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5. Sir Raoul: A Story of the Theft of an Empire. By James M. Ludlow. Large crown 8vo, cloth extra.

6. Unequally Yoked. By Mrs J. H. Needell. Large crown 8vo, cloth extra. 7. Rab Bethune's Double; or, Life's Long Battle Won. By Edward Garrett. Extra crown 8vo, cloth extra, gilt top, with six Illustrations of Border Scenes etched on copper by Haswell Donaldson.

8. The Daughter of Leontius; or, Phases of Byzantine Life, Social and Religious, in the Fifth Century after Christ. By J. D. Craig Houston, B.D. Large crown 8vo, on antique paper, cloth extra, gilt top.

9. By Adverse Winds. By Oliphant Smeaton.

Extra crown 8vo, antique

paper, art canvas, gilt top.

10. The Quest of a Heart. By Caldwell Stewart. Extra crown 8vo, antique paper, art canvas, gilt top.

11. For Stark Love and Kindness. By N. Allan Macdonald. Extra crown

8vo, antique paper, art canvas, gilt top.

12. The Souter's Lamp and other Stories. By Hector MacGregor. Large crown 8vo, cloth extra.

18. Gordon Ogilvy. By Annie Smeaton. Large crown 8vo, cloth extra.

Mosaics from India: Talks about India, its Peoples, Religions, and Customs. By Margaret B. Denning. Large crown 8vo, art cloth decorated, with 28 Illustrations.

Constantinople and its Problems. Its Peoples, Customs, Religions, and Progress. By Henry Otis Dwight, LL.D. Large crown 8vo, art linen, gilt top, with 12 Illustrations.

Men of Might in India Missions. The Leaders and their Epochs, 1706-1899.

By Helen H. Holcomb. Large crown 8vo, cloth extra, with 16 full-page

Verbeck of Japan. A Citizen of no Country. A Life Story of Foundation Work, inaugurated by Guido Fridolin Verbeck. By William Elliot Griffis. Large crown 8vo, cloth extra, with numerous Illustrations. With the Tibetans in Tent and Temple. Narrative of Four Years' Resi

dence on the Tibetan Border and of a Journey into the Far Interior. By Susie Carson Rijnhart, M.D. Large crown 8vo, cloth extra, gilt top, with fourteen Illustrations. Fourth Edition.

Mission Problems and Mission Methods in South China. By Dr J. Campbell Gibson of Swatow. Large crown 8vo, cloth extra, with Coloured Map, Diagrams and sixteen full-page Illustrations. Second Edition. The Walk, Conversation and Character of Jesus Christ our Lord. A Series of Sunday Evening Addresses on the Character of our Lord. By the Rev. Alexander Whyte, D.D., Author of "Bible Characters,' "Lancelot Andrewes," "Bunyan Characters," &c., &c.

Sermons upon the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper. Preached in the Kirk of Edinburgh by Mr Robert Bruce, Minister of Christ's Evangel there, at the time of the Celebration of the Supper, as they were received frɔm his mouth. Done into English, with a Biographical Sketch, by the Rev. John Laidlaw, D.D., Edinburgh. Large crown 8vo, buckram binding, with Portrait and other Illustrations.


Sir Thomas Urquhart of Cromartie: 1611-1660. By John Willcock. Large crown 8vo, cloth extra, Illustrated.

and Modern.

Demy 8vo, cloth extra,

Emeralds Chased in Gold; or the Islands of the Forth. Their Story, Ancient
By John Dickson, F.S.A.Scot.
with numerous Illustrations.
Everlasting Punishment and Modern Speculation. By Rev. William Reid,
Small crown 8vo.


Our English Shores : Being Recollections of Watering-Places on the Coasts of England. By William Miller. Extra crown 8vo, cloth, Illustrated.

5/ net.

The Exploration of Egypt and the Old Testament. A Summary of Results obtained by Exploration in Egypt up to the present time, with a fuller Account of those bearing on the Old Testament. By J. Garrow Duncan, B.D. Large crown 8vo, cloth extra, with 100 Illustrations from Photographs.

