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The institutive proxies of the Archdeaconrie of Kells als Nobber annexed to the Bricke of Meath are yearly x" iiij' ixa


The impropriate proxies giuen vp to King Henry the viij' by Edward B of Meath and lately regraunted to the Brick by our now gracious Soveraigne amount to the yearely some of lxj" vij3 viijd Ir. wch is xlvi x' vja ster. but some parcells of the lord Viscount of Drogheda and others deny to pay [sic] thing to the EP. Others put of their payment from the farmors of the Abbayes to the farmo" of the Rectories appropriated therevnto. And euery seuerall Rectorie is comonly deuided amongst so many seuerall farmors that vnlesse a more certayne course be taken herein his Maties gratious intention of augmenting the meanes of this Bprick wilbe vtterly frustrate.

Som of the proxies in all cxvj" ixd ster. and xxtie beoues.

The State of the Revennewes belonging to the Bishopricke of Clonemacnoshe really vnited to the Bricke of Meath by Act of Parliament viz".

All the landes in Westmeath belonging to this Brick were demised by BP Jones primo Nouembris A°. Dm. 1592 to Edward Maloane for lxxj yeares he paying thereout tenne beoues yearely. and preserving the young hawkes of Goshawkes faulcons and Tassells breeding in the woods of Clonemacknosh. Halfe of wh he is bound to deliver to the BP of Meath at his house in Ardbrackhan, or to pay iij" for euery hawke that shall be stollen, or otherwise negligently lost, But by reason of the continuall felling of the great Timber in those woods (for wch the said lessee hath noe licence graunted him in his lease) the hawkes whin this yeare or two haue forsaken the place, and so the B' hath lost the benefit of that reservacon.

All the lands in the Countie of Roscommon belonging to the said Brick were passed in fee farme by B' Jones xx° Nouembris A° 1586 to Anthony Brabazon for the yearely rent of x markes Ir. or vi ster. There are twelue quarters of land enioyed by this graunt much whereof was not in the BPS possession at the tyme wherein this State was passed. There is none of the Clergies hands to the Conveyance neither doth it appear by any witnesses That by their consent their seale was affixed there


Two quarters of land lying neere vnto Galloway passed (as it is said) in fee farme for the Annuall rent of xx3 Ir. or xv3 ster. The Conveiaunce I haue not seene.

Fower quarters of land in the Countie of Mayo called Killshamy leased by BP Brady xxvjto Augusti A° 1578 to James Garvey for lxj yeares for the yearely rent of iiijnobles Ir. or xx" ster.

The Vicarages of Balliloughloe Tessaran and Levanaghan als Slevanaghan sett for the yearley rent of xxxix' ster.

Certapne Prebends annexed to the Bpricke set for the yearely rent of vij' ster. or thereabout.

An Eele weere vppon the river of the Shannon worth iij" vj viijd ster.

Summa totalis hereof each beefe being lxvj" xx" ster.

rated at xx" ster. amounteth vnto

There is a great proportion of land in the province of Connaught weh auncientlie belonged to the Bricke of Clonemacknoshe the perticulars whereof are to be seene extracted out of the Register of that Church, but the originall booke hath lately beene convayed away by the practize of a leude fellow whoe hath therevppon fled the Countrey.

Sot the full value of the Bishoprick

of Meath and the Bricke of Clonemack

noshe together with the rectorie of Tryme and all other thinges to the said Bpricke of Meath vnited amounteth to the somme of

st. out of weh his Maties [Vjoxxxij1 vja vja ob.


Xxti pt amounteth yearely to xviij” iij" ia ob. ster. besides the Archstrienniall prox


The demesnes of Ardbrackhan not being herein accompted.

The State of the Dioces of Meath here followeth, vizt.

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Church.NoChap- convenient buildings
ter but the whole

The Church of
Kells, the body
whereof is alto-
gether vnrepair-

The Chauncell
is in good re-
paire. There be-
long to this
Church these
Chappells of
ease, vizt.:


and houses of office
and the demesnes
therevnto belonging
in the Countie of

An auncient manse
house at Kellis in
the Countie of Meath
now altogether rui-
ned. An old house
called Rosemyne and
houses of office here-
vnto belonging now
well repaired, wth
the towne of Rose-
myne and vijxx acres
of arable land wth
meadow and pas-
ture. Another house
called Ballrathe and
vjxx acres of arable
land and pasture
therevnto belong-

The Townes of
Carbstowne, the
Graunge goddan
with xijxx acres of
arable land & pas-
ture therevnto be-
longing. The manse
of Kellis lx acres.


100 Ir.

5li Ir.

140li ster.




3 Archdeaconric of Kel-
lis als the Nobber to
wch belongeth the
Rectorie of the Nob-
ber in the Countie
of Meath.

[blocks in formation]

Really vnited to 29 15 5d Ir. 29s 3d ob. Ir.
the Bprick of


Deanrie of Duleeke.


The Church of
the Nobber.

The bodie and
Chauncell there-
of are ruinous.


and Gleabe Lands.

Neither house nor gleabe lands.


[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Mr. William Phil- 21 15 5d Ir. 21 9d qr. Ir. This rectorie is

lips Batchelor

of Divinitie of
good life and
and verie paine-
full in his cal-

in lease with the
house and all
things there-
vnto belonging,
wch lease is now
in the hands
of Mr. Robert
Kennedy of
Dublin Alder.
and there is
only reserved
to the Incum-
bent 13 6 8d
Ir. yearely. The
whole Rectorie
is worth 60li
ster. yearely.
The Incum-
bent payeth all
charges ordi-
nary and ex-

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[blocks in formation]


Kentestowne in the Countie of Meath presentatiue. The Lord Baron of Donsany Patron.

Mr. Luke Ussher 10 12 6d Ir. 10s 7d ob. Ir.

30 ster.

Batcheler of Arts a preaching Minister of good life and conversacion.


Rathfeighe in the
Countie of Meath.
Presentatiue. Mr.
Bathe of Rathfeighe

Mr. John Bathe one of the country birth lately reclaymed from Poperie.

[blocks in formation]

12li 7 1d Ir.

12 4 qr Ir.

30li ster.

He resideth.

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