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Licensed according to Order. London, Printed for J. Conyers, in Holbourn.) 8 pp. “Salem, 8th.

Month, 1692. Signed C. M. 410. (21. 2s. 1821) MATHER (COTTON). The Wonders of the In

visible World :/ Being an Account of the Tryals/ of Several Witches,/ Lately Executed in/ NewEngland :/ And of several remarkable Curiosities therein Occurring./ Together with,/ I. Observations upon the Nature, the Number, and the Operations of the Devils./ II. A short Narrative of a late outrage committed by a knot of Witches in/ Swede-Land, very much resembling, and so far explaining, that under which/ New-England has laboured.) III. Some Councels directing a due Improvement of the Terrible things lately, done by the unutual and amazing Range of Evil-Spirits in New-England./ IV. A brief Discourse upon thote Temptations which are the more ordinary Devi-/ces of Satan./, By Cotton Mather.) Published by the Special command of his Excellency the Governour of/ the Province of the Massachusetts-Bay in New-England./ Printed firtt, at Bofton in New-England; and Reprinted at Lon-/don, for John Dunton, at the Raven in the Poultry. 1693./ First Edition. Title, and 98 pp. unbound. 4to.

(21. 2s. 1822) MATHER (Cotton). The Wonders of the In

visible World :/ Being an Account of the/ Tryals/ of/ Several Witches/ Lately Executed in/ NewEngland :/ And of leveral Remarkable Curiosities therein Occurring./ By Cotton Mather./ Published by the Special Command of his Excellency the Governour of the Province of the Massachusetts-Bay in New-/England./ The Second Edition./ Printed first, at Boston in New-England, and reprinted at London, for/ John Dunton, at the Raven in the Poultrey. 1693./ 3 prel. leaves, and pp. 9-62. half mor. 4to.

(21. 2s. 1823) MATHER (COTTON). The Wonders of the Invisi

ble World :/ Being an Account of the/ Tryals/ of/ Several Witches/ Lately Executed in/ New-England :/ And of several Remarkable Curiosities/ therein Occurring./ By Cotton Mather./ Published by the Special Command of his Excellency/ the Governour of the Province of the Massachusetts-Bay in/ New-England./ The Third Edition./ Printed first at Boston in New-England, and reprinted at London,/ for John Duneon, at the Raven in the Poultrey. 1693./ 4 prel. leaves, and pp. 9-64. half mor. 4to.

(21. 2s. 1824) MATHER (COTTON). The Order of the Churches in New-England. Vindicated. [Boston 1700 ?]

[ pp. 13-144. Wanting the title and prel. leaves. 12mo.

(7s. 6d. 1825) MATHER (Cotton). Magnalia Christi Americana :

Or, the Ecclefiaftical History of New-England, from Its Firtt Planting in the Year 1620. unto the Year of our Lord, 1698. In Seven Books. I. Antiquities : In Seven Chapters. With an Appendix. II. Containing the Lives of the Governours, and Names of the Magistrates of New-England : In Thirteen Chapters. With an Appendix. III. The Lives of Sixty Famous Divines, by whole Ministry the Churches of New-England have been Planted and Continued. IV. An Account of the University of Cambridge in New-England; in Two Parts. The First contains the Laws, the Benefactors, and Viciffitudes of Harvard College; with Remarks upon it. The Second Part contains the Lives of some Eminent Persons Educated in it. V. Acts and Monuments of the Faith and Order in the Churches of New-England, passed in their Synods; with Historical Remarks upon those Venerable Assemblies; and a great Variety of Church-Cases occurring, and resolved by the Synods of those Churches : In Four Parts. VI. A Faithful Record of many Illustrious, Wonderful Providences, both of Mercies and Judgments, on divers Persons in New-England: In Eight Chapters. VII. The Wars of the Lord. Being an History of the Manifold Afflictions and Disturbances of the Churches in New-England, from their Various Adverfaries, and the Wonderful Methods and Mercies of God in their Deliverance: In Six Chapters : To which is subjoined, An Appendix of Remarkable Occurrences which New-England had in the Wars with the Indian Salvages, from the Year 1688, to the Year 1698. By the Reverend and Learned Cotton Mather, M.A. And Pastor of the North Church in

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Boston, New-England. London: Printed for Thomas Parkhurst, at the Bible and Three Crowns in Cheapside. moccur. 14 prel. leaves ; viz. Title, Attestation, Poems, General Introduction, and Contents.

Antiquities. The First Book.' Title and 38 pp. ' Ecclesiarum Clypei. The Second Book.' Title and 75 * Polybius. The Third Book.' Title and 238 pp. Sal Gentium. The Fourth Book.' Title and pp. 125-222. ‘Acts and Monuments. The Fifth Book Title and pp. 3-100. “Thaumaturgus. The Sixth Book.' Title and 88 pp. blank leaf. Ecclesiarum Prælia : The Seventh Book.' Title and pp. 3-118. Books,' etc. 2 pp. With map. Old calf. Folio.

(31. 3s. 1826) MATHER (Cotton). The Curbed Sinner. A Dis

course Upon the Gracious and Wondrous Restraints Laid by the Providence Of the Glorious God, On the Sinful Children of Men, to Withold them from Sinning against Him. Occasioned by a Sentence of Death, passed on a poor Young Man, for the Murder of his Companion. With fome Historical Passages referring to that Unhappy Spectacle. By Cotton Mather, D.D. Boston, N.E. Printed by John Allen, for Nicholas Boone, at the Sign of the Bible in Cornhil. 1713. Title, xiv and 64 pp. Vellum 12mo.

