Lessons for the living from the experience of the dying


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Página 83 - Seek ye the Lord while he may be found, call upon him while he is near...
Página 99 - Concerning which manner of discoursing we are wholly ignorant what judgment can be made ; but, certainly, there are strange things in the other world, and so there are in all the immediate preparations to it ; and a little glimpse of heaven, a minute's conversing with an angel, any ray of God, any communication extraordinary from the spirit of comfort, which God gives to his servants in strange and unknown manners, are infinitely far from illusions, and they shall then be understood by us when we...
Página 24 - Were I to adopt the figurative language of Bunyan, I might date this letter from the land of Beulah, of which I have been for some weeks a happy inhabitant. The celestial city is full in my view : its glories beam upon me ; its breezes fan me ; its odours are wafted to me ; its sounds strike upon my ears, and its spirit is breathed into my heart.
Página 32 - Priestman, you style this a dull conversation, and endeavour to divert my mind from dwelling upon death, but I entertain very different sentiments. Death has no terrors for me : it is an event I always look to with cheerfulness, if not with pleasure ; and be assured, the subject is more grateful to me than any other.
Página 43 - Death's but a path that must be trod, If man would ever pass to God ; A port of calms, a state of ease From the rough rage of swelling seas.
Página 33 - Let fire and the cross; let the companies of wild beasts; let breakings of bones, and tearing of members; let the shattering in pieces of the whole body, and all the wicked torments of the devil come upon me; only let me enjoy Jesus Christ.
Página 55 - As night drew on, I perceived him dying very fast. His fingers could hardly make the sign, which he scarce ever forgot : and his speech seemed quite gone. I said, My dear creature, I ask not for myself: I know thy soul : but, for the sake of others, if Jesus be very present with thee, lift up thy right hand. Immediately he did. If the prospect of glory sweetly open before thee, repeat the sign.
Página 50 - you shall be my confessor: when I first set out in the world I had friends who endeavoured to shake my belief in the Christian religion. I saw difficulties which staggered me, but I kept my mind open to conviction. The evidences and doctrines of Christianity, studied with attention, made me a most firm and persuaded believer of the Christian religion. I have made it the rule of my life, and it is the ground of my future hopes.
Página 32 - Giver of eternal life; and as it frees me from all the misery you now see me endure as long as God thinks fit ! for I know he will by and by, in his own good time, dismiss me from the body. These light afflictions are but for a moment, and then comes an eternal weight of glory...
Página 44 - You have been used to take notice of the sayings of dying men : this is mine, That a life spent in the service of God and communion with him, is the most comfortable and pleasant life that any one can live in this world.

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