The Boy's Autumn Book: Descriptive of the Season, Scenery, Rural Life, and Country Amusements

Harper & Brothers, 1847 - 123 páginas
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Página 66 - Under an oak whose antique root peeps out Upon the brook that brawls along this wood: To the which place a poor sequester'd stag, That from the hunter's aim had ta'en a hurt, Did come to languish...
Página 4 - About the cart, hear, how the rout Of rural younglings raise the shout, Pressing before, some coming after, Those with a shout, and these with laughter: Some bless the cart, some kiss the sheaves, Some prank them up with oaken leaves ; Some cross the fill-horse, some with great Devotion stroke the home-borne wheat...
Página 4 - Of rural younglings raise the shout, Pressing before, some coming after: Those with a shout, and these with laughter. Some bless the cart; some kiss the sheaves; Some prank them up with oaken leaves; *° Some cross the...
Página 24 - ... the antiquities of which she explored with unwearied zeal, and the historical dignity of which she has vindicated in her longest poem. From 1812 to 1815 inclusive, she passed much time at Windsor and its neighbourhood, and formed an intimate acquaintance with all the recesses of its forest. " She knew each lane, and every alley green, Dingle or bushy dell of those old woods, And every bosky bower from side to side.
Página 7 - That look so clean upon the ledge, '"And never mind a fall; '"Nor never turn a sharp knife's edge;'"But fashion rules us all.' "Home came the jovial Horkey load, "Last of the whole year's crop; "And Grace amongst the green boughs rode "Right plump upon the top. "This way and that the waggon reel'd, "And never queen rode higher; "Her cheeks were colour'd in the field, "And ours before the fire.
Página 54 - I'll be with you by and by ; And if I'm not mistaken, Unless you save your bacon, My boys, I'll make you fly." She pricks up her ears, And to the cupboard goes, Saying, " Wait a bit, my dears, Till I hook you with my toes, For, as I haven't dised to day, I'll just take lunch, then go away ;" And as she walked quite perpendicular, Said, "I'm not at all particular.
Página 8 - When the rain raineth, and the goose winketh, Little wotteth the gosling what the goose thinketh.
Página 54 - t think," said another, " it wants a little spice." " My dear sir," said the third, "you are rather too precise; Eat more, and talk a little less, Was our poor pa's advice, A truth he oft tried to impress On his little, brown, blind mice.
Página 54 - I'll just take lunch, then go away ;" And as she walked quite perpendicular, Said, " I'm not at all particular." Without any further talk, She made a sudden spring, And like many clever folk Who aim at everything, She overleaped her mark, And in their hole so dark The mice got safe away. Said the cat, "This is notorious!
Página 112 - My object is to show you, that beautiful as are our English laws, they are still capable of amendment; and that, although compiled by wise and learned men, like all other human institutions, they yet remain imperfect.

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