The Heraldic Journal: Recording the Armorial Bearings and Genealogies of American Families, Volúmenes1-4

William Henry Whitmore, William Sumner Appleton
J.K. Wiggin, Publisher., 1865

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Página 67 - In the year 1657, or thereabouts, and during the usurpation of Oliver Cromwell, John and Lawrence Washington emigrated from the North of England and settled at Bridge's Creek, on the Potomac River, in the county of Westmoreland. But from whom they descended, the subscriber is possessed of no document to ascertain.
Página 159 - Mr. Washington was afterwards permitted to Have, and Continue upon a Living in these Parts, but it was such a Poor and Miserable one, that it was always with Difficulty that anyone was persuaded to Accept of it.
Página 108 - Deducted from an early period and continued down to the present time. Collected chiefly from original papers and records : with an appendix.
Página 62 - He was twice married. By his first wife, the vertuous daughter of parents therein resembled by her, he had six children. But his next wife was a young gentlewoman whom he chose from under the guardianship and with the countenance of Edward Hopkins, Esq., the excellent governour of Connecticut.
Página 167 - Poesie hath had a most eminent place and been in high esteem, not only at one time, and in one climate, but during all times and through those parts of the world where any ray of humanity and civility hath shined. So that she hath not unworthily deserved the name of...
Página 152 - England, he accepted of the government of the Massachusetts in which he continued to the time of his death ; and discharged his trust with that zeal for the interest of his country, and with so little regard to his own private advantage, that he justly gained the good esteem and affections of the greatest and best part of the inhabitants of that Colony.
Página 14 - ... imposed ; For which (to the ruin of his family) his goods were seized and his person imprisoned by the Star Chamber Court. He was chosen to represent the City of LONDON In two successive Parliaments which met Apr.
Página 169 - Poesy, which Homer, Virgil, Ovid, Petrarch, Bartas, Ronsard, Boscan, Garcilasso (if they were alive, and had that Language) could not understand, and reach the Sense of the Writer.
Página 67 - I have often heard others of the family, older than myself, say that our ancestor who first settled in this country came from one of the northern counties of England ; but whether from Lancashire, Yorkshire, or one still more northerly, I do not precisely remember.
Página 152 - Knight; who, in the year 1687, by his great industry, discovered among the rocks near the Banks of Bahama on the north side of Hispaniola, a Spanish plateship, which had been under water 44 years, out of which he took in gold and silver to the value of...

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