Chymicvs rationalis: or, The fundamental grounds of the chymical art rationally stated and demonstrated, by various examples in distillation, rectification, and exaltation of vinor spirits, tinctures, oyls, salts, powers, and oleosums ... In all which the chymical doctrines are illustrated upon a new hypothesis or spagirick course, composed agreeable to practical philosophy, and the best authority of art, for mysteries treated of by Cartes, Starkey, Sulvius, Glauber, Helmont, Paracelsus, and others ... In which is contained, a philosophical description of the astrum lunare microcosmicum, or phospheros ...

T. Salusbury, 1692 - 154 páginas

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Página 93 - ... of God moved upon the face of the waters: and God faid, let there be light, and thete was light. The univerfal creation vifible and invifible, was eternally prefent to the Deity; and when the divine will, for bringing it into being and granting it exiftence, was arrived, the whole received its creation as the divine decree had eternally been fetded.
Página 49 - Gum, what eve? you write •anU appear all on fire, and the Letters may be read a long time after ; but you muft have a, great care, that you do it foftly, and to put it into Water, as foon 01 you have done, for if it happen to' fire 'twill burn the place mo (k dreadfully.
Página 94 - Firmament, to give light upon the Earth, to rule the Day and to rule the Night...

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