(10s. 6d. 1827) MATHER (Cotton). A Present of Summer Fruit.

A very brief Essay To Offer Some Instructions of Piety, Which the Summer-Season more Particularly and Emphatically Leads us to; But such also as are never out of Season. Being The short Entertainment of an Auditory in Boston, on a Day diftinguished with the Heat of the Summer ; 5d. 5m. 1713. By Cotton Mather, D.D. Boston : Printed and Sold by B. Green, in Newbury Street. 1713. Title, and text 29 pp. Vellum. 12mo.

(10s. 6d. 1828) MATHER (Cotton). The Grand Point of Solici

tude. A very brief Essay upon Divine Desertions; the Symptoms of them, and The Methods of Preventing them. A Sermon Published for the Service of Others, by One of the Hearers, more particularly affected in the Hearing of it. Boston: Printed by B. Green. 1715. Blank leuf, Title, and 31 pp. 12mo.

(7s. 6d. 1829)

MATHER (Cotton). Fair Dealing between Debtor

and Creditor. A very brief Essay upon The Caution to be used, about coming in to Debt, And getting out of it. Offered at Boston-Lecture; 5. d. xi. m. 17 16. By Cotton Mather, D.D. & F.R.S. Boston : Printed by B. Green, for Samuel Gerrish, at his Shop over against the North fide of the Town-Houle. 1716. Title and 30 pp. unbound. 16то.

(15s. 1830) MATHER (Cotton). Desiderius. Or, A Defire

able Man Defcrib’d; In the Characters of One Worthy to be, a Man Greatly Beloved. And An Example of One, who Lived very much Desired, and has Dyed as much Lamented; Given in fome Commemoration of the very Valuable and Memorable Mr. James Keith, Late Minister of the Gospel in Bridgwater; Who Expired, on 23. d. V. m. 1719. In the Seventy Sixth Year of his Age. By Cotton Mather, D.D. & F.R.S. Boston : Printed by S. Kneeland, 1719. Title, and text 34 pp. Vellum. 12mo.

(10s. 6d. 1831) MATHER (Cotton). A Year and a Life Well

Concluded. A brief Essay, On the Good Things Wherein The Last Works Of a Christian, may be, and thould be, His Best Works. A Sermon Preached on the Last Day of the Year, 1719. Boston : Printed by S. Kneeland, for B. Gray, at the Corner Shop on the North side of the Town-House,

1719-20. 24 pp. 12mo. (10s. 6d. 1832) MATHER (COTTON). Coheleth. A Soul upon

Recollection; Coming into Inconteftible Sentiments of Religion; Such as all the Sons of Wisdom, will and must forever Justify. Written by a Fellow of the Royal Society. Offering the Advice of a Father going out of the World, unto a Son coming into it. Boston: Printed by S. Kneeland, for $. Gerrish, and Sold at his Shop. 1720. Title and 46

(10s. 6d. 1833) MATHER (COTTON). India Christiana. A discourse,

Delivered unto the Commissioners, for the Propagation of the Gospel among the American Indians which is Accompanied with several Instruments relating to the Glorious Design of Propagating our Holy Religion, in the Eastern as well as the West

pp. 12mo.

ern, Indies. An Entertainment which they that are Waiting for the Kingdom of God will receive as Good News from a far Country. By Cotton Mather, D.D. and F.R.S. Boston in New-ngland: Printed by B. Green. 1721. Title, Dedication ii pp. Text 94 pp. “Corrigenda,' 1 page. Old calf. Small 8vo.

(1l. 1s. 1834) MATHER (Cotton). A Pastoral Letter, to Fami

lies Visited with Sickness. From several Ministers of Boston, At a time of Epidemical Sickness Diftresling of the Town. The Third Impression. [Colophon] Boston : Printed by R. Green, for S. Gerrish, at his Shop near the Brick Meeting-House in Cornhill. 1721. Half-title, and 24 pp. half morocco. 12mo.

(7s. 6d. 1835) MATHER (Cotton). Silentiarius. A brief Essay on

the Holy Silence and Godly Patience, that Sad Things are to be Entertained withal. A Sermon at Boston-Lecture, On the Death of Mrs. Abigail Willard, And the Day before her Interment; who Expired Septemb. 26. 1721. By her Father. Whereto there is added, A Sermon on, The Refuge of the Distressed, which was Preached on the Lord's-Day preceeding. Boston : Printed by S. Kneeland, 1721. On the reverse of the Title, Introduction. signed Cotton Mather.” “The Silent Sufferer,' 34 pp. ^ The Refuge of the Distressed.' 28 pp. unbound. 12mo,

(15s. 1836) MATHER (COTTON). Bethiah. The Glory Which

Adorns the Daughters of God. And the Piety, Wherewith Zion wishes to see her Daughters Glorious. Boston : Printed by J. Franklin, for S. Gerrish, at his Shop in Cornhill. 1722.' 60 pp. 12mo.

(10s. 6d. 1837) MATHER (COTTON). Columbanus. Or, The Doves

Flying to the Windows of their Saviour. A Sermon to a Religious Society of Young People. June 4th. 1722. Boston : Printed by S. Kneeland, for J. Edwards, Sold at his Shop. 1722. Title and 22 pp. 12mo.

(10s. 6d. 1838) MATHER (COTTON). Honesta Parfimonia: Or,

Time Spent as it should be. Proposals, To prevent that Great Folly and Mischief, The Loss of Time;

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