The Resurrection Gospel: A Study of Christ's Great Commission. By the Rev. John Robson, D.D., Author of "Hinduism and Christianity," "The Holy Spirit the Paraclete," etc. Large crown 8vo, cloth extra. Master Robert Bruce, Minister in the Kirk of Edinburgh, from 15871605. By D. C. Macnicol, B.D. Large crown 8vo, cloth extra, with 10 full-page Illustrations.

The Dayspring and other Sermons. By Rev. James Little, A.M., Belfast. Large crown 8vo, cloth extra.

A Mission in China. By W. E. Soothill, Translator of the Wenchow New Testament; Author of "The Student's Pocket Dictionary"; Compiler of the Wenchow Romanised System, etc. Large crown 8vo, with numerous Illustrations, and in artistic binding.

The Poetical Works of A. B. Todd, Cumnock, with Autobiography and Reminiscences. Large crown 8vo, with Portrait in Photogravure.

The Great Marquess of Argyll: Life and Times of Archibald, 8th Earl and

1st and only Marquess of Argyll. Dedicated by Special Permission to H.R.H. the Princess Louise, Duchess of Argyll. By John Willcock, B.D., Lerwick, Author of "Sir Thomas Urquhart of Cromartie, Knight," etc. Demy 8vo, art cloth, gilt top, with Portraits.

Holy Himalaya. The Religion, Traditions, and Scenery of the Provinces

Kumaun and Garhwal. By the Rev. E. S. Oakley, of the London
Missionary Society, Almora, Northern India. With 16 full-page
Illustrations. Large crown 8vo, cloth extra.

Kenneth S. Macdonald, M.A., D.D., Missionary of the Free Church of Scotland, Calcutta. By James M. Macphail M. A., M.D. (Glas.). Large crown 8vo, cloth, with Portrait.

The Great Religions of India. By J. Murray Mitchell, M.A., LL.D. Large crown 8vo, with Map and Complete Index.

Dr Thomas M'Lauchlan. By W. Keith Leask, M.A. With Prefatory Note by the late Rev. Principal Rainy, D.D., and Portrait from the Oil Painting by Norman Macbeth, R.S.A.

5/ net-Continued.

Songs and Sayings of Gowrie. By the Rev. Adam Philip, M. A., Author of "The Parish of Longforgan," &c. Large crown 8vo, red canvas. The Story of the Token, as belonging to the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper. By Robert Shiells, F.S.A.Scot. Revised and enlarged edition, with over 75 Illustrations. Art cloth, gilt top.


1. One False Step. By Andrew Stewart. Extra crown 8vo, cloth extra, Illustrated.

2. Noel Chetwynd's Fall. By Mrs J. H. Needell. Extra crown 8vo, cloth extra, Illustrated.

3. Kilgarvie. By Robina F. Hardy. With Frontispiece by Robert M'Gregor, R.S.A. Extra crown 8vo, cloth extra.

4. After Touch of Wedded Hands. By Hannah B. Mackenzie.

5. A Romance of Skye. By Maggie Maclean. Large crown 8vo, cloth extra, with Illustrations by Lockhart Boyle.

6. The Treasure Cave of the Blue Mountains. By Oliphant Smeaton. With Illustrations and Decorations by Joseph Brown.

7. Schooldays and Holidays. By Adelaide M. Cameron, Author of "Among the Heather," &c. Large crown 8vo, cloth extra, gilt edges, with eight full-page Illustrations.

The Martyr Graves of Scotland. By the late Rev. J. H. Thomson, Hightae. Revised and edited by the Rev. Matthew Hutchison, with an Introduction by D. Hay Fleming, LL.D. Demy 8vo, cloth extra, with numerous Illustrations.

Fairest Girlhood. By Margaret E. Sangster. A Volume on the Lines of "Winsome Womanhood," but in no sense duplicating subjects or treatment. Beautifully illustrated and bound.

