Shame's Anatomy

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The writing of a book is a major and difficult task. A lot of soul searching went into this project as I sought the answers to an extremely painful question: what and who is behind the curse of poverty attacking the black community: And if we discover the cause, what is the best viable solution?

My research has led me to the scriptures, the holy bible, for the answers. The results were as shocking as they were simple: The breakup of the family is the root of most of society's evil.

The solution? Family restoration in its purest, pristine form!

The method? Send the men back to the homes and most of what is wrong with the family will be cured.

The proof? Read God's word and see for yourself.

The answer was there all the time. We are just too busy to search it out. Before we were poor and dying because we were ignorant. Now, we have no excuse.

If you are a man who is tired of paying child support, the answer is here. If you are a single parent in search of the ideal father for your children, read this book.

But most of all let us pray for all the casualties in the most enduring and destructive of all wars: THE BATTLE OF THE SEXES

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