The curate of Steinhollt [by J. Flamank] 2 vols


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Página 126 - I did not find some individual, or another, capable of entering into a conversation with me, on topics which would be reckoned altogether above the understandings of people in the same rank of society in other countries of Europe.
Página 25 - Come unto me, all ye that are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest !" He smiled and wept when he spoke these words.
Página 41 - ... ambassadors of God. They are to be patterns to the flock ; to lead and go before them, as a captain before his troops; as a shepherd before his flock; as a guide before the traveller; and as such they are to be followed. They are to give attendance to reading; to give themselves wholly to these things; to be instant in season and out of season...
Página 24 - ... been said that, in general, the Icelanders are of a sullen and melancholy disposition ; but, after paying the strictest attention to their appearance and habits, I must pronounce the statement inaccurate, and one which could only have been made by those who have had little or no intercourse with the people. On the contrary, I have been surprised at the degree of cheerfulness and vivacity which I have found to prevail among them, and that not uufrequeutly under circumstances of considerable external...
Página 155 - it is as well to be out of the world as out of fashion," and this seems to-day to apply equally to nurserymen as to any other class of business men.
Página 66 - ... but his tongue clave to the roof of his mouth, and he stood stock-still, and said nothing.
Página 218 - Thord remembered that the letter was only two or three inches below the surface of the ground, and consequently not defended from the rain. He became suddenly very pale. " What is the matter ? " inquired Galmina. " O, nothing,

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