Europe During the Middle Ages ...

Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, Green & Longman, 1833
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Página 311 - To them his heart, his love, his griefs were given, But all his serious thoughts had rest in heaven: As some tall cliff that lifts its awful form, Swells from the vale, and midway leaves the storm.
Página 188 - To relieve the poor, to clothe the naked, to visit the sick, to bury the dead, to help in tribulation, to console the afflicted. To make himself a stranger to the affairs of the world, to prefer nothing before the love of Christ...
Página 79 - Pisa, and the consequent alliances — alliances of momentary duration — contracted in both 1 cities with the emperor, the pope, or the king of Naples, we cannot enter ; and if we could, nobody would thank us for the wearisome detail. As in Lombardy, the nobles were often banished, and as often recalled. The year 1282 is more famous in the annals of both republics, as the origin of a ruinous war between them. Pisa, with her sovereignty over Corsica, Elba, and the greater part of Sardinia ; with...
Página 232 - ... families. His favourite employment was the study of the Scriptures, which he read much in the original. Next to Guthrie, I must mention Samuel Rutherford ; but how shall I mention him? Christians of the present day, knowing him chiefly by his letters, which glow with heavenly love, scarcely remember that he was one of the most learned men of his age.
Página 17 - ... The laws of the Lombard kings, Liutprand (712-744) and Ratchis (744-9), "show how chaotic was still (the italics are ours) the social condition of their subjects " (Hodgkin, viii. 280). From their whole code another author (Hist, of Europe during the Middle Ages, i. 17, ed. Cabinet Encyc.) notes : "We may infer that it was less favourable to social happiness than almost any other, the Visigothic ,perhaps, alone excepted.
Página 213 - thou wishest to be perfect, go, sell all that thou hast, and give it to the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in Heaven ; and come, follow Me.
Página 301 - ... favour beyond that of pity. That the church of England should contain within her bosom so many admirers of fanatics who denounced not only the hierarchy, but the sacraments and institution of priests ; that any Christians should advocate the cause of men hostile to Christianity itself, may, (might?) indeed, surprise us, if we did not know that it is easier to utter preconceived opinions than to wade through hundreds of ponderous folios. * * * * * He who sincerely endeavours to dissipate, however...
Página 16 - Among the Lombards, after their settlement in Italy, " Crimes against chastity were visited sometimes too mildly, at others too severely. He who forced his own female slave, provided she were" single, escaped without punishment ; but if she were married, both she and her husband were enfranchised. If he forced the bondwoman of another, he was subject to the penalty of twelve, twenty, or forty sols, according to her com* Deuteronomy, xxii.
Página 318 - Dei amorem et bonum publicum possem procurare, et sanctam fidem exaltare, libenter dimisi. Arabicum didici ; pluries ad praedicandum...
Página 6 - Rosamond, daughter of Cunimond, in his festive entertainments he was by no means disposed to forego the triumph of displaying the trophy. In one held at Verona, he had the inhumanity to invite his consort to drink to her father, while he displayed the cup, and, for the first time, revealed its his • tory in her presence.

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