Crusaders, Condottieri, and Cannon: Medieval Warfare in Societies Around the Mediterranean

Donald J. Kagay, Kagay, L. J. Andrew Villalon
Brill, 2003 - 494 páginas
This volume consists of the work of eighteen established and younger scholars and focuses on the Mediterranean as a military arena during the Middle Ages. The essays center on several pillars of Mediterranean warfare: the crusading movement including the Spanish reconquista, the development of gunpowder weaponry, the widespread use of mercenaries, and warfare as understood by the lawcodes and intellectuals of the period. A number of articles in this collection present new answers to old historiographical questions.

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Acerca del autor (2003)

L.J. Andrew Villalon, Ph.D. (1984), Yale University, is currently an Associate Professor of History at the University of Cincinnati. He specializes in Late Medieval and Early Modern European History. His articles have appeared in collections and in journals, including The Catholic Historical Review, the Sixteenth Century Journal, Mediterranean Studies.

Donald J. Kagay, Ph.D. (1981), Fordham University, is an Associate Professor at Albany State University. As a specialist on medieval Spain focusing on the law and institutions of the Crown of Aragon, he has published translations of two important eastern Spanish legal texts; Usatges of Barcelona (1981) and Commemorationes of Pere Albert (2002).

Both authors have already co-edited two other collections of medieval essays The Final Argument: The Imprint of Violence on Society in Medieval and Early Modern Europe and The Circle of War in the Middle Ages. Currently, they are working on their fourth volume, this one dealing with the Hundred Years War.

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