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Editions as appeared to them to be of utility at the present time. They have taken care, wherever they dissent from Sir Joseph Arnould's view, indicate either in the text or in the notes that they are doing so, except, indeed, where such dissent is justified by authorities which have come into existence since the date of the Second Edition.

The actual course of insurance business followed at the present day differs considerably from that which was in vogue at the dates of the earlier Editions, and some usages which existed then have become obsolete. As regards matters of this nature, the Editors sought personal interviews with various gentlemen of position and of practical experience both in London and elsewhere. They gratefully record the fact that they have in all quarters received not only the greatest courtesy, but all possible assistance. To Mr. Charles Wright, of Lloyd's, their thanks are most particularly due.

There are many questions relating to the liability of insurers, particularly as regards the adjustment of losses, as to which there is but scanty positive legal authority. In discussing such questions the Editors

have made large use of valuable text-books such as those of Messrs. Lowndes, McArthur and Gow, the authors of which, though not professional lawyers, have nevertheless brought great experience, ability and learning to bear upon the discussion of legal questions. In this context the Editors' thanks are particularly due to Mr. William Richards, Chairman in 1900-1901 of the Association of Average Adjusters, for much valuable assistance, and also to the Association itself for permission to print in extenso the Rules of Practice, which will be found in the Appendix.

Special attention has been paid to the subjects of Insurance Clubs and of Reinsurance, and to the anomalies of our legislation with respect to Stamps. An attempt has been made to give an answer to the difficult questions which arise in connection with the incidence of expenses incurred at ports of refuge. One entirely new chapter has been written, that on Subrogation.

Attention has been paid to the recent attempts to codify the law of Marine Insurance. The result of these attempts, so far, is the Marine Insurance Bill which has several times been introduced into Parlia


Numerous references to the Bill of 1899 will be found in the notes, and the text has been printed in the Appendix.

The English cases up to the end of May, 1901, have been cited, and the decisions in the American Courts up to the end of 1900 have been examined, and many of them discussed or noted.

The dates of all the cases referred to have been inserted, and the Table of Cases, prepared by Mr. Edwin Hallett, clerk to the Editors, contains references to all the leading reports where each case is to be found.


June, 1901.

E. L. DE H.

R. I. S.

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[blocks in formation]

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