Will You Marry Me: The Women Tell It Like It Is and the Men Listen

AuthorHouse, 2003 - 240 páginas
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This, the first of the "Will You Marry Me" book series," answers some hard questions, such as, "Did Jesus Really Die?," "Was Mary A Virgin or An Adulteress," and "Why Do Atheists Get Married?" Jesus Christ is asking everyday, "Will You Marry Me?" This book, written in simplistic style appeals to a wide audience and gives many reasons to say, "Yes!", Scriptures are made plain. It is an evangelistic tool, appealing to both sexes, believers and unbelievers. She has a personal conversation style and informal commentary, "conversacomment." She writes straightforward with an easy to read approach, like talking to you personally.

It offers a fresh approach, inviting all to learn more about Jesus Christ. It is a teaching and evangelism tool, introducing to many the broad scope of the Bible and to plainly, "just tell it like it is." It is presented in an entertaining manner to peak the interest of readers. It's also a marriage tool and the kind of book you want to share.

Questions are proposed with answers to appeal to the questioning mind and is different from other books written in question style.

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