Redeemed by God Our Relationship with Go

Trafford Publishing, 2006 M12 6
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Redeemed by God: Our Relationship with God through His Son, Jesus Christ is written to help persons enter into a more intimate relationship with God through Jesus Christ. It addresses issues associated with: -The nature and character of God as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and the attributes of God's character that describes his infinite nature and sovereignty, holiness and love. -The nature and character of Satan and sin, how sin separates us from God, and consequences of spiritual death. -Spiritual rebirth and regeneration and the redemption and reconciliation God gives us as a free gift through the death and resurrection of His Son, Jesus Christ. -The role the Holy Spirit plays in our salvation and relationship with God. -The relationship between our spirit, soul, and body and functions of our spirit and soul. -The significance and meaning of grace and faith in our relationship with God. -Spiritual growth that results in the renewal of our mind and transformation of our heart. -Gifts of the Holy Spirit - their definition, organization, and descriptions and how we discover, develop, ad use our unique spiritual gifts. -Principles associated with prayer and money management. -Principles associated with loving and forgiving others, suffering, spiritual healing. -The Christian family, the relationships between husbands and wives and between parents and children in the family, and he role of Jesus Christ in the family. -The relationship God wants us to have with the body of Christ, the Church, and how we can minister to and serve others through local churches. -The tribulation, rapture, millennium, great white throne judgement, and the second coming of Jesus Christ. -Judgement of the righteous and unrighteous, destruction of the old heaven and earth, and creation of the new heaven and earth in the new Jerusalem.

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