The Little Kingdom of Home. By Margaret E. Sangster, Author of “Winsome Womanhood," "Lyrics of Love," "Janet Ward," etc. Small 4to, with floral ornaments on each page, and handsomely bound for presentation. Onesimus, Christ's Freedman. A Tale of the Pauline Epistles. By Charles E. Corwin. Large crown 8vo, cloth extra.

Daybreak in Livingstonia. The Story of the Livingstonia Mission, British Central Africa. By James W. Jack, M.A. Revised, with an Introductory Chapter, by Rev. Robert Laws, M.D., D.D. Large crown 8vo, canvas binding, with Map, a Plan of Livingstonia Institution, and many other Illustrations.

The Wrongs of Indian Womanhood. By Mrs Marcus B. Fuller, Bombay, with an Introduction by Ramabai. Large crown 8vo, canvas binding, with numerous Illustrations.

Light unto my Path. Being Divine Directions for Daily Walk, chosen and applied by the late John Hall, D.D., LL.D., New York. Square crown 8vo, cloth extra, gilt edges.

From Far Formosa: The Island, its People and Missions. By George Leslie Mackay, D.D. New and cheaper edition, large crown 8vo, art canvas binding. With four Maps and sixteen Illustrations.

Saint Cecilia's Hall in the Niddry Wynd. A Chapter from the History of the

Music of the Past in Edinburgh. By David Fraser Harris, M.D., C.M.,
B.Sc. (London), F.R.S.E., F.S.A. Scot., Lecturer on Physiology in the
University of St Andrews. Crown 8vo, art vellum, with 28 Illustrations,
Facsimiles, and Plans.


The Gist of Japan. The Islands; their People and Missions. By the Rev. R. B. Peery, A. M., PH.D. Large crown 8vo, art canvas, with 8 fullpage Illustrations.

Pastures of Tender Grass. By the Rev. Charles Jerdan, M.A., LL.B., Author of "Gospel Milk and Honey," "For the Lambs of the Flock," etc. Large crown 8vo, cloth extra, gilt top.

Gospel Milk and Honey. Seventy Short Sermons to Young People. By the Rev. Charles Jerdan, M.A., LL.B., Author of "For the Lambs of the Flock," "For the Lord's Table," &c., &c. Large crown 8vo, cloth extra, gilt top.

For the Lambs of the Flock. By the Rev. Charles Jerdan, M.A., LL.B., Author of "Gospel Milk and Honey" and "For the Lord's Table." Large crown 8vo, cloth extra, gilt top.

For the Lord's Table. A Book of Communion Addresses. By the Rev. Charles Jerdan, M.A., LL.B. New edition. Large crown 8vo, cloth extra, gilt top.

The Gospel of Common Sense, as contained in the Canonical Epistle of James. By Charles F. Deems, D.D., LL.D. Large crown 8vo, cloth extra. Second edition.

The Psalms of David and the Higher Criticism; or, Was David the Sweet Psalmist of Israel? By the Rev. Alexander Wright, M.A., Author of "The Presbyterian Church, its Worship, Functions and Ministerial Orders." Crown 8vo, cloth extra.

The Presbyterian Church: Its Worship, Functions, and Ministerial Orders. By Rev. Alex. Wright, M. A. Crown 8vo, antique paper, cloth extra. The Holy Spirit, the Paraclete. By the Rev. John Robson, D.D., Author of "Hinduism and its Relations to Christianity." Extra crown 8vo, antique paper, cloth extra.

Scots Worthies. By John Howie of Lochgoin. Revised from the Author's Original Edition by the Rev. W. H. Carslaw, D.D. New edition, demy 8vo, cloth extra, with upwards of 150 Illustrations.

A Cloud of Witnesses for the Prerogatives of Jesus Christ: Being the Last Speeches and Testimonies of those who suffered for the Truth in Scotland since the year 1680. Reprinted from the original editions, with Explana tory and Historical Notes, by the Rev. John H. Thomson. Demy 8vo, cloth, Illustrated.

