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"12. To the fellowships of the Lord's people, for reading, singing, and praying; according to the Scripture in Mal i 16, and Heb. x. 25, and several other Scriptures which warrant this.

"13. To all the Testimonies of the faithful witnesses of Jesus Christ, from the appearance in arms at Pentland Hills to this day.

"14. To that Paper upon which I was indicted, in so far as it is agreeable to the Word of God, and our sworn Covenants, and work of Reformation.

"And now, on the other hand, I shall desire to let you see what I shall witness and testify against, so far as I am enabled by His Holy Spirit. "1. I leave my testimony against all breach of Covenant, which is a sin that hath overspread the whole land.

"2. Against the acceptors of the Indulgence first and last, because they have fled from their first engagements, which engagement was to be faithful ministers to the Church of Christ, which they have broken and rent.

"3. Against the hearers of curates, because they have broken our sworn Covenants and work of Reformation.

"4. Against Popery, Prelacy, Quakerism, and all heresy, and whatsoever is contrary to the Word of God.

"5. Against paying of the cess and locality, and against paying of fines, because it is bearing up of these soul-murderers, and an acknowledgment that we have done a fault in following our duty.

"6. Against Charles Stuart, in regard he hath broken the Covenant, that he was once sworn to, and put forth his hand against the people of God.

"7. Against that perjured and abominable thing called the Test and the Oath of Allegiance, which is an oath against our Covenant.

"8. Against Gib and his followers, and all their pernicious ways. "9. Against the overthrowing of our work of Reformation, which we had from our Lord and Master, and His faithful servants, to be comforts to our souls.

"Now, the time being short, I shall say no more; but farewell mother, brethren, and sisters; farewell all Christian friends and acquaintances in the Lord. Farewell Holy Scriptures, which have been my comfort many a day. Farewell meat and drink, sun, moon, and stars. Welcome eternity. Welcome heaven. Welcome holy angels. Welcome God in Christ; into Thy hands I commit my spirit!

"Sic subscribitur,


Robert Pollock.


OBERT POLLOCK was a shoemaker in East Kilbride. He was apprehended in Glasgow in October 1683, and was sent into Edinburgh. He was examined before the Council in the manner usual at that period. He was tried before the Justiciary Court, January 19, 1685. The evidence brought against him was that he had not disowned the Societies' Declaration when before the Council. He was found guilty, and sentenced to be hanged at the Gallowlee upon Wednesday, January 23d. He died in great peace, and full views of his right to eternal happiness. -ED.]

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HE LAST SPEECH AND TESTIMONY of ROBERT POLLOCK, Cordiner [i.e., shoemaker] in Kilbride, who was taken at Glasgow, and suffered at the Gallowlee, January 23, 1685, betwixt eight and nine of the clock in the morning.

(The body of this testimony being much of a piece with several of the foregoing, as declaring his adherence to the same truths, and abhorrence of the same errors and abominations, the reader will find here only the preamble and postscript, as follows):

"DEAR FRIENDS, -1, being sentenced to die by men, thought it fit to leave this short word of testimony behind me. Now, if I could say anything to the commendation of Christ, I have as much to say to His commendation as any poor sinner ever had to say; for He has done more for me than heart can think, or tongue can speak, or hand can write; for He has made good His promise to me, 'When thou passest through the waters, I will be with thee; and through the rivers, they shall not overflow thee: when thou walkest through the

fire thou shalt not be burned; neither shall the flame kindle upon thee' (Isa. xliii. 2). This promise, I can say upon good ground, has been made out to me. And I can say with the spouse in the 2d of the Song, verse 6, 'His left hand is under my head, and His right hand doth embrace me.' 'A bundle of myrrh is my well-beloved unto me' (Song i. 13).

"And now I cannot study to save my life without prejudice to His glory and vindicating of evil-doers. For I desire to fear and serve Him, and also to confess Him that hath said in His Word, Whosoever therefore shall confess me before men, Him will I confess also before my Father which is in heaven. But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven' (Matt. x. 32, 33). And He has said, 'No man having put his hand to the plough, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God' (Luke ix. 62). And also He hath said, 'If any man draw back, my soul shall have no pleasure in him' (Heb. x. 38); but he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved' (Matt. xxiv. 13). Now I say, death and life, heaven and hell, even Christ, being on the one hand, and the world on the other hand, and Christ holding forth an offer of Himself to me and making me welcome to come to Him, I desire rather to suffer anything He is pleased, than to run after the multitude; and now truth being so much controverted, I think I cannot refuse to be at His disposing in suffering for it.

"And now, I being somewhat confused in the time of my writing, and therefore could not keep order, wherefore I take leave to leave my testimony to several things that I forgot before; and now I as a dying man, leave my testimony to the Sanquhar Declaration, and to the late Declaration, November 1684.

