changed to The New York Review and Atheneum Magazine. This periodical ran through two volumes until May, 1826, when it was joined with another publication known under the title of the New York Literary Gazette and Phi Beta Kappa Repository. The title of the new periodical was The New York Literary Gazette and American Atheneum.

The New York Literary Gazette was first known under the title of The Minerva or Literary Entertaining and Scientific Journal, and was edited by George Houston and James G. Brooks. This periodical ran through three volumes, the first number appearing April 10, 1824, the last, September, 1825.

In March, 1825, Mr. Brooks became sole editor, and in September he started a new publication under the title of The New York Literary Gazette and Phi Beta Kappa Repository. This ran from September 10, 1825, to March 4, 1826, in May of the same year its title being again changed as stated above to The New York Literary Gazette and American Atheneum.

Bryant became joint-editor with Mr. Anderson of The New York Review and Atheneum Magazine, and when in October, 1826, the periodical mentioned above was merged with the

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