The Come and Go Family Text-book, with Spaces for Births, Marriages, and

Deaths. By John Strathesk, Author of "Bits from Blink bonny."
Extra crown 8vo, cloth gilt, beautifully printed in black and carmine.
Kept also in leather bindings at 7s. 6d. and 10s. 6d.

The Ages before Moses: Lectures on the Book of Genesis. By J. Monro
Gibson, D.D. Third edition, crown 8vo.

Memorials of the United Presbyterian Hall. By Rev. P. Landreth. Crown 8vo. Calabar and its Mission. By Rev. Hugh Goldie.

New edition, with addi

Large crown 8vo, cloth

tional chapters by the Rev. John Taylor Dean.
extra, with Map and fourteen new Illustrations.

That Good Part, and Other Sermons. By Rev. Robert Rutherfurd, M.A.

Crown 8vo, cloth.

Princeton Sermons. Chiefly by the Professors of Princeton Theological Seminary. Crown 8vo, cloth.



Foreign Missions after a Century. By Rev. James S. Dennis, D.D., of the American Presbyterian Mission, Beirut, Syria, with Introduction by Principal T. M. Lindsay, D.D. Extra crown 8vo, cloth.

4/ net.

The Misty Isle of Skye. Its Scenery, Its People, Its Story. By J. A. MacCulloch. Crown 8vo, cloth extra. With Map and 20 full-page Illustrations.


Life's Stages and Life's Phases. By James Stark, D.D. Two volumes, crown 8vo, cloth elegant, in cloth box, suitable for presentation.

3/6 net.

The Path of Life: Thoughts on Personal Salvation. By W. M. Macpherson,
D.D., Monymusk, Aberdeenshire. Large crown 8vo, cloth extra.
The Dawn at Shanty Bay. By Robert E. Knowles, Author of "St Cuthbert's

of the West" and "The Undertow." Decorated and Illustrated by
Griselda Marshall M'Clure. Boxed.

The Christian Method of Ethics. By Henry W. Clark, Author of "The

Philosophy of Christian Experience" and "Meanings and Methods of the Spiritual Life." Crown 8vo, cloth extra.

The Philosophy of Christian Experience. By Henry W. Clark, Author of "Meanings and Methods of the Spiritual Life," etc. Crown 8vo, cloth extra. Meanings and Methods of the Spiritual Life. By Henry W. Clark. Second

Edition. Large crown 8vo.

Jerry McAuley. An Apostle of the Lost. Founder of the Water Street Mission, New York. Personal Recollections edited by R. M. Offord, LL.D. With Portraits and other Illustrations.

China in Legend and Story. By C. Campbell Brown, formerly Davis Scholar of Chinese at the University of Oxford, and for ten years resident in China. Large crown 8vo, Illustrated, cloth, with unique native design. China and America To-day. A Study of Conditions and Relations. By Arthur H. Smith, D.D., Author of "Village Life in China," "Chinese Characteristics," &c., &c. Large crown 8vo, cloth.

The Heathen Heart: an Account of the Reception of the Gospel among the Chinese in Formosa. By Campbell N. Moody, M.A., Missionary in Formosa. Large crown 8vo, cloth extra, with Illustrations.

The Atonement: The Heart of the Gospel. A Popular Exposition of the

Doctrine of the Atonement. By James M. Campbell, D.D., Author of "After Pentecost, What?" Large crown 8vo, cloth.

Colloquia Peripatetica: Deep-sea Soundings. Being Conversations with the

late John Duncan, LL.D., Professor of Hebrew in the New College, Edinburgh. By William Knight, Emeritus Professor of Moral Philosophy in the University, St Andrews. Sixth Edition, Enlarged, with Contributions from Professor Henry Laurie, of the University of Melbourne and Professor John Clark Murray, of MacGill University, Montreal; and Portrait. Cloth extra, full gilt back.

The Faith of Robert Louis Stevenson. By John Kelman, D.D. Fourth and cheaper Edition. Large crown 8vo, art binding. Also in presentation binding, vellum back, gilt top, price 6s. net.

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