"And now I have two particulars to leave my testimony against, viz., the Duke of York and the Duke of Monmouth; against the Duke of York, for marrying a strange woman, and as he is a Papist himself; and against the Duke of Monmouth, for coming down to Scotland to help the enemies of God to kill the Lord's people for hazarding their lives in defence of the Gospel.

"And now I am come here this day to lay down my life for the hope of Israel, of the which hope I am not ashamed this day, for I desire to bless His holy name that these twelve years and more my soul has loved Him, and many times my soul has been refreshed when I thought upon suffering for Him. Now I do not say I am free of sin, but I am at peace with God through a slain Mediator,

and He shall make my soul as clean of sin as had I never sinned; and now I am to step out of time into eternity, where I shall be as full of Him as my soul desires to be; and now again I take my farewell of all created comforts in time, and let none say that these are not my words, for they are even my last words.

"And now, I being never loosed out of shackles on my hands, I cannot write myself, but I do subscribe myself, and whether any think it right or not, I have peace in doing of it. But it may be some will say, that I have not been right principled, and have been in error; and it may be some will say, that they would not have ventured their life on such grounds; but I can say, the least of the controverted truths to me is sufficient ground to lay down my life for; and the main thing is authority, that now is cried up, and Charles Stuart to be supreme: if any will join with that and approve of his deeds, it will never be asked whether they fear God or not ; although they were the greatest blasphemers that ever lived, if they will approve of the acts and laws made by these that are now rulers, (though they rule wrong), there is no more sought of them. They never ask whether they fear God or not, and that says that they fear Him not themselves, and that they study no further than to please Charles Stuart, which will be their ruin in the end.

"And now I have this to say to the commendation of Christ, that He is without parallel or comparison; He is altogether lovely, and in the greatest of straits He is most comely; His countenance is refreshful to me, and has been in the greatest of straits and difficulties; His countenance has refreshed me, and it is delightsome to a weary soul; nor is there any comfort like unto Him, 'His yoke is easy, and His burden is light.' Yea, he has been so kind to me, that I have not gone one hair's-breadth on mine own charges; He spares not expenses; He gives enough to all them that are about His work, for aye when I was put sorest to it, I got enough from my lovely Master to bear my charges with. Now my advice is, to all them that desire to be upright for Christ, walk on and do not draw back, for ye will not want enough to do your turn, for he does not stand to ware [i.., hesitate to spend] anything upon His servants.

“And now, I as a dying man, entreat you all not to fear imprisonment; fear nothing; for if ye can trust in Him, there is no fear you shall be left to do the work yourself. I can say no more to make you love Him; but only this I can say, that He has aye made me victorious, since I was His prisoner. And now I can say, I am not

afraid to venture upon a gibbet for Him, and for the vindication of His cause. And now let none say, it is a sore matter that my life should be taken away for such a cause, for I say unto you, that I would never have gotten such an offer to quit my life for; and let none be sorry that I am taken away out of the gate [i.e., way] of God's wrath, for there are many in Scotland that will not know where to flee from His wrath pursuing them, yea, even many that are not much concerned with these things now. And therefore I say, flee unto Christ, all that would study not to be trampled down in His fury; and these that would not have the wrath of the Lord poured out upon them, my advice is, to make your peace with the Prince of peace; for sad will the calamities be that are coming on this land. Oh! prepare for judgment, for He will come and make inquisition for the blood that hath been shed in Scotland, before the controversy end and the calamity overpass: it looks very like that the fowls of the air will eat the bodies of the dead men and women not being buried.

"I shall say no more, but study to flee out of the way of God's wrath; only flee unto Him, and forsake your evil ways. And now, it is not, I declare, upon the account of suffering, that I expect to be saved, nor any righteousness of mine own, but only through the imputed righteousness of Jesus Christ, through His merits and intercession; for I have no righteousness of my own, neither can I merit anything by my suffering. But it is as sure, that He has said, 'He that denies me before men, him will I deny before my Father which is in heaven, and before the holy angels.'

"And now I am brought here this day, to lay down my life for the cause and interest of Jesus Christ, and for no other thing; and I desire to bless the Lord, that I am not suffering as an evil-doer, and that I die not as a fool. And I desire to bless the Lord, that ever He honoured me with suffering for Him; for many times my soul has been refreshed, when I saw anything like that, that I would be a sufferer for Him.

"Now I desire to take my farewell of all things in time. Farewell sweet Scriptures, reading, singing, praying, and believing. Farewell sun, moon, and stars, and all created comforts in time. Welcome heaven and happiness. Welcome innumerable company of angels. Welcome spirits of just men made perfect. Welcome praising without ceasing, or wearying in the least. Welcome Father, Son, and Holy Ghost; into Thy hands I commit my spirit.


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